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Monday, November 10, 2008



As featured as the cover illustration on the book Cafe Ole by Sarah Crabtree

What is Fractology?Fractology is the science of awareness. It is the leader in the new esoteric healing; fractal healing. By repatterning the underlying energetic structure Fractology works with the hologram of your body to create health and well-being. It is an effective, scientific use of metaphysical abilities. Here, finally, is the science of psychic or metaphysical abilities, applied systematically to achieve practical, workable and consistent healing results. Working with the fractal pattern

Through the ancient art of pattern recognition, now given a modern context through Chaos Theory and the study of fractals, a Fractology practitioner can access the unique pattern of a client’s consciousness and energy.

A person’s fractal pattern is repeated infinitely, establishing the pattern of a person’s optimal health and well-being, as well as their spiritual integrity. When a client experiences illness or difficulties this is always reflected in a break or distortion in the pattern, much as you are aware of a tree’s illness because the affected branch does not look like the rest of the tree.

Where a person is strong, their fractal pattern is clear; where they are having difficulties their pattern is broken or distorted. With advanced energetic techniques the underlying cause of the problem is released or resolved, and the fractal pattern is restored to its original integrity. This restores a person’s individual hologram, creating profound and permanent healing as the body is reconnected to the pattern of health. What are the advantages of fractal healing?

Fractal healing is holographic healing. In other words, as the fractal pattern is repeated infinitely on all levels of your consciousness, so fractal healing treats your complete consciousness, which exists throughout all matter, energy, space and time. It works with your consciousness on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and genetic levels. The Fractology system enables the practitioner to be aware of the totality of the consciousness of the client, enabling them to work holographically. There is no limitation to the depth of a holographic therapy such as Fractology. A Fractology practitioner works on all levels of consciousness simultaneously, to create rapid, profound and permanent treatment. This vastly reduces, and in many cases, eliminates integration time. As all levels are transformed simultaneously the client will feel the differences achieved at the end of the session, and these differences will be permanent. In case the client is not changing his environment causing his low health condition there will be a possible relapse of well being, thus certain skills need to be acquired to handle the environment to stop the emotional ups and downs.Torsion fields

Holograms are composed from Sacred Geometry forms and Colors that create torsion fields. According to Dan Winter this is the relation between electromagnetism and gravity that Einstein was looking for. Russian scientists call these imploding electromagnetic energy fields, torsion fields. The spiraling wave that spirals into the zero still point is the torsion wave. Tapping the zero point energy from the universe is tapping the energy from the matrix of energy that makes up our physical reality! It’s tapping the energy from gravity itself!

In the fifties Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrated with his Cymatics experiments using simple sound waves that all of the Platonic Solids emerge as standing wave interference patterns in spherical volumes. The Platonic Solids are the blueprint for the self-organizing universe. The spiraling imploding waves in a vortex also create these Platonic Solids as standing wave patterns. The implosion is simply a set of these nested or fractal Platonic solids as wave interference patterns (Standing waves).

Cymatics experiments Icosahedron on the left, star tetrahedron on the right

This is the reason why geometric forms like the Platonic Solids are able to resonate with the energies of the universe. Russian science calls them passive torsion field generators. This is the secret of the Great Pyramid of Giza that is actually half an octahedron and is able to resonate with the torsion fields of the Earth. The Earth’s electromagnetic energy matrix, called the Earth grid consists completely of these nested Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solid energy grids of the atom simply locks into the larger Platonic Solids of the energy grid of the Earth, which in term locks in the energy matrix of the dodecahedral zodiac and the dodecahedral energy grid of the universe at large (from the latest Hubble space telescope observations). This makes up the matrix of our physical reality.

Resonance is our sixth sense. It is also one of the most important sources of energy in the universe. Ironically, we tend to pay less attention to it, and know less about it, than our more traditional senses and energy sources. Resonance is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the knowable and unknowable. Often, when we resonate, we understand deeply and completely, and yet find it almost impossible to say why.

The quality of our lives depends on how well we resonate. And that ability in turn depends on our openness, intention, skill, power, and execution. By learning about and experiencing resonance in its many manifestations, we have the potential to expand our awareness and to grow in ways that are natural, powerful and important.

Vibronance: Vibration + Resonance. Vibration is solitary. Resonance is participatory. Vibration is single dimensional. Resonance is multi-dimensional. Vibronance connects the universe through intentional vibration and resonance.

CHAKRA HEALINGAccording to chakra-theory that originated from tantrism, chakras (chakra=wheel ) are functioning in the energetic-system of man as receivers, transformers and distributors of prana, the vital life-force.


Tantra means "expanding force of imagination" and includes the body-sensations as a source of spiritual and psycho-physical experiencing and self-exploration. In other words, our capacity of visualization is stimulated by the physical-sensual experience of the ongoing energy-transformation, which leads to an expansion of our consciousness.

The seven principal Chakras

For simplification it is possible to focus on the seven main chakras. Each chakras corresponds to an essential psycho-physical aspect of man.

For example, the third chakra (the solar-plexus) corresponds to the element of fire, the color yellow, and contains essential psycho-physical aspects of will-power, self-confidence, the formation of interactive structures with others and the outer world, social identification, the drive for power and achievement. If the third chakra is not functioning harmonically, the implications can include a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, inner discontent and restlessness, restricted self-realization and the suppression of emotions.

Chakras Therapy

Chakra-therapy involves experiencing, opening, developing and harmonizing the essential energy-potentials. The therapy stimulates different sensory-levels, like auditory and visual. It also addresses body-movement or special breathing techniques, to stimulate resonances in the corresponding chakra.

The stimulation and guidance of imaginative-processes activate changes in consciousness. Western methods of psychotherapy can be connected with basic aspects of chakra-therapy in an effective way, such as guided imagination, cognitive therapy, gestalt-therapy and art-therapy.

Many of us are like psychic sponges; we pick up everything around us. You probably can remember many a time sitting beside someone in a waiting room or a meeting at work and feeling great as you came in. At the end of your time there, you may have developed a queasy stomach, a headache, a phantom pain of some description, or a foul mood. Meanwhile the person next to you says, ‘Wow, I feel really good now.’ So you say, ‘Cool. How were you feeling when you got here?’ Guess what they say? You’re right! The comment is ‘Oh, I had a queasy stomach, a headache, a phantom pain of some description, or a foul mood.’ No kidding… Hmmm.

Let’s take a look at what would happen if 1st chakra, our root center, were closed. The Root Chakra is all about survival and our feelings of safety and security in the world. When you are doing a Chakra Balancing session and find this centre low in energy, you can deduce there may be some problems with feeling grounded and connected to the Earth. Often the client feels like a helpless victim of life’s circumstances.

If this chakra is close to the physical body or completely closed (not enough energy), it could indicate that they generally do not feel safe in the world, and there may be issues surrounding personal mortality and survival of the Self. When this Chakra is closed, there is a severe lack of personal energy, as one would be cut off from Earth Star-our connection to the planet, and to nature. The characteristics of such an individual would be dull, lack luster, no vigor, no enthusiasm, and no feelings of personal responsibility or accountability. Family issues and work issues would not impact the person in a way that would get them moving towards a solution.

Our Sacra, 2nd Chakra supports our creativity. If it were very low or closed, we would experience blockages in the areas of physical and sexual health, fertility, prosperity, vitality, self-esteem, relationships, desire, and sensuality. Second Chakra tells us about our relationships with that which is different from us. It speaks about how we approach life and our surrounding world. If we are experiencing hardened attitudes, rigid thought patterns, frozen self-concepts, and modes of behavior that destroy opportunities for successful relationships, we are likely having a challenge of the second sacred center. If there is insufficient functioning here, the person will be lacking in passion and may show signs of immaturity.

The Solar Plexus, 3
rd Charka , deals with our own personal dynamics; our feelings of authority and self-confidence, and turning our shadow self into gifts through wisdom. If our personal power is diminished or closed off, we will suffer life as ‘a leaf buffeted about by the four winds’. Our courage and initiative to overcome hurdles and blocks will be limited by our own feelings of inferiority. In a healthy, open individual, you will notice the spirit of the joy of being; someone who is liberated from their own unconscious and who has worked through the clearing of their emotional and mental energetic bodies. In a person who is shut-off, you will see a controlling, perfectionist dominator, or an angry, fearful, unlucky, downtrodden soul.

The Heart Center is the 4th Chakra. Here are lives are enriched by feelings of love, service to others, and devotion to our Higher Power. This Chakra deals with our ability to give love, and our availability to receive love. Feelings of gratitude and self-worth reside here. A person with a closed Heart Chakra is a very unhappy individual, indeed. Our hearts’ first duty is to love and serve us. The heart is the seat of our un-cried tears. However, this needs to be balanced with the peace of mind that comes from a willingness to merge with the Divine. One who is unloving, unsympathetic, and harsh usually has a closed heart. The Heart is the realm of Claire-sentience or ‘clear feeling’. For those of you with this gift, you need a clear and open heart. The Heart is also the balance-point between the physical and spiritual Chakras.

Our ability to communicate, to write, to speak, and to sing, comes from our Throat, 5th Chakra. If it were closed, our verbal expression would be inhibited. Our exchange of ideas through language would be impaired. A person who gossips, lies, ‘tells stories’, creates disharmony, and is sullen will often show a closed throat center. Whatever we ‘want’ to do must pass through this vital center to become our ‘will’ to do. We would be forever in a state of want with no way of willing it to be done. As we move through the Throat center, we are also moved to a Higher Plane of Be-ing and level of communication and manifestation. This is the realm of Claire-audience or ‘clear hearing’, an important tool for many.

Our Third Eye 6th Chakra, is the realm of Claire-voyance or ‘clear seeing’. This center deals with our imagination, conceptions, higher goals and ideals, insight, and inner guidance. Where would we be without this toolkit? The mark of a closed Third Eye is a person who is narrow-minded, judgmental, self-destructive, egocentric, and has control issues. Continuous upheaval and lack of vision is their lot in life.

The Crown 7th Chakra, located on the top of the head where the hair whorls are, is our connection to the Divine Source. Our wisdom, spiritual awakening, meditation, contemplation, illumination, and mystical experiences come from this center. It deals with our oneness with All and with All That Is. When you are enjoying ‘light-bulb moments’ or ‘bells going off’ inside your head, you are in direct connection to Spirit. This is a center of rejuvenation and our longing for unification with the Divine. If we have confining and limiting expectations, it could be that our seventh Chakra is closed.

So, as you can see, it is much preferable to hold the intention that your Chakras are clear and open. There are many tools available to each of us to help us open and balance our Chakras. They are:

Being in nature

Color Therapy
Sound Healing Emotional Clearing Fractal Healing
Chanting and Toning
Creative Movement
Artistic pursuits

The trick is in knowing which one to use and how to interact with the tool for the desired effect. Learning how to keep your Chakras in balance and discovering the importance of working with the White Light are keys to unlocking your hidden self and stepping into a life of love, laughter, and Light.
The role of digital art in chakras therapy

Stimulation of the visual sense plays an important role in Chakras therapy, with visual images aiding the imaginative process. Power visual images are required not be flawed by imperfections, which could distract the healing process. It is for this reason that Digital Art has been developed by Chakra healing practitioners and artists. The computer, guided by a skilled artist, can produce sublime and flawless images, which when printed as high-quality art can be displayed in a way that contributes to a conducive healing environment.

Aesthetics have the closest wavelength to Static (Zero Point Field) thus it brings the observer of Beauty to the highest level of vibration instantly, bypassing all the imbalances and energizing the Spirit through familiar resonance of Perfection. We all familiar with this instantaneous reaction to beauty. A man will turn his head to look at passing beautiful woman and a woman will instantly scan a handsome man. Many people will assume it is the sexual drive that responsible for this reaction, and maybe it is true for some, but it is this insatiable hunger for beauty and drive for perfection that moves us, as we are all perfect in our Native state.

Zero point Field has infinite amount of energy and easiest way to tap into it is through Aesthetics. Energy is created by difference of potential between two terminals located in space or difference of potentials between different Times. Energy is cascading from higher frequencies to lower ones. We can call them dimensions or different levels of solidity. The cascading scale of energy flows in humans this way: Static (Zero Point Field – Non-local Cause) --> Aesthetics --> Thoughts (Local Cause) --> Emotions --> Efforts -->Heat --> (Local Effect. Using the musical scale comparison and dividing artificially all the dimensions into 8 stratas, 8th dimension will be All That Is (Infinity), Aesthetics will be the 7th dimension, Thought will be the 5th dimension, Emotions will be the 4th dimension, Efforts will be the 3rd dimension. You may ask, what about 6th dimension and 2nd and 1st? These are subjects for another article.

As we are created in the image of All That Is, and each one of us has a hologram of Zero Point Field in the Center our Spirit (Singularity) we can create an energetic loop of cascading energy. Through observing Perfection by looking at Fractal pictures or pictures of Nature or Cosmos that is full of Fractals, we can create cleansing flow of new energy vibrating on higher harmonics that will melt the ridges (standing waves) or stagnant energy, being low harmonics and more dense energies.

Depends on the prevalent colors being observed, the observer can experience calming, energizing and balancing events. For example the Red, Orange and Yellow colors will energize lower charkas, connected to the survival of the body in the 3rd dimension. The green and pink, will create more of the balancing experience, and blue, violet and white will bring calmness. Of course different people will react differently depends where they are having their blockages. Someone who doesn’t have many blockages can be very much energized by violet color.How that works

Art is a mental concept that is expressed through the quality of communication. It can be conveyed as a symbol, color, sound and other expressions of energy. Aesthetics or beauty has a particular wavelength and comes closest to Zero Point Field or Static, which doesn’t have any expression of energy and no wavelength and having only a potential. As any energy, especially photon or light, has a vibration or frequency, it can create a resonance in the human quantum bio-field thus changing existing conditions in the human being. Aesthetics can be harmonious and disharmonious, as it depends on the mental outlook of the person observing it. The beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Ugliness and Beauty are only considerations, but as Nature showing us, there are some perfect forms that are producing certain predictable effects on humans. Sacred Geometry is an example of different forms that are creating subtle energy, supposedly out of nothing. Everyone can use a pendulum to do a reading on the basic Sacred Geometry forms of a cross, triangle, circle, etc. Each such form will produce certain amounts of spins. What is moving the pendulum, may you ask yourself?

There is a saying, " Beauty is a food for the Soul". For eons arts like drawings, paintings, pictographs, written language, music, songs and others were used to rehabilitate the Spirit and Soul of Men. In the modern times, with the invent of the computer new forms of healing arts emerged. These are the Fractal Healing, Digital Arts Healing, Sound healing, Color Therapy, Chakras balancing and others.

Living life on planet Earth nowadays is very taxing on the human bio-energy system. All the electro-magnetic pollution, chemicals in foods, drugs, industrial pollution, ideologies, media and constant bombardment of false information from many sources are creating havoc on the human energy system and create state of constant dis-harmony.

One of the main things that causing blockages in the smooth flow of subtle energies around the body are the standing waves, caused by clashing, chaotic waves of disharmonious nature. These standing waves are creating ridges of energy and are blocking flow of nutrition, oxygen, minerals, anti-oxidants and causing damage to cells, creating pain, miasmas, illnesses and low state of energy.

These ridges are becoming stagnated and becoming more solid if not cleared. They become denser and denser and are being packed around person’s body. Denser they become, less space is available to a person, less life force is present in the body.

It is a known factor, that when you are feeling rundown and exhausted, it is a good idea to take a walk and look around in your environment, noting different details of colors, sounds, trees, people, etc. There is a very simple principle at work here; attention and interest create space. More mental space we create less dance are these mental masses we call ridges. You probably experiences that when you stayed in the same room for a day, two or three. Feeling down, heavy, irritated are cased by condensation of mental masses.

Not always we have time to do these walks, especially when we at work, but most of us are in front of the computer, thus viewing some of the Healing Galleries on our website can bring your energies back to balance and create more space for your mind.

Aesthetics can bring human Aura and Chakras into a state of harmony by infusing higher harmonics into human energy field and cause the fields around the body to vibrate at much higher frequencies, thus making them less dense.

That’s why we, at Hu Energy Tech, decided to create a series of Galleries, where any individual who feels tired, depressed, sad, sick or just irritated can cleanse himself by looking for couple of minutes at different pictures and energize or calm himself by creating a harmony in the chaotic energy fields around him.


Change your frequency – Change your Life!

Shadow Sky

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