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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Secrets of the water

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The secrets of the water

Most people, with few exceptions, are soothed and calmed by the sounds of trickling or splashing water. Have you ever sat at the beach and thought how peaceful it was? Have you sat by the pool or by a running creek and enjoyed the tranquility that the quite sounds of running water gave you? Water has always had a soothing effect on our minds and spirit.

Man has employed the psychic phenomenon influence of water since the beginning of human tribal cultures using its energetic qualities for bearing the mind into the future, saintly purification and soul rekindling.

Half of the earth is water; our body is three-quarters water. Water represents the interface between the 4th emotional dimension in which we live and the 5th dimensional sphere of our Spirit. Many studies have shown subtle effects of healers upon hydrogen bonding and infrared absorption of water. None of these scientific studies can compare with the beauty and clear messages shown by Dr. Emoto's elegant work. The impact of thought and beauty has never before been demonstrated so well.

What’s the spirit of water? Does water have a spirit? As we know, it’s somewhat conscious. It certainly has life and it’s certainly got physical quality. The spirit of water may be the same thing as the real spirit of humanity.

If words, thoughts and images can change the crystal structure of water, imagine how they can transform our bodies. But vise versa, may the water have the capability to change our emotional states?

The element of water teaches us to allow our emotions to adapt in balance and harmony to the currents of life. Water flows gently in a quiet stream, rages in a downhill cascade of wild water, majestically forms deep, placid lakes in open valleys, or may be dammed up by constricting ice or canyon walls - but always conforming to the requirements of the environment and prepared for change at a moment's notice.

In dreams, water represents God and his ministry. If the water you are in is clean, this means your connection to God is clear. If it is dirty, then there is a disconnection between you and God.

Water means emotion, and it has meant emotion, more often than not, for many thousands of years. Water, first of all, in its primal meaning, relates to spirit. However, spirit, has no objective body or form to manifest through in the material world of our waking conscious reality. Without form there can be no image. But, because of its nature, the subconscious must use images to display the artifacts of its operation and experiences. So, the subconscious mind, being located in-between the conscious mind and the superconscious mind, must look into the world of the conscious awareness and find a form which can be used to satisfactorily personify the intended meaning. There in the outer world it finds that the qualities and characteristics of water, such as its ability to manifest in 3 states (solid, liquid & gaseous), its flowing and changing nature, its permeation of our lives--both within and without our physical bodies, its cleansing qualities, and its absolute necessity for physical survival, allow it to form the basis of an association of likeness to the greater meaning of that which many of us assumes exists, and call spirit. But because we have no other contextual form with which to visualize and understand the qualities of spirit, water is used by the subconscious as the perfect symbol, or metaphor, for it.

And now, when we reflect on this a little more, we get to the second stage of the meaning of the water symbol related to our inner selves..., which is what dreams reflect and display to us. Emotion is one of those words, which very specifically points to a reality. But that reality is only inner reality. Emotion does not exist in a physical form out in the waking world of conscious awareness. You can't find an emotion walking around in the real world. You cannot capture one for dissection and study. It is an internally “felt” force and not a thing, which can be handled or measured. This inner force needs to be identified by the subconscious as analogous to something in the outer world in order for us to have any chance of consciously understanding the intended meaning given in a dream. And since the state of our "spirit" is directly manifested “through” the state of our "emotions", the subconscious assumes that the two are essentially identical....and thus it can use the image of water to display a form to our conscious minds when it means spirit and/or emotion. So, to the subconscious mind, which is the "speaker", or "translator" between the superconscious level of mind and the conscious level of mind, in the mental movies of our dreams, water is the physical (outer) form of the symbol, emotion is the mental (inner) form of the symbol, and spirit is the primal...non-manifested...essence of the meaning.

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Ea (Enki) stands in his watery home the Apsu

Interestingly enough Stargates been connected to water since Sumerian times. You can see water columns on both sides of a stargate on Sumerian tablets of 6000 B.C. The "water" represented on both sides of the gateway and the stairs receding into the entry. The God (Enki) emerging is obviously represented as being in the distance by perspective, coming out of the gate.

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This relief in the British Museum show the Anunnaki King Ninurta in a Gateway. He is very clearly using a finger to push something on the wall of the Gate (3). Is he activating the Portal? His bracelet looks very similar to a modern wrist watch (2) and the emblem around his neck matches the design for Mount Meru and is very similar to our modern radiation symbol. This symbols has been identified as also representing the power of the "Dark Star" – Nibiru.

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Of course you saw the movie Stargate and TV series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Is water a medium through which we can access other dimension? But this is for other times.

Let’s get back to our everyday stressful lives.

We are using showers to clean our bodies and get rid of accumulated energy. But what about our Soul and Spirit? How relaxing would it be if when you return home from a stressed out and busy day and you sit in the comfort of your own living room and look at the pictures in this gallery and after 15 minutes you feel relaxed? Try to imagine the soundtreck for each picture. I didn’t add soundtracks as by creating them in your mind you will create the appropriate vibrations that will put you in tune with the Creator and cleanse your Spirit.




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Color Gray conveys next meanings - formal, conservative, sophisticated

Native Americans associate gray with friendship. Gray is the symbol for security, maturity and dependability. It connotes responsibility and conservative practicality.

Gray is the true neutral color. Its energy imparts void, emptiness, lack of movement, emotion, warmth and identifying characteristics. Because of this, gray can be restful. It has a detached and isolated feeling. Gray can have a cooling effect when placed next to other more vibrant colors. It has a stabilizing effect, making vibrant colors stand out while muting their vibration.

Put some gray in your life when you want:

  • to emphasize your willingness to comply
  • a neutral, non-invasive feeling
  • to reduce the intense energy of another color
  • to feel detached or isolated

Gray gemstones are healing stones and can assist in improving relationships toward more stability.

Gray clothing suggests efficiency and is often used for this in the business world. Gray can also suggest lack of imagination, so should be used carefully. Gray will emphasize neutrality. Too much gray, or the wrong shades will suggest lack of character, initiative and detachment. Add a hint of another color to gray clothing to express efficiency with personality.

Cool colors tend to have a calming effect. At one end of the spectrum they are cold, impersonal, antiseptic colors. At the other end the cool colors are comforting and nurturing. Blue, green, and the neutrals white, gray, and silver are examples of cool colors.

Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as long-lasting, classic, and often as sleek or refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority. Gray is controlled and inconspicuous and is considered a color of compromise, perhaps because it sits between the extremes of black and white. Gray is a perfect neutral, which is why designers often use it as a background color.

Friday, November 14, 2008

BIO-Quantum HOLOGRAPHY in Brain Bio-Imagining constructionÿÿÿÿÿÿ



“Bio-Quantum Physics is the best theory to predict fundamental nature of life “

by : Paolo Manzelli , President of EGOCREANET/ONNS -

- Legenda : Retinking Quantum- neurobiology of vision

O = Object ; P1= Photon ; SP2 = scattered Photon ; B = ocular Bulb ; E = entangled Photons ;

R= retina ; IA = Anti- symmetric Information-Signals ; IS = Symmetric Information-Signals ;

LB = Left Brain Hemisphere; 2D = Two Dimension Anti-symmetric Information ;

4D = Fourth Dimension Coherent Quantum Information ; 2D’ = Two Dimension Symmetric

Information ;

RB = Right Brain Hemisphere ; OB = Occipital Brain - Quantum Holography turning into images light


V= Vision result in 3 D +Time (t) ; MM = Memory Matrix controlling Saccades (Scc) of ocular Bulb.

Abstract : The role of entanglement in Quantum Bio-Physics of Vision permits to establish a theory

of brain bio-images formation by means of Q. Holography reconstruction.


Goal :

It is obvious that le light is travelling as quantum particles

, so that vision construction of the brain

need to be conceived as an crucial expression of Bio- quantum –physics .

Oscillating Quantum Photon

- Preliminary questions.


To clarify the previous goal it is important to known: what means “Quantum Entanglement” ? Two

quantum Photons , becomes an entangled or gives an hybrid structure with new properties of

information exchange. The entanglement of Q. Particles is one of the many “non-intuitive” features of

quantum physics. In fact if two photons of light are allowed to properly interact at distance in a with

one another, when they become entangled. Those two entangled photons can then be separated,

but as soon as one of them interacts with a third particle transforming the quantum state information,

the other photon of the pair will change its quantum state instantaneously. This happens according

to the random outcome of the interaction, although this photon never did interact with a third particle



In this article of the “Science of Quality

” we propose a simple speculative model to make use of

quantum entanglement for extracting holographic information in the occipital brain


about a

, starting to take in consideration the Q. State information associated with

two photons entanglement


interacting in a confined space of the multi-layers sensible structure of

the Retina

( R )



- Light

(P1- photon )
interacting at distance with an object (O) enters in the Ocular Bulb (B)

from which light

cannot escape. A second photon of light (


) follows a scattered path from the not sensible sector of ocular

bulb, and successively will be entangled with the previous photon giving a photochemical process in the


(R) . The products of interaction are the four Q. Informational States. They can be subdivided in


anti-symmetric and


Symmetric signals both directed forward two Hemispheres of the Brain , by means of

the selection made by the Bipolar Cells. Since the Informational Signals will be analysed in



within the Left Brain

(LB) and in simultaneous parallel confrontation of the (2D’)

Dimensions of the Right


(RB). So that the information is travelling in the brain in (4D)

of the fourth -vector relativistic spacetime,

without the benefit of spatial and time resolution. Quantum-Holography construction of the vision



three Dimensional

(3D) space and in mono-dimensional perceptual -time (t)

of dynamic events, can be

made as a Bio-Quantum Holography result , running as a pre-vision of probable interaction with the

environment operated in real time .

- Article-

remote 3-D perception

This paper would demonstrate that this is the natural ability of the Brain to construct the perception

and this can be understood by means of Bio-Quantum Physics because the brain’s perception is a

consequence of the preliminary asset of the fourth-order quantum coherence that is inherent to the

entangled photon reactivity. In fact we acquire the perception of distant objects and of their dynamic events

as a result of the non-local connections of information energy embodied in the Entangled Photons. Biological

brainpower will be able

to make up a 3D vision in a linear time dynamics

, for bearing in mind our

probability of future interaction within the environment.

-Rationale of reasoning :

The above Retinking of Quantum- neurobiology of vision is based on a

reflection about Bio-Quantum Science about the concept of space-time “Simultaneity”. In fact the last is the

emergent property of information very consistent with the Quantum Wave /Particle Structure of Energy and

Matter following the studies of David Bohm (3) on the issue “

Wholeness and Implicate Order

. Starting from

those Bohm’s studies, the Bio-Q. Physics approach can be able to reinterpret the Brain’s Vision

construction taking in consideration the concept of Erwin Schroedinger of


”. It is well known in

fact that a pair of quantum particles, in an entangled state, can be used as a quantum information channel

(4). Conclusively it will be possible to understand how fundamental level reality is not made of discrete and

separate particles, because we can admit that “

Information Energy

” represent the fundamental quantum

level of Energy , permitting the co-existence of one interconnected whole thought “

Non Local Quantum


”. (5)

Now remembering that Q. Physics has its limit in Classical Physics it is obvious that Entangled

states have a low probability of existence into a confined condition for a long time. As a matter of facts this is

as an ultimate consequence of the not penetrability of two bodies in classical physics . Hence considering

that two Q. Particles cannot remain in the same place at the same time, can be quite obvious that the

Entangled State need to be transformed to a lower level of Energy , through the spitting in four overlapping

vector states of the fundamental “

Information Energy


The ocular Bulb


is the best biological chamber to close photons in a protected neighbouring within highly

reflecting walls which doesn't destroy photons, in a way to allow for much longer periods of extracting

quantum information by entangled photons. The ocular Bulb


serves as an integrating sphere where the

sensitive retina is working as a trap locking the entangled photons into a small confined space. In this way

the retina is becoming a source of entangled photon where biochemical reactions of the rhodopsin protein

converts any photo-event in informational signals based on the superposition of four vector states of

Information Energy. (




The interacting multilayer cavity of the retina favour the reaction of entangled photons this because single

photons are more stable and less photo-reactive; in addition the long wavelength fluctuations of photon

pairs can became more efficient by means of the saccades

induced by the memory matrix (MM)

; so

that saccades have a function as a perceptual trigger.

The eye bulb is bucket where the photon-event loose the space time resolution of the external world ,

therefore the outside information need to be reconstructed by the brain in a probability result of an

Holography- Vision



Then after the coherent decay of entangled photons the Informational biochemical energy , can be codified

in four bi-dimensional signals. In this way the neurological system works “


” as a quantum

network able to inform the activation of the neuronal metabolism of the various specific areas of the brain,

by virtue of the fourth order coherence based on the superposition of the

Q. States ( 1.1.) ,(1.0.), (0.1),


This coherent process of Information Energy, can be subdivided, from beginning to end, by means three

fundamental contemporaneous phases of Brain ‘s global organization of Quantum informational signals.

: Split out of the two anti-symmetric information vector states ( i2 ) and ( i3)

forward the Left

Hemisphere and to address the two symmetric ones

(i1) and (i4), versus the Right Hemisphere ,

through the

polar cell activity and via the optical chiasm.

: Parallel working of two Brain’s Hemispheres , via bio-nervous interactive travelling of Antisymmetric

( IA = i2 x i3 )

and Symmetric ( IS = i1 x i4 )

of information energy. The signals analysis will be

controlled by an simultaneously interaction facilitated by the easyer interchanges through the “Corpum

Callosum” channels. In this phase it is important to emphasize the changing of the nature of “


information to delocalized information

” in Q. Biology . In fact information energy signals due to the

superposition of Q. States , are travelling between left and right brains in parallel by means a non local

interactivity into a global


Dimension of a continuous relativistic fourth -vector of space-time.


The “Quantum Holography” construction , made by the Occipital Brain (OB), is a kind of

focusing process giving as a Visual probabilistic result. In fact the Holography-outcome represent an


simulation in real time of the future of the probable interactions with an at distance environment.

The brain’s perception is generated by means the quantum imaging construction of probability realized by

the brain-power in three dimension (3D) of space spitted by the perception of an linearity of local- time . This

result differ to a great extent from the classical idea of a


Vision of an objective reality, realised

by the optical reconstruction of the light wave-fronts transmission. As a matter of facts , if the cerebral

bases of the perception would work according to the classic physics system of reconstruction of the

imagining , we perennially would be unnaturally affected to only see the past. Differently following this

simple formulation the final 3D-Holography-space , separated by a linear succession of time, is effectively a

virtual artefact of the brainpower that it is able to determine the product of the probability amplitudes of the

Information signals, generated by means of multi entangled phonons in a construction of visual imaging

forecasting our future interactivity with the natural world


In fact Occipital Brain utilize a “

Natural Mathematics

”, in similar way that the product of two

symmetric vectors like

(i1 x i4 = i4 x i1 ),

gives as result a scalar as a representation of time ,i.e. a linear

succession of numbers (from left to right) , that is independent from the choice of the position of the space

coordinates. Contemporarily the product of the other two anti- symmetric vectors

( i2 x i3 # i3 x i2 )

gives two

results describing the space dimensions of the visual imaging and the

Up or Down

direction of the

movement . Therefore brain’s power is able to foresee an

3D Hologram

of perceptual vision as a probable

scenario of our possible interactions with the environment inclusive of a separated time chronology.


Thinking in this manner, Bio-Quantum Physics play a not trivial role in advanced Bio-Quantum Physics this

because the classical descriptive conception of vision is becoming a final result of a more complete

paradigm of “

general science understanding


Some final consideration can be used to sustain the above rethinking of brain’s visual process in

Bio-quantum-Physics . In fact during the sleep brain can dream with very clear perceptions of virtual

surroundings. In the case of dreaming photons, before embodied in the ocular bulb, can be forced to be

entangled through the Rapid Eye Movement , so that it would become possible to begin the Brain’s

Holography construction in 3D also during the sleep. This interpretation of dreams can be a proof of the

importance of entangled photons in the brain’s construction of quantum anticipation of the perspective of

probable interaction with the environment in our life.

Ultimately I think that advanced Bio-Quantum Physics is an expression of neurological power to

express the best theory to predict fundamental nature of life and also I think that modern art can be

integrated in a more complete creative mental - change to give an evolutional aesthetical response to

beauty, in a way that this trans-disciplinary amalgamation, can favour the contemporary development of the

“Science of Quality”. As a matter of facts modern art understand before knowing, that our perception has a

probabilistic character. So that the fashion of modern art it is very close to the revision of visual process as

an brain’s holography construction described in simple form in this brief article.


(1) – Quantum Holography :

(2) - Retina :

(3)- D.Bohm:

(4)- Entanglement :

(5) Paolo Manzelli: in Journal of General Science

Added Jun. 26, 2007:

Bio-Quantum Computing [PDF]

Added Jun. 14, 2007:

Science of Beauty: Mind Changing in Modern Life Science and Living Art [PDF]

Added Jun. 5, 2007:

Science of Quality: Series No

-1 [PDF]

Added May 27, 2007:

Bio-Quantum Physics: DNA/RNA As an Information Energy Catalyst in Life Systems


(6) Natural Mathematics :

NOTE : To develop as an international project on The Science of Quality , on the basis of those

preliminary approaches , I am interested to find an “HOSTING INSTITUTION” to propose an IDEE

European Project on the Title: <“Bio-Quantum Physics a link between advanced science and

modern art “> , aiming to ask for a trans-disciplinary research grant .

Third Phase

Second Phase

First Phase

Bio. Quantum Physics of Sound and Music

Bio. Quantum Physics of Sound and Music

Science of Quality Series n° 10 . -Previous articles in

By : Paolo Manzelli <




Musical-mind :

Author Apogee Series 3Pilot v1.Ou1

Sound perceived by humans is produced by the brain through the stimulus of external

vibration transmitted and converted into information signals, by means of the hearing organs

focused in the activities of the cochlea. The brain exercises pre-attentive research functions,

interactively searching to be synchronous with all frequencies that are similar to the spectrum of the

human voice and their differences in tones and frequency before producing the effective sounds that

we hear. Sounds in fact, are not a direct expression of external acoustic vibration but sensory

simulation produced by the brain. Hence, the brain do not recognises directly the external

frequencies as physical sounds or noises, but as “Information Energy” derived by the “entangling

activity” of transformation of vibration waves in information signals. In fact the last information

signals are not an immediate consequence of the physical vibration of air. This is because vibration,

if not transduced in quantum-signals, cannot interact with the information activities of the brain

neurons. (1)

Also, we do not see light directly, because when we get a sensation of light, it depends on a

transformation of the lighting stimulus of photons that produce the sensation of light as an effect

generate by the brain through the changes of photon frequency in information signals produced by

means of entangling actions of the ocular bulb in the retina. In a similar way, “phonons” of soundvibrations

need to be transformed into informational signals to interfere with the brain’s pre2

selection activities; the last are preferentially focused versus recognizing the human voice.

Generally speaking, “Bio-Quantum Physics “, following the above premise, has the opportunity to

re-educate people in order to understand the limits of the mechanical approach to science that has

been applied to current thinking, without trying to deeply understand the role of sensory operators

in transforming Free Energy of photons or phonons into “Information Energy” in order to permit

the signal exchange between the brain and the external world.

Today, the application of Quantum Physics to the Science of life, is becoming very important in

order to break the previous limitation on the perspectives for future knowledge by society. As a

matter of fact, sound, voices, music, rhythm, etc., are of vast importance in every culture on earth,

so that the impact of a trans-disciplinary interpretation of “

Bio. Quantun Physics of Sound and


can have a profound influence on an innovative role in human life and society, both via new

scientific cognition and emotional experiences of the art.

In particular, humans love music because it resonates with the innate brain structure of

mental and emotional information. In fact music is a fine art of vibration emissions, consisting of

sound and

silence expressed through time

, by means of a variation of air pressure. So that today in

the context of information society, it is becoming of huge importance to interpret how the ears

interacts with the brain, isolates and decodes air-vibrations into distinct signals of “Information

Energy” perceptible by the brain for producing embodied sensations of sound an music.

The cochlea is shaped like a snail and it is a complex apparatus of the inner ear that works to

transform external vibration in information signals in coordination with the pre-attentive input of

the brain that in mammals pass through the internal “Stereocilia filaments” inside the “Organ of

Corti”. In fact the cochlea receives sound wave vibration within the hearing frequencies range, that

it is diverse for different animals. The external vibrations pass through the ear by means of the

transmission of the ossicles of the hearing bones, striking the upper closing oval membrane. The

perceived vibrations of diverse wave composition travel through a fluid of various densities

enclosed in the inner helix of the cochlea. This permits it to distinguish the different forms of

sounds (pitch, loudness, timbre) of the mechanical vibration received. In the final section of

cochlea, the “

stereocilia of hairs cells
”, works as a trapping system able to “entangling phonons

in order to transform them in information signals that can interact with the pre-attentive research

functions, transmitted by the brain through the acoustic nerve. Hence the cochlea is the basic

hearing organ that converts the mechanical vibration of air into an information energy impulse

understandable by the brain as production of sound. (2)

The transduction in sensory activity is operated by Stereocilia (external). There are about

fifty filaments of Actin-protein living in each of the various thousands of hair cells; the last are


hexagonally packed cells, posed along the helix of the cochlea, where hair cells present a systematic

progressive variation in length, number, width and symmetry, predetermined by the DNA.

Therefore, the system of stereocilia act as sensory transduction-microvilli to discriminate and

monitor through a “decode/recoding” method, the form of the incoming pulsing waves, in order to

convert their wave forms into information signals and to send to the brain the “Information Energy”

that produces the sensation of sounds. The microvilly are not only involved in peudopodical

movement in order to analyse the incoming waves and to alter the polarization of the actinfilaments,

to transmit an electrical signal through the auditory nerve, but also works as a source of

joining “

entangled phonons”, to teleport “q.bits

” of information energy to the brain in a way that

the communication among Energy , Matter and Information can be transduced into a trappingcavity

of the hair cells to transfer information energy in a common scale of energy codification.

Locking to reproduce “

entangling information signals

” today the hearing system it is

already exploited in many technologies of wireless communications and certain types of antenna


Entangled Waves Synchronization.

Image credit: National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Image below show the interaction of "spin waves" emitted by two nano-oscillators that

generate entangled microwave signals.

For instance, based on Entanglement, Teleportation takes place inside an ion trap

made of gold electrodes deposited onto alumina as it is showed in the following figure:


In conclusion, nature has a superior intelligence and works using communication that is not

limited to our common interpretation of the reductionistic and localized approach of mechanical

science. The entangled effect represents the appropriated methodology for energy re-codifiation in

order that the brain is able to produce sounds and music from vibration. Sound and music are an

extremely subjective, aural experience, programmed by means of the DNA/Brain interactivity to

transfer “Information Energy codification”, through sensory entangling-transducers, so that we can

make sense of, and have empathy with our surrounding environment by brain's production of sound

and musical sensations.


Music Therapy

Biblio on line


(1) - Musical Acoustic and Organ of Corti :



(2) -Hearing and hail cells :



“Transformations in the perceptions of time and space shape a new historical understanding of the world
in order to amplify the level of scientific investigation of Bio-Quantum Physics ” .
Paolo Manzelli -
“For the ancient alchemy The visual perception can be extracted by a fluid permeating all space like an aether.
In the modern approach to bio-quantum physics, the existence of an exceedingly informative matrix can be seen as
an interface between subject and object of perception.”
Note: The ancient figure of Alchemy holds of a double representation of space-tme:
1) Euclidean space pyramid of exteriorisation of perception
2 ) IPER- FLAT base of interiorisation of information domain
Renaissance of Alchemy in the Bio-Quantum Physics of Space-Time
Abstract : The ancient art and science of alchemy, throughout the industrial age of science and technology, are
looked upon as mere junk of the past, e.g. a dark and bizarre cloud upon the sky-light brilliance of more recent
knowledge. The reductive vision of contemporary science and technologies is fundamentally due to lack of
knowledge caused by the arbitrary splitting between the subject and object of perception. This separation was
considered an absurd idea by the ancient Arabic conception denominated "Al" (article) and "khemi", e.g. the old
Egyptian science of matter transformations and transmutations. In fact, alchemy and esoteric comprehension in
science and art, both belong to a global perspective where the observer needs to be considered an integral part of
the observation for conscious scientific results. In fact, alchemists used a “philosophical stone” (i.e the matter of
mind) as enlightenment to search fore hidden knowledge of the transformation of matter into gold. A similar
integrated perception of reality is now becoming the leader in the frontiers of Bio-Quantum-Physics (1). Thus,
modern science is embedded in the ancient intuitions of space-time structure, where interpretation is within the
context of the perception of events that are becoming.
Article :
Ancient alchemy believed that visual perception is integrated within other sensations like touch,
smell, and hearing, all modelled in the brain and based on external information. This conceptual
tradition of alchemy and ancient esoterism , was the basis of Hippocrates' belief (Greek island of
KOS, 460 BC) regarding the brain's ability to perceive. In fact, Hippocrates did not believe in the
existence of an external, isolated, objective substance existing outside an integrated space-time
generated by the mind that effectively fabricates perceptions and sensations as a reply to external
stimuli. Of course the ancient paradigm of alchemical sciences assumes that “something” existing
in the external world can be the cause of a simulation generated by the perception organs of the
brain. As a result, the reality that we know can be conceived as a mind-product of an integrated
input of various senses (smell, taste, touch, sound, sight) coming from a space-time projection of
the world in mind images.
Only within reductionistic classical physics, born at the beginning of the industrial age, is the
obserer split from observation in a way that space and time are conceived as two absolute entities.
Isaac Newton (1642-1727), conceived of time and space existing independent of the mind. In this
way, it is possible to measure the speed and the acceleration of motion as in mechanics. In fact,
classical mechanics is the science through which true motion happens only where an object is
moving without physical change, in an independent reality of absolute space, and where time can be
enumerated by means of a succession of single instants; each of them without duration e.g. as a pure
numerical unidirectional and reversible time-flow . This concept of instants of a measurable clocktime,
can be conceived only if the instant of the present it is identical to every previous succesive
instant. Therefore, this concept assumes a perfectly stable identity during the object's motion in
time. This method of mechanical thought excludes a priori, every event of change during the motion
of an object in absolute external space. To accept this paradigm, it is necessary that virtual absolute
space corresponds to the existence of absolute mathematical time which flows equably, without
relation to anything existing in the external space of the subject. Only in this arbitrary concept of a
Newtonian space/time, the mechanical motion of an object becomes completely independent of
subjective perception (2), (3).
Now I would like to point out that in the age of alchemy, light was a question of perception and
nobody thought about its speed because vision is considered immediate. This does not mean an
infinite velocity of light, but a simultaneity of perception due to the anticipation of the brain's
construction of images.
However after the measurement of the speed of light as a constant (Michelson-Morley, 1887),
Einstein's work on special relativistic physics, changed the frame of reference so that time and
space are no more viewed as independent dimensions. Einstein's discoveries have shown that, due
to relativity of motion, our space and time can be mathematically combined into one “four-vector
frame” of space-time. Therefore, the invariance of the speed of light, (forgetting for a moment the
need to understand better the effective brain-perception of information), established a limit for
information travel .
Scientific thinking in special relativity is based on the declaration: “no objects, as well as no
To day is encouraged additional ways of thinking about organized communication in living
systems, through the redefinition of the boundaries and roles of space-time. This framework is seen
in relation to the role of brain-information. In this innovative perspective, a first consideration is
that the information in the brain is not a subjective factor. This is because brain is a purely objective
body, and only mind can be considered in subjective interpretation. A second originates in the idea
that DNA cannot be the only molecule that stores and communicates information. This is because
DNA needs an interactive reply to actuate the living forms of cells and organisms. Therefore, in
relation to living systems, information energy and fee-energy and matter energy, are all to be
considered in Bio-Qu.Physical science development, as mutually interdependent factors differently
codified as functions of total energy.
Referring to these preliminary considerations, it will be necessary to extend the “Energy
Conservation Law” which until now has been limited to a mechanical approach. In fact the word
energy comes from the Greek ’enérgeia, that means "operation”. This term is itself a compound of
’en and ’érgon, "work". Because in modern physical science the notion of energy is associated only
with mechanical work, energy is commonly defined as "the capacity of an agent for doing a
quantity of work" in order to understand the production of motion against resistance. As a
consequence, this reductive mode of scientific thought is based on an action/reaction, therefore
doesn't includes in explicit terms, the communication of information that is the basis of evolution of
living systems.
Finally if we considered that the life is a product of the whole universe, we need to revise the “Law
of Energy Conservation”. It is necessary to go beyond the previously restricted approach of
mechanical thought in order to build up the Bio-Qu.Phys science in the context of the “Gaia
Theory”. We must include “information” as a new virtual energy (I). This is because (I) can be
transformed into other forms of quantum energy codified in terms of communication all over the
geo-organism of the Universe. Consequently, taking into consideration “ information energy” as a
part of the total energy-matter Bio-Qu. Phys. transformation, we obtain the global variation (
www.) of the sum of all the transformation of energy components must be equal zero. So that if we
add all the different codifications of energy in relation to the all possible combinations of the space
time coordinates in syntheses, we sum up :1) the Vibration-Energy, (E), and 2) the codifiedenergy
like Matter (M), plus 3) the Information energy (I). (5)
At this point, because the global variation (www.) of any constant (K) is equal to zero we obtain:
; i.e. at any time <>
This equation gives three different solutions that can be the basis of a co-evolution of differentiated
“Habitats in the Universe” where space–time co-ordination will be different.
(1.) : <+w. (I) = - w. (E) – w. (M)> .
(1.) The addition of information energy corresponds to enriching the minimum of the other
components of energy. This result is nominated the "PRINCIPLE of FERTILE EVOLUTION", that
we consider the fundamental reason for the direction of the evolution of life on earth. (1)
• (2.) : <+w. (E) = - w. (M) – w. (I)>
(2.) -This formula can be considered a model for the stellar evolution of energy emission in solar
type stars.
• (3.) : <+w. (M) = - w. (I) – w. (E)>
(3.) This formula can represent the evolution of matter in the axi-symmetric space/time of rotating
Black Holes where hyper-rotation can create additional matter.
Certainly these formulas, all embedding information energy (I), need to be organized into a massive
research program (6) that can be developed through a European IDEAS project (7) of Bio-Quantum
Physics in the near future
Now I would like to emphasize that a unified field concept of space-time is not possible after the
introduction of codified information energy. It permits breaking the complex cosmos into different
space-time habitats of a co-evolutive-interconnected universal organism. In fact, taking information
energy into consideration creates a new method for interpreting Bio.Qu.Phys. The changes in time
and space coordinates can generate three complemenary habitats for developing the multi-dynamics
of the evolution of the Universe. As a final consideration, I would like to say that artists
recognised the need for a new expression of art-communication not connected with a threedimensional
perspective of space-time. As a matter of fact, painters like Salvador Daly and Vasily
Kandinsky and other modern art protagonists, did not abandon their original ambition to anticipate
intuitively the conceptual changes in the mind-evolution of humans. They tried to incorporate the
paradoxes of science into new paintings in order to describe the world, outside of the traditional
split between subject and object in order to communicate purely mental information. This resulted
in awareness that their current thoughts and emotions are an inextricable part of any description and
shape of the world. Therefore modern art was born, not from any bizarre vision, but from the artists'
increasingly acute awareness of the elusive complexity of what at first seemed so simple in the
traditional method of external three-dimensional observations of the world.
Salvador Daly : Clocks
Kandisky: Abstractism
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12 Strand DNA

12 Strand DNA

The term '12 Strand DNA' is a pseudoscience term used by healers and energy workers to denote that a soul is evolving into higher requency by activating its DNA code beyond its twin strand spiraling DNA helix.

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Healing and Energy

Healing and Energy

The biggest problem facing humanity is ... undiagnosed and untreated mental illness. If you suspect you have problems, are a substance abuser and feel out of control, get professional help today. You owe it to yourself to get evaluated by a psychiatrist, not psychologist, so you understand your emotional problems and learning disabilities. These can then be traced to family genetics, cultural patterning and abuses in your life. As there is generally a chemical imbalance in the brain, finding the correct medication is most often needed, followed by the quest into metaphysics to find a healing modality and practitioner who can help you at that point of your life. As human consciousness evolves, it takes everything else with it, including the healing grid.

When the person is ready to heal, the doctor or healer will be there. All healing must first be addressed at the emotional level of the person, for it is there the physical illness or accident was created. If not, the symptoms will manifest again in another way. We move from personal healing to an often overwhelming need to heal others and do energy work to creating balance, which opens psychic abilites and personal power lost in the physical and to satisfy a feeling of 'mission here'. This goes to final awakening and understanding the truth behind the illusion - reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time - it's all a virtual experience.

























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