Monday, October 20, 2008

Cell Communication

Cell Communication

By Walt Woods and Mardi Gieseler

Have you ever thought about talking to your cells? There is scientific evidence that we (our thoughts) are in direct communication with all of our cells, even if they are separated from our bodies.

The Backster Effect:

Cleve Backster, world renown polygraph expert, teacher, and director of the Backster Research Foundation started working with bio-communication in the 60’s. His first experiments demonstrated that plants respond to their care-giver’s thoughts. The print out on a polygraph machine attached to a plant leaf showed a strong fear reaction when Backster thought about going to another room to get a match to burn a leaf.

For the last 38 years Cleve has continued to research bio-communication with all kinds of plants, living foods, and human cells demonstrating that we are in thought communication with living things.

One fascinating experiment, which may have clues on how are our "healing talents" operate, involves our ability to communicate with our white blood cells.

The Experiments:

An experimental subject washes out his/her mouth with a saline solution in order to collect oral leukocytes (white blood cells which reside in the lining of the mouth). The leukocytes, which belong to the immune system, are then concentrated in a test tube by centrifuging. Two very small gold electrodes are placed into the group of cells in the test tube.

The electrodes are attached to an amplifier and a voltmeter connected to a graph recorder to document any electrical signal from the cells. (No electricity is passed through the cells; only the signal produced by the cells is recorded.)

The experimental subject then leaves the laboratory to go many miles away from his/her cells. The distances have been up to hundreds of miles away from their cells in the laboratory.

The Results:

Any strong emotional or physical stimulus to the subject, no matter how far they are away from their cells in the laboratory, is sensed by the cells which then generate voltages which are recorded on a graph. Our cells respond to whatever is happening to us.

Dr. Brian O’Leary, an astronaut and author of a book called "The Quest for Reality" (O’Leary 1989), was one of Cleve Backster’s experimental research subjects testing leukocyte responses. O’Leary is quoted; "This one experiment proved to me as a skeptical scientist that we could measure force fields of communication in consciousness that defy the known laws of physics."

Hundreds of times this experiment has been repeated at Backster’s Research laboratory demonstrating our ability to affect the immune system.

Cleve Backster’s new book describing his years of experiments with bio-communication has just been published. It is an easy to read book written in non-scientific language with many illustrations.

"Primary Perception, Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells." By Cleve Backster

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Reprinted with permission from the Ozark Research Institute Journal

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