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A is for AURA, B is for BODY, C is for COSMOS

A is for AURA

B is for BODY

C is for COSMOS

The Aura is the connection between your
Body and the Cosmos

This is the ABC of Body-Mind-Spirit Interaction and the most powerful tool for self-improvement

An essay and review of Dr. Joe Slate’s Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance,
by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

The “Human Aura” is much more than a colorful balloon surrounding the body, useful for analysis of character, health, and your current emotional state. “Aura Reading,” often relegated to psychic fair entertainment, is actually an important first step towards 1) Self-understanding and 2) Self-empowerment. This book evolved out of laboratory-based research developing procedures to deliberately access and activate our inner psychic faculties, and focus them into a powerful program of personal Success, Healing, and Spiritual Attainment.

In my personal opinion, it is the best single book on the subject, and I’ve read a lot. All of this author’s books are the product of original, scientific, and personal research – unlike so many other modern metaphysical writers whose books are mostly derivative or channeled from sometimes dubious sources. It is this distinction that moves Dr. Slate’s books out of the metaphysical into the paranormal category. On the other hand, unlike a great many paranormal texts, Dr. Slate’s books are never dry, statistical compilations. Instead, they are a joy to read, written with both compassion and passion, and with advocacy for the personal application of the procedures he has developed. Indeed, he takes the subjects of his research beyond reportage to show their pertinence in the practical world of daily life and their value and need in the accelerated evolutionary path demanded of us in these transitional times.

Dr. Joe Slate, of Athens State University (Alabama), has researched the aura and its phenomena with the help of many students over the years. He writes that "the aura is a fundamental force that is essential to our existence and growth,"1 and lists its multiple roles:

  • A sensitive yet dynamic force encoding our individuality and connecting us to the cosmic origins of our existence.
  • A highly complex system energizing and sustaining us mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • An interactive link between our innermost self and external environment, including the aura systems of others.
  • An evolving chronicle of our past, present, and future.
  • A repository of resources with the power to enrich our lives.
  • A “weathervane” of our personal development.
  • A personal “book of knowledge & self-understanding.”
  • An interactive phenomenon receptive to our intervention and empowerment efforts.

"Perhaps more than any other single human attribute, the aura reflects the nature of our existence. As human beings, we are constantly evolving and becoming. From the psychic empowerment perspective, the skills required for viewing and interpreting the aura are critical to our growth, but they are primarily preparatory. Having acquired these basic foundation skills [through the training program presented in the first part of the book] we are now prepared to advance to the next level of personal empowerment: deliberately interacting with the aura system, activating its capacities, and using its resources to enrich and empower our lives."

The key to understanding this active approach to the aura is summed up by Dr. Slate: "It is an extension of our higher self, and a manifestation of the cosmic nature of our being. It is the antennae of consciousness, a treasure-trove of knowledge, and a repository of limitless growth possibilities. It is a garment of resplendent beauty that neither fades with age nor unravels with wear. Its radiance surpasses the brightest works of nature. It has been described by some as the light of God shining out from within us."

It is the power of the conscious mind that gives us (potential) primacy over material reality. Because the mind derives from spiritual reality (and not the brain itself), "it can initiate new brain functions and deliberately intervene to direct them. It can combine our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to produce new insight and knowledge." We have learned that stress and hostility can undermine our immune systems, lower resistance to disease, and even cause illness and death. But too many people have been reticent in employing health and fitness strategies based on the positive powers of the mind even though highly detailed psychic strategies are available to unleash healing and wellness energies throughout the body. "Similarly, rejuvenation strategies that combine mental and physical elements have been developed to decelerate, and in some instances, even reverse aging. Fortifying the body’s immune system, repairing damaged tissue, and restoring normal organ functions are not beyond the reach of the empowered mind."

Likewise, memory improvement, problem solving, creativity, accelerated learning, positive mood states, and more are all responsive to specific aura-related psychic strategies. The power of the mind can transcend and alter specific biological functions and the circuitry of the central nervous system.

THE AURA IS THE INTERFACE THAT MAKES ALL THIS POSSIBLE! The Aura itself is responsive to conscious direction through the mind. In the first part of the book, Dr. Slate fully describes the “Aura Energy System” and provides proven techniques for seeing your own aura and that of others, interpreting the brightness, colors and patterns, as well as any unusual or abnormal features of the aura, and inducing change and even repair of damages to the aura. Among the Aura Empowerment Strategies are:

  • The Comprehensive Intervention Procedure, which uses physical relaxation, mental imagery, and potent affirmations to infuse the aura with powerful energy. This can be used to combat dependency and extinguish common stress-related symptoms including fatigue, sleep disturbance, and irritability. It is particularly effective in the achievement of specific goals, setting the stage for personal growth and success.

  • The Cosmic Centering Procedure reconnects us to the highest sources of power within ourselves and beyond the body. Because of trauma, pain, frustration, and discouragement, we all too often become disconnected from our higher self and alienated from the higher realms of cosmic power. Through cosmic centering, we reconnect to both. "The procedure holds that full empowerment is possible only when we are cosmically centered, balanced, and attuned to all the inner and outer sources of power available to us." This procedure is particularly effective in stimulating psychic awareness and accessing psychic knowledge, including channeling the highest cosmic sources of insight and power. It has proven valuable in accelerating cognitive development, inspiring creativity, promoting academic achievement, and infusing the whole person with abundant energy.

  • The Aura Massage involves energy interaction between two people, using hand massage techniques applied a few inches away from the body and with no physical touching. It is effective in removing energy blocks to reduce chronic stress or overcome unsupportive relationships, physical illness, emotional upheaval, inner conflicts, and external influences. As a preventive procedure, it is routinely applied to build resistance and fortify the immune system while accelerating the healing process. Likewise, it is used to enrich the healthy, functional aura while stimulating new growth options. As a pain management strategy, it can reduce intense pain and sometimes extinguish it altogether. It can target dysfunctional organs or damaged tissue and infuse them with healthful energy.

  • The General Aura Massage, The Specialized Aura Massage, The Aura-Building Massage, The Aura Repair Massage, The Aura Elasticity Massage, The Aura Color Massage, The Pain Management Aura Massage, and The Luminous Massage are all specialized variations of the two-person interaction described above. Each has its own specialized techniques that focus on enriching specific aura functions and remedying specific deficiencies or dysfunctions. Most of these are implemented following the General Aura Massage and often focus on repair and strengthening, depending upon diagnostic aura reading as developed in the first part of the book. In addition to remedial work, specialized focus, such as Color Massage and Elasticity Massage, brings about specific benefits appropriate to personal goals, including those of Self-improvement.

  • The Aura Self-Massage, as the name indicates, is self-administered and is based on the principles of self-empowerment to "engage a powerful mind/body interaction that promotes better health and fitness. Through the aura self-message, we can interact with our personal aura system and activate its highest empowerment capacities." Aura self-massage involves several specific procedures, most of which do not involve physical touch. They include: The X Self-Message, The Self-Rejuvenating Massage, and The Aura Self-Healing Massage. All involve the infusion and specific focus of energies and positive mental images. All, like any form of self-empowerment and self-improvement, have multiple benefits.

I cannot emphasize enough that each of these procedures is given in step-by-step detail so that the reader/user is able to make their immediate application and quickly start benefiting from Dr. Slate’s scientifically developed and proved program of auric self-empowerment. There is nothing here that is vague, merely suggestive or derivative of ancient beliefs, or impractical to the user.

HYPNOSIS AND THE HUMAN AURA is an important addition to the practical application of new knowledge about the aura. We know of the power of hypnosis in self-improvement programs, and we understand that "in reality, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis differs from hypnosis only in that the trance state is self-induced and self-directed. Once mastered, the techniques of self-hypnosis can be used to achieve the same goals as hypnosis, and in most instances, with even greater effectiveness."

"Self-hypnosis is important to our study of the human aura for several reasons. By tapping into our subconscious, self-hypnosis offers a totally new channel for viewing and interacting with the aura." Self-hypnosis can activate our psychic faculties, including clairvoyance and psychokinesis, useful to our self-intervention efforts. And it can mobilize resources from the subconscious to energize the aura and empower our lives.

"A major advantage of self-hypnosis lies in its capacity to reveal the full aura while permitting direct intervention into its various functions." A comprehensive view of the aura allows us to focus on singular needs that can be found anywhere in the aura so that we can intervene to influence particular functions, even as we remain in the trance state. And we can use post-hypnotic suggestions to boost aura perception and interpretation, and our direct intervention skills.

Two complete methods of self-hypnosis are provided in step-by-step procedures: The Peripheral Glow Method and The Finger-Spread Method. In both methods, the intent is to mentally view your physical body from an inner and outer focal point, and then to bring the aura into full view from the outer focal point so that you can use imagery and affirmations to induce desired changes in the aura’s color and energy characteristics. The Finger-Spread Method has the additional advantage of activating the psychokinetic (PK) faculty valuable in modifying dysfunctional aspects of the aura.

"All the potential benefits of aura intervention by trained specialists are available to us through our own self-intervention strategies. In the end, the ultimate aura specialist resides within yourself. It awaits your recognition, beckons your interaction, and eagerly embraces your empowerment efforts."

Hypnosis, inclusive of self-hypnosis, is one of the most powerful techniques of personal mastery. It is, unfortunately, still surrounded in mystery and misunderstanding. It is rarely taught as it should be – as an essential technique for change and improvement. Through hypnosis and self-hypnosis, the user works from the “command center” of the conscious mind to activate and direct the skills, energies, memories, and knowledge within the subconscious mind. It is to Dr. Slate’s credit that he has made self-hypnosis so easily applicable to once “occult” (hidden) subjects and thus empowered the ordinary user to work effectively with these valuable technologies of mind and spirit.

Dr. Slate brings the book towards conclusion with a fascinating chapter on AURA POWER TOOLS useful in adding to our auric empowerment with specific energies. The first of these is The Empowerment Nature Walk that guides the reader/user to interact with various tree species. The Regal Oak expands and illuminates the aura while banishing discoloration and introduces a variety of bright colors. The Amiable Poplar emanates healing and rejuvenation energies and helps balance the aura. Dr. Slate’s students found that multiple interactions with the poplar tree could build natural resistance to disease, including the flu, tension headaches, depression, and insomnia. The Vigorous Pine provides an immediate and forceful surge of new energy to meet the stressful conditions of daily life. The Stalwart Hickory infuses the aura with bright yellow benefiting needs for accelerated learning, positive social relationships, personal achievement, and emotional stability. The Perpetual Cedar fortifies the aura with an abundance of protective energy. Other trees include the Walnut, introducing brown into the aura for practicality; the Beech, which introduces orange for financial success; the Redwood, for permanence and endurance; the Sycamore, for self-discovery and insight; the Spruce and the Fir for achievement; and the Ginkgo, which introduces purple for psychic development and wisdom.

The complete program is given in step-by-step detail, including 1) self-examination of the aura to determine needs; 2) a statement of your goals for the interaction; 3) selecting and engaging the tree; 4) connecting with the tree; 5) interacting with the tree; 6) reflection on the experience and affirming the successful interaction with your stated goals; and 7) viewing your aura to evaluate the changes.

Another tool is The Moon Power Strategy. In hypnosis, simply imagining the full moon increased receptivity to the induction procedure. Even the sound of the word moon increases responsiveness to suggestion, and in post hypnosis the imagery of the moon was found to activate the empowerment suggestions presented during the trance state. Also, imagining the moon in color would induce the associated energies into the aura, and by visioning the moon in a particular location within the aura brings those energies to that area. As is Dr. Slate’s style, complete details of the procedure are given.

The Star Power Strategy
At the innermost core of the aura is the center point of power that energizes our being. It is our contact with the infinite power of the cosmos. This procedure connects and attunes us to the cosmos through the image (not the symbol) of a star connected to the brilliant hub of the cosmos. The aura is filled with and empowered by the pulsating energy of the cosmos.

The use of various objects and their images as POWER TOOLS is fully discussed and described – including the Great Pyramid of Power, the Quartz Crystal, and various gems: Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz, and Sapphire.

"We can scarcely comprehend the scope and splendor of creation and the infinite force behind it; yet the magnificence of the cosmos parallels in many ways the beauty and masterful design of our own existence. The energizing hub of the universe, for instance, is the compeer of the energizing inner core of our own being. Moreover, we like the cosmos, are constantly evolving. Wondrous growth resources with inexhaustible possibilities exist both within ourselves and throughout the universe. We are endowed with limitless empowerment potential and surrounded by an endless array of empowerment tools. A major focus of the psychic empowerment perspective is the discovery of tangible tools with capacities to empower our lives, and the development of strategies that effectively apply them. Through appropriate power tools and strategies, we can unleash the infinite power underlying the cosmos and our own existence."

Some of these tangible objects and their images seem to function both as power sources in themselves, and as programmable power sources that can facilitate particular goals as directed by the empowered mind and body. Sometimes they are effective as a meditative focus and other times they can be used as an induction aid in hypnosis. Some programmed objects function as “charms” when carried on the person. Others, like the image of the pyramid, can be involved in quite complex operations in which a miniature pyramid can be imaged as your total being and the sides assigned colors to represent facets of your being. Along with the pyramid shape, complete instructions for programming quartz crystals is provided.

"By tapping into the power within ourselves and the cosmos, we can discover the highest peak of human experience. Given abundant power, we can overcome any obstacle and meet every challenge. Nothing is impossible to the empowered mind, body, and spirit."

As human beings, we are in constant interaction with every aspect of our environment – from the most distant reaches of the cosmos, through the planets of our solar system, to the world of nature, other people and other beings. It is the aura that is the interactive system that transforms our experiences, emotions, thoughts and interactions into visible energy manifestations.

Understanding the nature of these interactions allows us to be selective and choose positive experiences and protect ourselves from more negative ones. Through interactions with the spiritual realm we can directly empower the aura and gain deeper understanding of our existence. Positive interactions with groups of people can literally generate an extended body of bright energy hovering over the group that can even continue on after the group has dispersed. Such a group field can be both empowering and protective, and even function as a ‘group mind.’ The interaction between people as couples can be a constant energy reinforcement likewise forming a shared intelligence.


This book, Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance, is not just to read and put away. I’ve already described the many specific procedures for the reader/user to follow throughout the book, but Dr. Slate brings the book to culmination with a brilliantly detailed program of procedures to be used in sequence throughout just one week of your time. Of course, it will be up to you to continue your empowerment program with these and other procedures from the text as your intuition brings them to your attention, but with this foundation empowerment plan you will have made awareness of your aura as much a part of your life as should be the development of your physical body and mental power.

You now know the aura is not merely interesting external phenomena, but is the manifestation of inner life force, the residence of your subconscious mind, and your vital connection to the ultimate power of the cosmos. Even more, it is the interactive medium through which your mind and higher self can bring about change and fulfill your goals in material reality. The aura is the matrix of your personal world.

is designed to initiate a totally new growth spiral that empowers us to reach higher levels of personal fulfillment. It organizes step-by-step strategies into a developmental program of personally directed change, growth, understanding and empowerment.

DAY ONE brings together four procedures for viewing your own aura.

DAY TWO brings together three procedures for viewing the auras of other people. Not only are you able to read and help other people, but your own abilities to bring about change and healing are reinforced.

DAY THREE brings together two procedures to 1) generate a fully energized physical, mental, and spiritual state; and 2) generate a cosmically centered state within the self.

DAY FOUR introduces two critical self-message procedures to 1) enrich and expand the aura by balancing its energies; and 2) revitalize the aura system and rejuvenate the underlying biological and psychological factors related to aging.

DAY FIVE draws upon the powers we find in the natural world to energize our aura and empower specific goals.

draws upon the powers of moon and stars to introduce important changes in your aura’s color and structure, and to generate an inner state of cosmic attunement.

DAY SEVEN provides a technique to instantly energize the aura and erect a protective “halo” to protect against psychic attack (whether directed by other persons or entities, or stress and mental fatigue).

The book concludes with the always useful glossary, index, and a suggested reading list.

Aura Energy is a really valuable book I can’t recommend highly enough. Work with the aura is the most powerful and direct way to self-improvement and personal development.

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