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What Subtle Energy Is and Its Value to Health

What Subtle Energy Is and Its Value to Health

Compiled by Boyd Martin

It's not every day we have the opportunity to discuss particle physics with a research physicist. Even if we did, we probably wouldn't know what the heck he was talking about. In this case, though, Russian physicist Dr. Yury Kronn, has gallantly made the effort to bring into layman's terms some very heady concepts in subatomic nuclear physics. If you were paying attention in high school science class, this interesting information will broaden your understanding of this world we call "reality."

Dr. Kronn is one of a handful of advanced scientists to create practical applications of cutting edge physics research. The result will have far-reaching consequences, not just in the field of physics, but in diverse fields including human health, medical triage, agriculture and veterinary medicine, affecting how we think about the drug industry, medical care, and health education.

In this series of three articles culled from Dr. Kronn's lectures over the past two years, you will be transported to the subatomic world of atoms, protons and quarks, and the mysterious region beyond. This "region," also referred to as "dark matter" makes up 95% of what we call physical reality, and yet we cannot measure it, only deduce its existence.

Dr. Kronn:
The subject of this presentation is Subtle Energy, called "Chi" or "Prana" in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and its relationship to the human body and human health.

First I will speak about the nature and properties of subtle energy and the mechanism of its influence on substances of the physical world and on our (human) physical systems.

The second part is about a technology that is able to generate subtle energy and provide us with new energy medicine tools: namely, a wide variety of subtle energy formulas, infused into substances like concentrated trace minerals and targeted for very specific physiological and psychological applications.

Everybody knows we have gold in our bodies. Too little gold in the body makes us unable to assimilate the entire spectrum of minerals and vitamins; it causes neurological imbalance, arthritis, rheumatism and other problems. Why do we need gold? It is a chemically neutral metal. How can gold influence our biochemistry?

When something is happening without the direct participation of matter, science says it is because of the presence of some kind "energy field". What kind of energy field are we dealing with in this case?

The main known energy of our physical universe is the electromagnetic field (EM field). But there is no measurable EM field around the metal gold and other so called catalysts, such as Platinum and Palladium, that stimulate chemical reactions without directly participating in them. In search of that immeasurable agent that is the cause of the catalytic effect, let us consider something which has been known to Eastern cultures for more than five thousand years: Energy Medicine. The most well known representative of Energy Medicine is acupuncture.

Acupuncturists say that the essence of their method of treatment is in regulating the flow of the so-called "Chi" (Qi) energy, which regulates all life processes in the body. Speaking in the language of modern science this statement means two things:

There is an energy in the Universe (and in the human body) that is not identical with electromagnetic energy, and...

That energy plays the role of "software" for human processes on all levels, physiological, psychological and mental. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that Chi (the software) can be altered not only with the help of needles, but with herbs, essential oils, food and special exercises, called Tai Chi and Qi-gong.

The existence of this energy remains outside the paradigm of Western science in spite of five thousand years of experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. The question arises: if energy that is so important for life really exists, how come modern science doesn't know about it? The answer is simple: it doesn't know because it doesn't want to know.

Science has some excuse for denying the existence of Chi, as it is not possible to measure this type of energy with regular scientific equipment. Scientific equipment can only measure electromagnetic fields and waves. What if Chi is not electromagnetic in nature? Let us remember that the neutron, one of just three stable particles that make our entire physical world, also cannot be directly detected (because it doesn't have an electrical charge) or observed (because it is too small). Nevertheless, science is sure about the existence of the neutron from observing the properties of atoms and nuclear reactions. In other words, science is satisfied with this indirect evidence of the neutron's existence.

Is there analogous "indirect" but scientific evidence of the existence of Chi and its effect? For the last 50 years a lot of serious frontier scientists in many countries, including Russia, China, US, Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and elsewhere, have conducted and published hundreds of rigorous experiments that have unequivocally proven the existence and powerful influence of Chi on inanimate matter, on molecular and even on nuclear levels, in chemical reactions and on living organisms, including cells, bacteria, plants, animals and humans. Articles and books have been published, often against severe resistance from the ordinary scientific community.

Subtle energy, called Chi by traditional Chinese medicine, is the energy type belonging to the world of subatomic particles or the subatomic world.

And it is logical: just as our matter has an electromagnetic energy field that defines all physical and chemical interactions of substances, the subatomic world should have a specific energy field that defines the laws of interactions in that world.

Now, several words about the subatomic world: how many of these subatomic particles exist in our Universe besides those that are already bonded in protons and neutrons? Go on the Internet and search for the words "Dark Matter." You will find an overwhelming number of articles about the phenomenon. You will find these kinds of statements [



"The observations provide a new basis for calculating the contents of the universe, confirming mounting evidence that ordinary matter - all the shining stars and galaxies, plus people, computers, cats and so on - accounts for less than 5% of it all. The rest takes the form of mysterious "dark matter" (30%) and an even more enigmatic "dark energy" in space (65%) that is causing galaxies to rush apart from one another at an accelerating rate with unknown consequences for the cosmic future."

Some scientists suggest that this "Dark Matter" consists of known and unknown subatomic particles and "beyond-atomic," meaning those not participating directly in the creation of our physical matter [



If Chi interacts with at least some of these particles, it could be an "energetic range" from that "enigmatic dark energy," like light is a range inside the spectrum of electromagnetic energy!

One more question for science: does it know where these subatomic particles come from and how they are made? The only hint science has on this topic is a theoretical one: it is the so called "Superstring Theory" which suggests that everything in the universe is made of infinitesimally small string-like "primal particles" existing in at least a 10-dimensional space. This theory is still far from answering the question of how all the known and unknown subatomic particles are made from these strings.

Thus after a hundred years of research and many billions of dollars spent, the only thing we know for sure is that our scientific equipment is capable of measuring processes happening in only 5% of the universe. But the good news is that science now recognizes the idea that the universe can be more than 3-dimensional.

From this position, it is very arrogant for modern science to refuse to recognize the wealth of knowledge about the structure and energies of the universe that has been collected by ancient and more modern but "unofficial" sciences.

Ancient scientists knew very well about the subtle structure of the universe and its subtle energies and about the crucial role of these energies in human life. The giant of ancient Chinese philosophy and science, Lao Tzu, said in his book "Hua Hu Ching" written 500 years before Christ:

"There are numberless energy rays in the Universe... All rays come from the subtle nature of the Universe... The interwoven energy net influences the lives of individual human beings, whole societies and entire races... A virtuous individual who responds to the high, pure, harmonious subtle energy rays and integrates them with the positive elements of his own inner being may strengthen his life, enhance his health and power, and lengthen his years [


]. "

Now, we have come to the point where we can ask: "Is it possible to harness this subtle energy, the energy of the subatomic world, using the achievements and knowledge of modern physics?" Obviously it would be a benefit, since we could use Chi generating technology for the enhancement of many healing modalities.


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