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Crystal Healing: Choosing Crystals

Crystal Healing: Choosing Crystals

How to Choose a Crystal for Healing

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Crystals Come in Many Shapes and Sizes, Louise Heyden
Learn how to choose crystals for healing according to energy, shape, colour and purpose.

Crystals have been used in healing for centuries. From a simple headache cure to a strengthening elixir, crystals can bring harmony, health, balance and even prosperity. Different crystals have different energies, and come in all shapes and sizes, which can be confusing when trying to choose crystals for the first time.

Spending time browsing a well stocked, friendly crystal retailer is the first step in finding appropriate crystals to use.

Crystal Energy

The best way to decide whether a crystal is right for you is to “feel” its energy. Hold the crystal in your energy receptive hand (usually the left) and take note of how the crystal makes you feel. Do you feel a pleasant tingling sensation? Does the energy feel light and happy, or dense and unpleasant? Pick crystals that feel right for you and give off high vibrational energy.

Use Your Intuition

A crystal that is meant for you will often make itself known, perhaps by catching your eye above all the others, or giving you a sense of “knowing” when you hold it.

What is the Purpose of Your Crystal?

The way in which you intend to use your crystal will have bearing on the type and shape of crystal you buy. Here are a few starting points.

Crystal Shapes

Crystals come in many forms. Pick according to what you want to use the crystal for. Use a small tumblestone if you are going to be putting the crystal on the forehead or carrying it around with you. For focused healing, choose a larger crystal with a point. If the crystal is going to be held a lot, a palm stone shape might be most suitable.

Crystals in Chakra Healing

If you are using the crystals to balance the chakras, then colour is important. Each chakra is represented by a particular colour and crystals are chosen accordingly – red for the base chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, blue for the throat chakra, indigo for the third-eye chakra, and white or purple for the crown chakra.

The Properties of Crystals

If you wish to use the crystal for a specific healing purpose, then you will need to research the properties of different crystals. Invest in (or loan) a good encyclopaedia of crystals, which contains clear pictures and lists the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual properties of each stone.

Crystals each have different energies, which can help heal on different levels. Most will have multiple uses, and can range from cures for headaches, arthritis, procrastination or depression, to insomnia, lack of abundance, or attuning to the higher realms of Spirit.

Crystals in the Home

Crystals can also be placed around the home, to increase vibrational frequency and clear away negative energy. For this purpose, you would need to buy larger stones, possibly in their rougher, natural form. Again, research the different properties and make your selection accordingly.

Looking after Crystals

Once you have chosen your crystal, remember to cleanse it to remove any “stuck” energy, and continue to cleanse regularly, ideally after every use. Dedicate your crystal to its intended purpose, and keep it dirt free.

Crystal healing can be used to heal the body’s subtle energies, thus increasing the person’s ability to self-heal. The soothing, restorative and balancing properties of crystals bring harmony and clarity to both body and mind.

Always remember, however, that alternative therapies such as crystal healing are not a substitute for proper medical care in the case of serious illness or injury.

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