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Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum Bio-cosmology

This article first appeared in ‘Holistic Health’ in Winter 2003.

Quantum Bio-cosmology –The Science of Auras and

Chakras by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS

Part One – The Foundations of QBC

This is a pioneering, two-part series uniting physics and biology with ancient

mysticism. Its purpose is to help demystify some of the principles behind energy

medicine providing a scientific perspective for them. By doing this we may move

towards dissipating some of the fear towards energy medicine and enable further

integration in healthcare.

Introduction- The barriers to integration

As the discussion of integrated health care increases, we know that we are

reaching a turning point in the history of medicine. Public demand is increasing

for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to be integrated into the

National Health Service (NHS) alongside orthodox health care


. Gradually in

response to this demand, health service providers are becoming keener to oblige

or at least discuss the possibility.

So what’s the hold-up? Why is it that part of the medical orthodoxy still ridicules

CAM? There is evidence to suggest that many doctors are actually interested in

CAM and would like to know more about it



One of the sticking points may be that CAM therapies are often based on a

different worldview from the modern scientific worldview. CAM in their various

forms can incorporate traditional mystical ideas. These philosophies state that

the body consists of more than physical constituents and also has an associated

force often called ‘chi’. The word ‘energy’ is also widely used and many CAM

disciplines contain a reference to an energy system of the body within their


Discussion of the energy system of the body usually consists of:

Chakras – various energy centres in the body

Meridians – energy pathways in the body that are conduits for ‘chi’.

The aura – often interpreted as an energy field that can be detected at some

distance from the body.

For the purpose of this article we shall not discuss homeopathy or flower

essences, which are sometimes classified as energy medicines.

A lot of these therapies agree that a change in this energy body will have an

affect on the physical body. This is part of the strategy of therapies such as

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

acupuncture, aura cleansing and chakra balancing. By having a positive effect on

the energy body, the well-being and health of the patient is enhanced.

Implicit in this philosophy is that the energy body has an effect in creating and

sustaining the physical body. Much esoteric teaching on the subject contains this


Esoteric philosophies discussing non-physical elements in the human body are

not obviously compatible with orthodox medicine in the NHS. Although many

doctors may wish to have further integration of CAM into the NHS the philosophy

behind them may prove to be a barrier.

At present some CAM philosophies do not have much scientific basis. It is

important to distinguish between a discussion of the philosophies contained

within them and the discussion of their clinical efficacy.

Even with the most excellent randomised controlled trials and evidence base, this

philosophical barrier still stands in the way of full scientific acceptance. We are

slowly accumulating an evidence base with CAM and finding which therapies are

known to ‘work’ yet still the issue remains; can doctors subject patients to a

therapy based on a philosophy that has no apparent scientific basis?

We need to recognise this as a real ethical problem in the NHS and a barrier to

integration. It may be seen as unethical for a doctor who believes in a type of

philosophy that is not scientifically proven to provide this to their patients.

We only need to look at the case of Dr Michelle Langdon, a North London GP

who offered homeopathy to her patients alongside orthodox health care.

In the handling of the case by the General Medical Council (GMC), some focus

was placed on Dr Langdon having introducing personal beliefs into the

consultation with the mention of geopathic stress


. She was subsequently

suspended from the medical register. Whatever our opinion regarding the

handling of this case it raises awareness of the issue of a doctor’s personal

beliefs when dealing with their patients.

The GMC has indicated with this case that doctors must adhere to medical

systems within the medical, scientific orthodoxy. CAM philosophies may be seen

as out of this boundary and therefore part of the personal belief system of the

doctor. If a doctor practices or allows CAM to be administered to their patients,

the GMC could see this as introducing personal beliefs into patient care.

As long as there is no coherent science behind CAM philosophies, these

accusations could still stand. In order to further integration we need to take ideas

such as the existence of chakras out of ancient times and into the scientific age.

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

Electromagnetic Medicine, psychoneuroimmunology and their limitations

Some readers may protest that this has already been done with the science of

electromagnetic medicine. There have been many advances in this field

providing a much-needed scientific framework for energy medicine. What is

becoming apparent from experiment is that manipulation of the electromagnetic

field of and around the body causes changes in the physical body



Local manipulation of the body’s electromagnetic fields cannot be the entire

explanation behind energy medicine. Many healing modalities do not require any

local contact at all. Distant healing is a common part of a healer’s repertoire and

is usually taught in modalities such as Reiki.

A big factor in healing is the intent behind it. The mechanism of action of ‘good

intent’ is not incorporated into electromagnetic theories. Although research into

electromagnetic medicine is very valuable, anomalies such as these suggest that

it does not represent the full story.

In a similar way psychoneuroimmunology although an extremely useful modality

of science, cannot be a full explanation for all of the principles of energy medicine

because it does not contain a comprehensive explanation for distant healing, the

mechanism of intent, or the energy system of the body.

Energy medicine needs a more comprehensive scientific explanation. Unless this

happens there is a risk of holding back from full integration. This would ultimately

mean a loss to the patient and the choices available to them.

The unification of physics and biology

Part of the reason why electromagnetic medical research does not provide us

with a comprehensive explanation for all of the phenomena for energy medicine

lies in the fact that electromagnetism is only one of the forces of nature. We know

about three other forces in physics: the weak nuclear force, the strong force and

the force of gravity.

A full picture of nature and biology must incorporate all four forces. Theoretical

physics is currently engaged in the search to unite these forces in a theory of



. This theory of everything must also explain biological organisms and

not be limited to non-living matter to be truly a theory of everything. The

successes that are being made in physics must inform biology, as they are the

laws that govern biological matter as well as non-biological matter. We must look

to physics to give us a new biology.

In this series of two articles I shall put forward a new science of auras and

chakras that incorporates principles of quantum theory, relativity and cosmology

and relates them to biology. Hence the title:

Quantum Bio-cosmology


© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

Through this process we are able to gain an insight into how all matter is created,

including biological matter. We shall gain insights into the role of chakras, auras

and meridians from a scientific perspective thus relieving some of the fear about

these philosophies. With a scientific explanation for these phenomena, the

barriers to integration of CAM may be eased. We start by examining the reasons

for the current system.

The Newtonian View

As many people are aware, orthodox medicine grew out of the scientific view that

is known as ‘Newtonian’. According to this viewpoint the universe is a mechanical

machine made up of disconnected parts. This also applies to biological systems

and the body is seen as a machine. The brain, as part of the body is also seen as

a machine: almost like a computer. The human mind and consciousness are

hardly considered as a subject of scientific scrutiny. When science does consider

the human mind it is generally seen as an emergent phenomena of the brain.

The Introduction of Consciousness

Science has existed happily without a serious consideration of the consideration

of consciousness until the advent of quantum physics. In the early 20



subatomic particles were found to behave in an unexpected manner. They

behave as a wave or as a particle according to the way in which they are

measured. The very act of observing the particle determines some of its

characteristics. In order to perform the act of observation, the quality of

consciousness is required by the observer. It is said by physicists that

‘consciousness collapses the wave function’. Strange though it seemed to those

who discovered it, quantum physics introduced the idea that consciousness

interacts with our reality.

Consciousness as the fundamental

Some physicists such as Amit Goswami realised that this leaves us with a

paradox. If consciousness is the agent responsible for collapsing the wave into a

particle and if particles create atoms, which create matter, then what creates

consciousness? According to most neuroscience, the brain creates

consciousness. Yet the brain itself is made of matter. Goswami solves this

paradox by realising that consciousness is the ‘ground of all being’



Consciousness takes its place as the fundamental of reality and matter is an

emergent phenomenon from it. This is our first foundation principle of QBC.

In a way we can call consciousness our fifth force as any ‘theory of everything’

would not be possible without a description of why we can think of one in the first


© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

Combined with the concept of non-locality


gained from quantum physics we

now have a mechanism for distant healing – non-local consciousness. Placing

intent on a distant subject can effect changes in that subject. A full discussion of

non-locality is beyond the scope of this article but effectively means that particles

do not have to be in local vicinity in order to be connected.

Matter as frozen light

Another consequence of quantum physics is the concept of the zero point field

otherwise known as the Dirac sea, or the quantum vacuum. We are bathed in a

sea of particles of light: photons, which pop in and out of existence. Their fleeting

existence has earned them the name, ‘virtual particles’



They are still active in a vacuum and at zero-point temperature when all other

activity has ceased


What occurs at this field is that photons become particles of matter and

antimatter, which then annihilate each other and become photons again. This

cycle occurs continuously all around us. The effect of the field can be

demonstrated under certain circumstances; the field can cause metal plates to

move, a phenomenon known as Casimir forces



Figure 1: The photon- antimatter-matter cycle

Matter could be seen as just one half of light. By uniting with its partner, matter

becomes light again. Because these particles are in a constant dynamic with

each other, one could say that they are actually separate and together at the

same time depending on your perspective. When we view the world as being

made up of matter we only perceive one half of the full picture.

Dr John Demartini makes interesting use of this concept in his Quantum Collapse



. He relates this process of antimatter /matter creation and

annihilation to our emotional journeys in life. In life we usually see only one



particle of




particle of




© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

aspect of a situation that is bothering us. If we could see the other polarity that

exists in the situation we would unite the polarities and move the situation into

light and see the healed reality, which was present all the time.

Who has not seen in hindsight the reason and perfection in a difficult situation

which seemed terrible at the time? What is important in this process is it requires

a shift in our


. Consciousness therefore, is the driving factor in the

process. This can only happen if we see consciousness as fundamental of


Superstring theory and Hyperspace

Einstein’s quest up until the time he died was to unite the known forces in

physics into a theory of everything. Although this was something he did not

achieve, today’s physicists have taken up this quest. One of the aims is to unite

the laws of physics that govern the very small: quantum physics with the laws

that govern the very large: the theory of relativity.

One of the strongest contenders for this is Superstring theory or string theory.

String theory says that subatomic particles are made up of vibration. The

different frequencies of vibration make up the different particles that make matter.

There is a twist: the strings vibrate in a universe of many dimensions




We are used to a universe of three spatial dimensions where we can move up,

down backwards and forwards. Although our minds cannot conceive of a life in

other dimensions, the idea that the universe exists in many dimensions is

becoming very important in many areas of physics – not just in Superstring

theory. It is now thought that extra dimensions could be hiding the dark energy

and dark matter which makes up about 97% of the universe. Crucially there has

been a shift in thinking from believing these dimensions are so small as to not be

important in our universe to the idea that these dimensions may be just as rich as



Why is it that we cannot see these dimensions? This is because they are

vibrating too fast for us to perceive them in any way under normal circumstances.

As people are shifting in consciousness they actually change in vibrational

frequency. Evidence from EMG and other techniques show that changes in a

person’s spiritual awareness has a corresponding change in frequencies

obtained from such measurements


. Professor William Tiller speaks of

increasing ‘bandwidth’ of awareness where an increased range of frequency is

incorporated into a person’s spectrum of awareness



© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

When a person’s evolutionary journey brings their awareness into the higher

frequency ranges this makes it more likely that their awareness comes into

resonance with those of higher dimensions. In this way the person may gain

insights into higher dimensions. This experience may come in many forms – from

meditative insights to full-blown higher dimensional scenes, to channelling.

What is important is that changes in


are the key factor to making this

process possible. If consciousness were not fundamental this would make no

sense and hence multidimensional experiences of all types are seen as

impossible from the Newtonian viewpoint as this has no consideration of mind or


Conscious relativity

Why is it that we only normally perceive three spatial dimensions?

This is because we vibrate at frequencies that remain below what we know as

the speed of light. We all know that the speed of light is the cosmic speed limit.

This is a result of Einstein’s theory of relativity that says that nothing moves

faster than the speed of light. One of the ways he deduced this is by imagining

what it would be like if we tried to catch up with a photon. His conclusion was that

no matter how fast you travel you would never catch up with a photon.

This seems to be an absurd idea. We are used to catching up with objects when

we move faster towards them. Yet when we move towards a photon we always

see it move at the same speed no matter how fast we travel.

Yet light itself travels at the speed of light. Physicists on one hand agree that

photons do not have mass and that they exist outside of space and time. It

seems odd that we shall assign a speed to light when it does not have qualities

of space or time: the very qualities required to assign a speed.

Light existing at variable speed is an idea gaining ground in current physics since

the efforts of Joao Maguejio and others


. In fact many of the so-called constants

in physics are coming into question



I would like to suggest that light is not travelling at a speed at all in the way we

normally perceive it. The speed of light that we measure is actually a reflection of

the vibrational limit of our perceptions in our 3-dimensionsal world. Below this

limit we see the passage of time as a reality. Our moment to moment awareness

tells us that time is moving on. Beyond the speed of light this changes. A photon

is capable of escaping space-time.

In an interview with Robyn Williams done in 2000 prior to the release of his book,

Magueijo admits that in earlier versions of his Variable Speed of Light (VSL)

theory he found that light is infinite


. Yet he subsequently tailored the theory to

make it more accepted. If light itself is infinite maybe we perceive different

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

dimensions according to the underlying vibration it appears in. The different

vibrational states of light determine which dimension you find yourself in.

Just like fish in a pond where the surface of the water is the surface of their

world, the speed of light is the limitation of our 3-dimensional vibrational

consciousness. It takes a leap of consciousness to go beyond this limitation and

this is what mystics have done with their minds throughout the ages.

Again we can only come to this conclusion by making consciousness the

fundamental of reality.

So now we have some of the fundamental principles of QBC. In Part 2 we see

how these principles relate to the idea of auras and chakras.


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Quantum Bio-Cosmology – The Science of Auras and

Chakras by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS

Part Two- The Pathway from the Spirit

Although physics concerns itself with the non-living it actually studies the same

molecules and atoms which biological organisms are made from. It follows that

the rules of behaviour that govern the non-living must also govern living material.

So what can we gain from the study of the non-living universe with regards to

biological organisms? If universal laws are truly universal than the way in which

non-living matter is created should be the way in which biological matter is


Remarkably we know very little about why non-living matter should behave the

way it does. We do not know why planets form


. Why after the big bang did

matter organise itself into the structures that we see today? Why did the universe

not remain an amorphous mass?

The way in which planets and other non-living matter are formed will give us

crucial clues as to how biological organisms form.

In order to examine the link I wish to turn our attention to the subject of black


The Black Hole Story

This may be an unlikely place to start our search but the area of black hole

cosmology has undergone some radical changes in the past few years. Black

holes have captured the imagination of every science fiction buff. Who can forget

those dramatic scenes of space adventurers being trapped as they start their

relentless journey into a black hole, usually being saved at the last minute?

Until recently we were not even sure if such objects actually existed in space.

The ideas about black holes have evolved by input from various sources

including Einstein’s theory of relativity. Physicists postulated that if a star

contained a certain mass it would collapse to infinite density when it reached the

end of its life. Hence black holes were originally seen as the end point of stars.

The centre of a black hole has infinite density and gravity. This infinite point is

sometimes called a singularity. The infinite gravitational pull of the singularity is

what makes black holes the subject of science fiction stories. It was thought that

not even light can escape black holes: hence they are black.

Cambridge Scientist Stephen Hawking, author of best-selling book

A Brief

History of Time


, altered the dark reputation of black holes in the 1970’s. He

proposed that in order for a black hole to remain stable, it should emit weak

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

radiation. What was occurring at the edge of a black hole – the event horizon,

would look similar to the diagram in part one. A photon splits into particles of

matter and antimatter. The antimatter falls into the black hole and the matter falls

out. In this way Hawking proposed that black holes emit weak radiation. So black

holes are not so black after all.

The last three years have seen an even greater revolution in black hole

cosmology. Black holes have changed status from the focus of science fiction

fantasies to emerging as perhaps key players in creation of galaxies. In the last

few years, the signature signs of black holes have been frequently spotted with

the Hubble telescope finding evidence for black holes in over 20 nearby




It seems black holes are everywhere. In the words of Stephen Battersby in



‘ It is beginning to look as though all galaxies have a hole in their core’4


This does indeed present a conundrum. If we believe that black hole formation is

the end point of larger stars then how is it possible to find them at the centre of

each galaxy?

An explanation beginning to emerge is that black holes are actually responsible

for the creation of galaxies. The buzzword for this is co-evolution. It is admitted

that the picture is still sketchy but there is enough evidence there to show this

idea is worth pursuing



Does size matter?

Some of the signature signs of black holes mentioned earlier are quasars –

thought to be dying stars, huge amounts of gamma radiation, magnetic radiation,

very fast moving electrons and signs of gravitational pull such as bulging

galaxies. It is known that the black holes seem to be spinning and cause matter

around them to spin very fast too – in the form of an accretion disc. Large

amounts of dark matter are also found near the area. Although we cannot see

dark matter, the gravitational pull it exerts has an effect on matter that we do see.

One of the possible ideas emerging from cosmology is that dark matter shapes

matter into the forms that we see – the stars, planets and whole galaxies



Black holes are thought of as massive objects but new evidence seems to

indicate that they also come in much smaller sizes. Cosmologists have recently

found microquasars which are much smaller than quasars


. They still have black

holes associated with them – albeit less massive. The structure of a microquasar

is the same as the larger quasars. We can learn about black holes in general by

studying these smaller objects.

What we know occurs inside the microquasars is the same annihilation/creation

event between antimatter, matter and photons outlined in the diagram before.

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

It seems that black holes can come in even smaller sizes; some scientists are

even speaking of black hole atoms


. The French physicist, Jean Charon studied

this idea in the 1970’s and concluded that the principles of black holes were also

those of subatomic particles such as the electron


. The electron could be seen as

a tiny black hole. More recent times have seen some scientists even discussing

‘black holes kits’ to make in the lab


. So it seems that the black hole principle

can be seen in various sizes.

The Pathway from the Spirit

So far we have a few disparate facts about the observable behaviour of black

holes. We also have seen that the last few years have put black holes into a

creative role. Now is time to tie all this together into a pathway which charts the

journey of the creation of matter from non-matter: a pathway from the spirit. The

non-manifest region has traditionally been called the spiritual realm. We now see

how we can provide it with a scientific framework.

Inspiration from the Tiller model

Professor William Tiller of Stanford University proposed a useful and

groundbreaking model of the universe that helps us to do this


. He looked at

Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism and examined another solution to

these equations. Usually the solutions which involve the square root of a minus

number, such as


-1, had been ignored. Such numbers are known in

mathematics as imaginary numbers. It is still possible, however to use imaginary

numbers in mathematics.

Tiller also looked at Dirac’s equations. Paul Dirac was a British scientist who

predicted the existence of antimatter in the 1930’s, an achievement that won him

the Nobel Prize. His equations predicted the existence of negative energy states

or antimatter


. An example of antimatter is the positron: the antimatter particle

associated with the electron. We have already seen how when the two come

together they create light. Dirac’s prediction was later confirmed experimentally

and we now use antimatter in technology. Positron emission tomography (PET)

is a type of brain scanning which takes advantage of these effects.

Tiller proposed a model of the universe consisting of 3 spaces – the

undifferentiated mind space – one could call this out of space-time, the negative

space-time region and the positive space-time region. The negative space-time

region is that of antimatter, magnetoelectric radiation and antigravity. It is the

region of waves not particles, negative mass and negative entropy. Crucially it is

also the region of faster-than-the-speed-of-light vibration. The vibration rate in

which light moves in this region translates to a ‘speed’ of light. The rate in this

region is what we would call the speed of light squared or c



© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

The positive space-time region is the region we are familiar with. It is the world

we live in. It consists of matter, electromagnetic radiation and gravity. It is the

region of particles, positive mass and positive energy. It also exists in a zone

below the ‘speed’ of light at c.

What we see at the interface between the two regions is what is occurring in

quantum theory. The interface between the antimatter and matter regions is the

wave particle duality we see in quantum physics.

We can also see that this is why Einstein’s famous equation E=mc


works. When

a certain amount of matter crossed the boundary from our v=c region to the c


region of energy the matter will be converted to energy and will have inherent

vibration speed of that region which is c


just as in our region the inherent

frequency is c.




The reason we cannot normally see this faster-than-light region is that it is

vibrating too fast for us to perceive. When a positron is created in particle

accelerator it exists for a fleeting moment before disappearing. It becomes too

fast for us to detect as it crosses into the region of negative space-time. This also

could be the reason we unable to find any neutrino particles with a right handed

spin, only left hand


. They exist too fast for us to see or measure.

It is as if there is a mirror image, looking-glass world right next to ours



This could also be the region known as dark matter. It is dark simply because it is

vibrating too fast for us to perceive and exists in negative space-time. Dark

matter is also thought to be the shaping force behind galaxies.

Region of point

particles with an

inherent speed of

Region of vibration

an inherent

speed of c


Figure 2

Diagram shows two zones: positive space-time and negative space-time. Where the

two zones interface is the mechanism of manifestation and the reason why particles

behave both as a wave and as a particle. As matter is converted back into energy it

takes on the inherent vibration speed of c


. Hence the energy released by this

procedure is c

2 as described by Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2



© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

So to summarise: there is a mirror world that exists next to ours but with negative

space-time and negative mass, vibrating too fast for us to perceive with a role in

shaping our world. We are now ready to piece together our pathway of creation.

The Black hole principle

The infinity state exists at the centre of black holes. This is known as the

singularity but really it is an unknowable state – the ‘mind of God’ which we can

never fully conceptualise with our own minds. By its very nature we can never

define infinity. It is the undifferentiated source of all. It is at the centre of black

holes but we cannot perceive it normally as it is out of space-time.

When we move our awareness to become out of space-time, as in states of

meditation when the moment-to moment awareness is stilled, we catch a glimpse

of this region. This is the transcendent experience.

For reasons unknown to us at present, this undifferentiated state begins to ‘slow

down’. As it slows down it spirals. This spiral is in the form known as the

Fibonacci series which is the hallmark of natural patterns. It is the spiral

formation that is seen in snail shells. It is a mathematical sequence which is used

by nature not only in spirals but also in the formation of objects such as leaves.

As light spirals and slows down it enters the vibration of the regions of both

negative space-time and c


and positive space-time and c. In this way antimatter

and matter is created. We see this process occurring around the black hole. It

was this that Stephen Hawking predicted happening at the event horizon. The

event horizon and inwards represents the area of the black hole that we can no

longer perceive because it is too fast. The antimatter region is dark matter found

around black holes. It is also responsible for the magnetic fields present around a

black hole. It is too fast for us to see because it is in the realm of c


hence we

know it as dark matter. It is a creative force and shapes the matter region through

gravitational influences.

What we


see arising from the region of black holes are very fast emissions of

electrons which are travelling at 95% of the speed of light


. They are travelling so

fast because they are at the boundary between what we can perceive and what

we cannot. These electrons still have to slow down into speeds normally

encountered in our realm.

These jets of matter that are created go into making the galaxies. The antimatter

regions shape them. We see that antimatter and antigravity slightly ‘win out’ in

our universe in that the universe is not only expanding but is also accelerating in

its expansion


. It appears to be blowing apart under the influence of antigravity.

This ‘winning out’ of antigravity associated with dark matter is a motif that runs

throughout all levels of the universe. It is the region that shapes matter: a mirror

of our universe existing in a negative space-time region.

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

We cannot measure it conventionally as our instruments are in the positive

space-time region.

The diagram shows the motif of the black hole. This is the pathway from the spirit

– the way that matter is created form the spirit realms: it come out of black holes.


The creation of atoms using the black hole principle

Earlier we discussed how black holes are now seen in different sizes; they can

be smaller than that previously supposed. We even have seen how the idea is

arising in science that black holes are in us – that the interior of the atom and of

subatomic particles is like a black hole. Charon is vocal on this idea. He says that

the electron has within its interior a region that is infinity: that exists out of spacetime



This is the undifferentiated area of space that Tiller refers to. The same pattern

that occurs in black holes happens at the level of the atom. The atom is also a

black hole as are the subatomic particles within. The universe is made up of a

spinning fractal pattern of light spinning from the light of infinity into all the forces

of the universe, matter and antimatter. The forces created are reflections of the



positron electron

Slowing of light from Infinity at

centre of black holes

At event


Figure 3

The movement from infinite, undifferentiated light from the singularity

inside a black hole. This region exists outside space-time and slows as it

moves in a spiral motion to the zone of c


and c within space-time. The

movement creates the gravitational forces.

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same source but how we see them behave depends on what level and speed

zone we are looking at.

The electron has a region within it that is outside of space-time. It is infinite light.

As the light slows it spins. As it spins it creates the forces of electromagnetism,

the weak and the strong force. These forces come from the same source as

gravity but occurring at a different stage in the step-down spiral process from

infinite light. It is all part of this infinite fractal, process: the motif recurs

throughout the universe and this is the way in which the universe is created and

co-created at the level of the large to the level of the very small.

John Milewski, an engineer in New Mexico named this process as ‘one source,

one force’ and refers to the light appearing from black holes as ‘superlight’


. It is

the movement of this infinite light as it spins from infinity into our perceivable

worlds that creates gravity and all the other forces.

The idea that the electron contains both matter and antimatter regions is not new.

Dirac said that the electron leaves a negative energy hole in the lower energy

levels: a positron. Bruce Cathie postulates that the electron does not leap from

quanta to quanta of energy inside the atom but is in fact cycling through positive

space-time and negative space-time


. We cannot perceive the electron in the

negative space-time region and we believe it simply appears in a higher energy


The creation of matter and antimatter is occurring at the level of the atomic and

subatomic as well as in black holes. The gravity and anti-gravity that they create

from the spinning movement of infinite light into matter and antimatter are the

forces we see as the subatomic forces. The spins of the various particles are a

reflection of light being caught at a certain angle along its spin.

It may be the slight ‘winning out’ of antigravity at the subatomic level that stops

electrons from collapsing into a positive nucleus and keeps them in orbit.

The creation of the planets using the black hole principle

Planets are created in the same way. The sun of our solar system contains a

black hole of infinite light. We experience the sun to have more gravity because it

has a larger central black hole. The sun then creates gravity and antigravity

through the movement of light as the light slows from the infinite source. This

gravity keeps the planets of our solar system in orbit around it but is in a dynamic

balance with antigravity.

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It is interesting to note that the position of the planets around the sun follow a

certain pattern. If the distance of mercury from the sun is taken as one unit then

the planets of our solar system follow a certain pattern known as the golden

mean ratio derived from the Fibonacci series


. This supports the idea that the

spinning movement of the light follows the same pattern inherent in nature.

The relationship of the moon to the Earth follows this pattern too. In fact it is the

fact that the moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than the sun but also 400

times smaller sun that makes total solar eclipses possible.

It has also noted by NASA scientists that single-celled moss plants grow in a

spiral pattern on space missions. These gravity sensitive plants are reflecting the

shape of the spiral movement of light as it slows and creates the force of




Forces of gravity and


Figure 4

The same pattern is repeated by both planetary objects and by subatomic particles.

As infinite light slows into positive space-time and negative space-time it creates

the forces of antigravity and gravity. At the level of the planets this holds the planets

in orbit around each other and the sun. At the level of the atom this creates the

atomic forces and holds the subatomic particles in suspension.

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Creating the Earth

The planets including the Earth also carry on this process. The centre of the

Earth is a black hole of infinite light. The spinning movement of the Earth occurs

as the light moves into positive and negative space-time. The physical Earth is

thus created and then shaped by the antimatter region.

Certain vortices exist on the earth


. Some claim to know where these sites are.

Some of the ancient sacred sites are said to be located on these vortices. The

Bermuda triangle has been suggested as a vortex. Some suggest that the

disappearance of airplanes at this site is due to the effects of antigravity and that

objects no longer remain anchored to the Earth by gravity.

These vortices, which may include the North and South poles, are reflections of

the same pattern yet again – the spinning centres of creation. They create the

electromagnetic forces and weather systems that are well documented as being

associated with the Earth. The forces are transmitted as a grid that we see as ley


We see the same stamp of creation occurring like a fractal from the level of the

universe, to the galaxies, to the stars, the planets, the moon and at the level of

the atom.

We are fractals of the universal mind

If this is the way in which matter is created then it must be the way in which

biological matter is created also. Our bodies are also created by centres of

spinning light. This applies not only at the level of the atom: most healers who

work with chakras will tell you that chakras are spinning centres in the body.

According to tradition, the chakras create the various structures of the body. It is

known in esoteric tradition that there are seven chakras. In Hindu tradition these

chakras contain varying numbers of petals. Modern techniques have found

different frequencies associated with these areas which may have been what the

ancient Hindus were expressing.

Just like black holes, chakras contain within them the infinite light source. As the

light slows and spins it creates the matter and antimatter regions of the body.

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The antimatter region constitutes the aura. The aura shapes the physical body

just as dark matter shapes the galaxies. It is the negative space-time region and

is vibrating at speeds of greater than c hence normally hidden from us. The work

of Harold Saxton burr showed us that an electrical axis found in a salamander is

present around the egg


Burr was possibly measuring the

electromagnetic consequences of the negative space-time field. Hence the field

of the salamander was present in reverse order before the salamander was even


The region of the aura or antimatter region of the body is usually perceived only

by mystics who have practised to be sensitive to higher speeds of light and by

young children



It is not possible to measure the aura, directly because our instruments do not

measure negative space-time regions and exist instead in positive space-time.

Hence the confusion as to whether or not these aspects of the body exist.



antimatter matter

At edge of

What occurs at a chakra chakra

Figure 5

The movement from infinite light into the matter and antimatter regions

occurs in chakras too. Each chakra also contains a region exists outside

space-time which slows as it moves in a spiral motion to the zone of c


and c

within space-time. The matter created by this process maintains the physical

body and the antimatter - the aura.

© 2003 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. All rights reserved

At the boundary of the chakra just as in the black hole, electrons are given out

which maintain the body’s matter region. This electromagnetic radiation is faint

as it is still very fast moving but has been picked by researchers such as Valerie

Hunt as piezo electric fields around the chakras



These are small currents at the chakra sites. It is possible that these currents are

faint only because they are at higher frequencies then we are used to perceiving

easily or picking up with our lower frequency instruments. Hunt herself believes

her readings are a lower harmonic of a higher vibrational process.


Although this article contains new and radical ideas in cosmology there is enough

information available to catch a glimpses of a pattern of creation which runs

throughout all structures of the universe. The principles that create matter in the

universe are being revealed. To be truly scientific, these principles should also be

behind the creation of biological matter.

It should be seen from this article that positive space-time practices of clinical

trials are not wholly appropriate to energy medicine. Energy medicine needs to

be understood in a wider scientific framework.

It is hoped that QBC is a step forward to providing this framework. The author

hopes that QBC may go some way towards alleviating the fears of energy

medicine and the beliefs that these practices are unscientific. In this way greater

integration of CAM may be achieved with orthodox medicine.


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