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Subtle Energy Research for Alternative Healing

Subtle Energy Research for Alternative Healing
Compiled by Boyd Martin

Because the subtle energy world is an immeasurable sea of energy, how do we know it is there? What physical evidence is there of its existence? Dr. Kronn has resourced some very interesting yet previously largely ignored research at the turn of the century, and backed it up with ancient knowledge from the medical antiquities of China. He then discovered current research and set up his own experiments that leave no doubt as to the existence of subtle energy and that subtle energy is the causative force behind the veil of the physical world.

Dr. Kronn:
Prof. Joie Jones and his colleagues from the University of California in Irvine, used functional MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagery) to register the signal which comes to the visual cortex of the brain when acupuncture point BL67 (used for eye treatments) was affected by needle or by ultrasound impulses [
2]. They found that the image in the visual cortex, registered by the MRI, was similar to the image produced by flashing light into the eyes. If the needle or ultrasound signal were moved several millimeters out of the acupuncture point position, the signal in the visual cortex disappeared. What is most astonishing is that the signal produced by stimulating the acupoint, located on the small toe, reached the visual cortex more than 1000 times faster than the bioelectric signal produced by flashing light in the eyes! It gives us a hint about the non-electromagnetic nature of Chi, doesn't it? In spite of the rigorous scientific research present in the article written about this, scientific journals resisted publishing it for two years. It was finally published after five Nobel Prize winners insisted on its publication.

Fig. 1: Changes of Size and Position of Acupuncture points BL67 (1-12 Days)

Later, using ultrasound, Prof. Jones and his group showed that acupuncture points change their size, and slightly change their positions [3] as is described in Traditional Chinese Medical literature. This research shows, along with the unusual properties of Chi, the reality of the human subtle energy network (acupuncture meridians).

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama in Japan developed an instrument called the AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification) Device for monitoring the status, not only of all 12 acupuncture meridians, but the energy centers in the body, called chakras by the Indians [4]. He has an organization called the "California Institute of Human Science" in Encinitas, CA.

In Russia, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov made the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) device based on different principles, known as Kirilian Photography [6], for direct analysis of the human energy field. The GDV makes it possible to analyze conditions of the energy centers (chakras) as well as the energetic status of the organs and systems of the body.

There is a set of experiments we need to mention: this is the change in the absorption spectrum of various substances, including water, observed by scientists in the US, China, Russia, and other countries. A prominent Chinese physicist, Prof. Lu, published his observations on changes in the vibrational-rotational spectra of liquids, the so-called Raman Spectra, under the influence of Chi emitted by Qigong master Dr. Yan Xin [7] (Fig.2).

Fig.2 Raman spectra of tap water after the emission of external Qi.
a) after 0.5 hour b) after 1.5 hours and c) after 2 hours

We observed changes in the absorption spectrum of water in different ranges of wavelength under the influence of subtle energy (Fig. 3a,b) generated by Vital Force™ Technology that we will discuss later. Why is this change in the absorption spectrum of substances under the influence of Chi so essential? Because this indicates that subtle energy, Chi, is able to change the structure of physical matter. What is especially important: our experiment has shown that different subtle energy patterns produce different changes in the absorption spectrum of water (compare changes from Fig. 3a to Fig 3b). In other words, changes in the structure of the water molecule depend on the information imbedded in the subtle energy.

Fig. 3 a

Fig. 3 b

So, what we have learned from all this?

  • Subtle Energy ("Chi," "Qi," "Prana") is non-electromagnetic in nature
  • It is able to influence the molecular structure of physical matter
  • This influence depends on the type of energy pattern
  • It influences the human body through the body's sophisticated energetic structure, which is no less sophisticated than the physical body itself (see [4,8,9]).

Now, how do we get a hint about the nature of this mysterious subtle energy, Chi?

For that purpose let us have a look at another experiment published by the Chinese nuclear physicist, Professor Lu, in his book Scientific Qigong Exploration. Emission of Chi by Qigong Master Dr. Yan Xin changed radioactive decay rate of Periodic Table Element #95, Americium (Am with atomic weight 241) (Fig.4) [10].

Fig. 4

Modern science doesn't have the energetic means to change the decay rate of radioactive elements. You can heat or cool them, put in extra-strong electrical or magnetic fields, expose them to electromagnetic waves, and the decay rate will be the same. But Chi emissions change it! To change the decay rate, you need to change the structure of the atomic nucleus, consisting of protons and neutrons. Chi doesn't interact with protons: otherwise it could be detected in the same way as electromagnetic energy.

Now let us briefly outline the results of more recent extra-sensory research on the process of creation of physical atoms from subatomic particles. This research was conducted over the course of 38 years from 1895 until 1933 by two extraordinary personalities Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater, who were trained by Indian Yogi teachers to "see," using extra-sensory perception, the microstructure of matter. Beginning in 1895 they published, in the journal "The Theosophist," their observations on the nuclear structure of all the Periodic Table of Elements [15]. They described the existence of isotopes of the elements five years before they were discovered by official science. And think about this: they described many elements with correct atomic weights that were not known to science and were only discovered years later!

Elements Discovered
By Besant and Leadbeater
Years Before Western Science
Scientific Name
Year Publ. By B & L
Year Discovered by Science

What is astonishing is that in 1895 Besant and Leadbeater described three particles making up the nucleus of Hydrogen, which is a single proton. These subatomic particles, named quarks, weren't discovered by our science until 1990: and the proton is made from three of them. More than that, Besant and Leadbeater also described the smaller particles, which make up the quarks.

The authenticity of their representation of the nuclei of Periodic Table elements was mathematically examined and confirmed by an open-minded physicist from England, Dr. Stephen M. Phillips, a graduate of Cambridge University. Dr. Phillips developed a whole theory of subatomic particles based on Besant's and Leadbeater's research [16]. He published two books, the latest of which is the "ESP of Quarks and Superstrings." As you can guess, this work is almost completely ignored by our scientific community.

Now let us consider a concept regarding the construction of the universe and the role played by subtle energy according to the research of Besant and Leadbeater. This will help us to understand why subtle energy is present in all substances of the physical world, including those which make up the human body. We will look at the role it plays and how it can be harnessed using the knowledge and technology of modern physics combined with the ancient knowledge of the properties of subtle energy.

This is a diagram of what Besant and Leadbeater called the "Anu" (Fig.5), which they described as the basic "particle" of the physical world. The "Anu" is actually kind of a sophisticated vortex of string-like streams of energy-matter from the world much subtler than physical. The "Anu," or the "ultimate physical atom" as Besant and Leadbeater called it, exists in two forms, positive and negative, or clockwise and counterclockwise vortexes.

"Anus" combine with each other in different combinations like + + -, - - +, etc., and these combinations create more sophisticated structures, which science now calls "subatomic particles." This process ends with the formation of basic atomic particles, which make up the atoms of the Periodic Table of Elements (Fig.7). These, in turn, make up all substances of the physical world including those that make up our bodies.

What is interesting is that all subatomic particles and substances of the subatomic world, which make the "ultimate physical atom," are subject to gravitational force, and the Ancients knew about it! Dr. Henry Pullen-Burry, another open-minded English scientist who deeply researched ancient knowledge about the construction
of the Universe, wrote about it in his book Qabalism in 1925.

If modern scientists would read this book the enigma of "Dark Matter," first discovered in 1933 via astrophysical observations of the movement of galaxies, would be answered the day it was discovered. But, it is still an enigma for our science.

Dr. Pullen-Burry asked scientists:

"Look out, O chemist into space, peer at the atom, O physicist, and read for yourselves the lessons discovered by your ancestors. Open your eyes, ye blind." ([18] p.34)

When someone is blind, things look dark for him. Probably that is the reason why our science named the invisible part of the Universe "Dark Matter".

Now, looking at the picture of the formation of physical matter according to Besant and Leadbeater, we can answer the question of how subtle energy can influence inanimate matter and living organisms, and everything in the physical world. Remember, subtle energy doesn't interact directly with physical matter and, as a result, our scientific equipment cannot measure it. That is why it is so important to answer this question (Fig.8).

First of all, looking at the vortex-like nature of the ultimate physical atom, we see that the process of the creation of physical matter is a continuous, dynamic process.

Fig. 8

Do you remember the expression: "God creates the world every moment"? It is literally true. If the energy of the subatomic world, interacting with the ultimate physical atom (or other subatomic particles), slightly changes the "vortex" of this atom, and consequently our physical atoms comprised from it, the chemical molecules in the physical world will be also changed. Using scientific terminology, chemical isomers (different versions of the same chemical formula) could be created in this way. Of course, taking into account the quantum nature of the subatomic world, it is a very sophisticated process, but the general idea is clear. We saw confirmation that Chi produces this kind of effect on physical matter when we discussed changes in the absorption spectrum of substances under the influence of Chi.

Now, we have come to the point where we can ask: "Is it possible to harness this subtle energy, the energy of the subatomic world, using the achievements and knowledge of modern physics?" Obviously it would be a benefit, since we could use Chi generating technology for the enhancement of many healing modalities.

I asked myself this question more than twenty years ago after being shocked and impressed by what I saw during experiments with the Russian equivalent of Qigong Masters in the Radiotechnic and Electronics Institute in Moscow, where I worked at that time. You probably guessed where I went for advice on how to create subtle energy technology (which we now call Vital Force™ Technology). Of course, I went to ancient science. And there I found the following statements:

  • First, the energies of the physical and etheric (or subatomic in modern language) worlds are connected (see Fig.8)
  • Second: there is a "point of connection" between the physical and etheric/subatomic world, where the energies of both worlds communicate the most effectively. It is like a phenomenon of resonance: if you are "out of resonance," the interaction between the energies of two worlds is weak, but if you are "in resonance" the interaction is very strong.

After years of experimentation I found this point of connection (which is, of course, proprietary information) and created a generator of subtle energy or Chi. It is plasma-based computerized equipment that is able to generate an almost unlimited variety of subtle energy or Chi patterns. I found specific plasma configurations that if manipulated by electrical and magnetic fields are able to emit Chi patterns with qualities described by Traditional Chinese Medicine as the Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) and also with Yin and Yang properties.


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FYI: The article 'Cho ZD, Chung SC, Jones JP, Park JB, Park HJ, Lee HJ, Wong EK, Min BI (1998), Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95: 2670' has been retracted by the authors. I have met and discussed with the authors. They never mentioned 'a thousand times faster ...' in their results or conclusion.

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