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Friday, November 14, 2008

Chance and choice

    School of Wisdom®Series: Volume 2

    A Compendium
    of Ancient and Modern Wisdom
    Revealing the Meaning and Significance
    of the Myth of Science

    Chance and Choice Logo

    by Professor Arnold Keyserling
    and R. C. L., J.D.

    This book connects the latest scientific theories with the oldest spiritual insights. The whole spectrum of human knowledge is synthesized to reveal the spiritual significance of the dominant belief system of modern times, the Myth of Science. Myth is not used in a derogatory sense, but in its original meaning as a true belief system which gives meaning to life, and links with the great belief systems of the past. This volume of the School of Wisdom's English Language Publication Series is its advanced text. All of the basic ideas and curriculum of the School are presented in a concise form with hundreds of charts, photographs and full color illustrations. It was co-written by Austrian Philosopher and Professor, Arnold Keyserling -- a student of George Gurdjieff and Ramana Maharishi -- and by Keyserling's student and long time friend, R.C.L., now an attorney in the U.S.

    The entire book is here in hyper-text. You can print it out and give copies away, but you can't sell it or make changes. Please note that the author welcomes questions. Just send him an email at is also a complete Spanish Translation: AZAR Y ALBEDRIO: Un Compendio de Sabiduría Antigua y Moderna que Revela el Significado del Mito de la Ciencia, by School of Wisdom student, Serge Guadarrama.

    Other publications of the School of Wisdom, including PrimaSounds music CDs, are available at a separate website at SunAngel.

    Chart from Ch. 9 showing meaning of the 4 suits in a deck of cards

    a Compendium of Ancient and Modern Wisdom
    Revealing the Meaning and Significance of the Myth of Science

    Introduction WISDOM AND THE WHEEL.

    Chapter One SEMIOTICS: language and the basic criteria of coherence.

    Chapter Two NUMBER: dimensions, Mandelbrot, chaos, the four attractors, music and color.

    Chapter Three COSMOGONY: 3 worlds, big bang, evolution and natural symmetry.

    Chapter Four BRAIN AND MIND: the many brains and rebirthing.

    Chapter Five YIN - YANG: the I Ching and the 5 stages of creative time.

    Chapter Six TIME CYCLES: the meaning of time, potentials, and history.

    Chapter Seven ENERGY: chemistry, crises and the chakras.

    Chapter Eight GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS: unique potentials of the earth and the sacred dimension of the ten directions.

    Chapter Nine THE HUMAN COMPUTER: a fractal game of wisdom cards.

    Messages To World Peace Conference A teaching application of the Wheel.

    Recommended Reading The short, short list.

    Math Appendix More on the Mathematics of the Mandelbrot Formula and the Workings of Numbers and Vectors in the Complex Plane. Math experts are invited to add to this supplement.

    a Compendium of Ancient and Modern Wisdom
    Revealing the Meaning and Significance of the Myth of Science.
    Copyright Prima Sounds Foundation 1994-2003
    Individual copies may be made and distributed without charge or changes to the text.
    ISBN 1-883185-94-7

    ArnoldThe primary Author of Chance and Choice, Arnold Keyserling, 1922-2005. Arnold taught Spiritual Philosophy as a Professor at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria since the 1960's until his death on September 7, 2005. In the 1980's Arnold also served as President of the European Humanistic Psychology Association. Arnold Keyserling was one of Europe's greatest Twentieth Century philosophers, who was well known throughout Europe and Asia as a spiritual leader, philosopher, public speaker and teacher.

    Born in 1922, an exile of the Baltic Republic of Estonia, Arnold Keyserling is the son of philosopher and author, Count Hermann Keyserling., who founded the School of Wisdom in 1920, and the great grandson of Chancellor Bismark. Arnold Keyserling was the original "new age thinker" who introduced Europe to "Yoga" in the early 1960s, the "Human Potential Movement" in the 70's, "Native American Shamanism" in the 1980's, and African Shamanism (Malidoma) in the 90's. A student of both George Gurdjieff and 12 tone composer Joseph Hauer, he was the first person to mathematically calculate the exact frequencies of the Chakras and the inventor of a new musical scale tuned to them, called PrimaSounds. Professor Keyserling spoke many languages and taught in German, English, French and Italian. Chance and Choice is his Magnum Opus in English of his complete philosophy, ideas and insights.

    RalphThe Co-Author, R. C. L., a/k/a Ralph, is a long time student and friend of Keyserling. He loves French Bulldogs and prefers a low profile, and has also created the School of Wisdom webs. The web is a continuation of a teaching institution first established in Europe in 1920 by Arnold's father, Count Keyserling to promote understanding, reconciliation, and transmission of all spiritual and wisdom traditions of the world. Its early teachers include Carl Jung, Richard Wilhelm, Herman Hesse, and Rabindranath Tagore. True to its mission of global culture, School of Wisdom activities are now focused on the Internet. Ralph has also authored two other books on philosophy and music; one with Arnold Keyserling: Chakra Music: the Story of PrimaSounds; and another on his own, entitled: Laws of Wisdom: a Holistic Synthesis of Science and Religion.. R. C. L. is also the composer/developer of PrimaSounds music, which is based on a new musical scale invented by Professor Keyserling. In collaboration with the School of Wisdom, Ralph has composed and recorded three audio CDs of PrimaSounds music entitled: Life Tuning; Prima Sounds; and, GateKeeper. You can send him an email at but with all the spam on the Net these days he'll probably never see it to answer.

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