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Crystal Healing: Choosing Crystals

Crystal Healing: Choosing Crystals

How to Choose a Crystal for Healing

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Crystals Come in Many Shapes and Sizes, Louise Heyden
Learn how to choose crystals for healing according to energy, shape, colour and purpose.

Crystals have been used in healing for centuries. From a simple headache cure to a strengthening elixir, crystals can bring harmony, health, balance and even prosperity. Different crystals have different energies, and come in all shapes and sizes, which can be confusing when trying to choose crystals for the first time.

Spending time browsing a well stocked, friendly crystal retailer is the first step in finding appropriate crystals to use.

Crystal Energy

The best way to decide whether a crystal is right for you is to “feel” its energy. Hold the crystal in your energy receptive hand (usually the left) and take note of how the crystal makes you feel. Do you feel a pleasant tingling sensation? Does the energy feel light and happy, or dense and unpleasant? Pick crystals that feel right for you and give off high vibrational energy.

Use Your Intuition

A crystal that is meant for you will often make itself known, perhaps by catching your eye above all the others, or giving you a sense of “knowing” when you hold it.

What is the Purpose of Your Crystal?

The way in which you intend to use your crystal will have bearing on the type and shape of crystal you buy. Here are a few starting points.

Crystal Shapes

Crystals come in many forms. Pick according to what you want to use the crystal for. Use a small tumblestone if you are going to be putting the crystal on the forehead or carrying it around with you. For focused healing, choose a larger crystal with a point. If the crystal is going to be held a lot, a palm stone shape might be most suitable.

Crystals in Chakra Healing

If you are using the crystals to balance the chakras, then colour is important. Each chakra is represented by a particular colour and crystals are chosen accordingly – red for the base chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, blue for the throat chakra, indigo for the third-eye chakra, and white or purple for the crown chakra.

The Properties of Crystals

If you wish to use the crystal for a specific healing purpose, then you will need to research the properties of different crystals. Invest in (or loan) a good encyclopaedia of crystals, which contains clear pictures and lists the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual properties of each stone.

Crystals each have different energies, which can help heal on different levels. Most will have multiple uses, and can range from cures for headaches, arthritis, procrastination or depression, to insomnia, lack of abundance, or attuning to the higher realms of Spirit.

Crystals in the Home

Crystals can also be placed around the home, to increase vibrational frequency and clear away negative energy. For this purpose, you would need to buy larger stones, possibly in their rougher, natural form. Again, research the different properties and make your selection accordingly.

Looking after Crystals

Once you have chosen your crystal, remember to cleanse it to remove any “stuck” energy, and continue to cleanse regularly, ideally after every use. Dedicate your crystal to its intended purpose, and keep it dirt free.

Crystal healing can be used to heal the body’s subtle energies, thus increasing the person’s ability to self-heal. The soothing, restorative and balancing properties of crystals bring harmony and clarity to both body and mind.

Always remember, however, that alternative therapies such as crystal healing are not a substitute for proper medical care in the case of serious illness or injury.

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Why Energy Work? When Physical Therapies, Psychotherapy, and Nutrition fall short...

Why Energy Work?

When Physical Therapies, Psychotherapy, and Nutrition fall short...

© Victoria Anisman-Reiner

Hand of Light, jamsheed at
What do therapies like Energy Medicine, Brain Gym, reiki, dowsing, chakra healing or Touch for Health have to offer that makes them so worthwhile?

Energy healing is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, from well-known types like reiki and acupuncture to the less-known dowsing, chakra healing, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology. But despite the mounting evidence both clinical and testimonial that energy techniques work, most medical professionals remain skeptical of their value, even in alternative communities. In a “scientific” world which doubts the reasoning behind how energy work works, why are healing tools that balance our subtle energies even necessary?

Most holistic practitioners have trained in dozens of techniques that they can draw on to help patients. From herbal and homeopathic remedies to the often miraculous results of nutritional counseling, to every type of massage and structural corrections, we have many tools to stabilize the body and encourage healing. With so much to offer, energy work might seem redundant at best or, at worst, a foolish indulgence.

There are times, however, when energy work can provide an opportunity for healing that would have been impossible or unbelievably difficult with more conventional treatments.

1. Terminal cases; when nothing else works.

We’ve all heard of those extraordinary cases in which a cancer patient or an accident victim is told that their situation is hopeless - and then survives thanks to the power of heartfelt prayer or the intervention of a medicine man or energy healer.

Doctors may dismiss these success stories as “spontaneous remission,” but, to energy healers, it seems even more unlikely that a serious disease such as cancer, MS, or fibromyalgia would go into remission without any cause than it is that energy work can return sick people to a state of health. Sometimes, the power of our minds and our energy is all that it takes to heal, when nothing else will do.

2. Illness caused by deep-seated trauma or family/genetic problems.

For those who believe that physical symptoms often have an emotional component or cause, it is a small step to a position supporting ways of healing that address both body and mind. Energy work techniques are especially efficient at reaching and healing buried emotional dis-ease - in some cases, relieving pain from trauma that is years or even generations old. Family trauma, passed down from parents to children, is the focus of many aspects of energy healing work.

Some healers believe that any trauma that is buried instead of dealt with becomes incorporated into our DNA. We can heal harmful pieces of hereditary genetic “programming” using energy work.

3. A simpler alternative to years of physio- or psychotherapy.

Some problems can be treated effectively with conventional tools - but not as efficiently or easily as might be done using energy techniques. Energy work can make repair after injury or trauma simpler and easier, and is an alternative to suffering through the healing process.

In many cases, a couple of Energy Medicine sessions will release back and neck tension that could require years of chiropractic and massage treatment to fully heal.

Energy psychology can help shift emotional patterns of self-sabotage and denial that one might spend years exploring with only conventional talk therapy.

Massage, chiropractics, and psychology are each responsible for amazing healing work. Each of these approaches, however, can be enhanced and complimented by elements of energy work.

4. Something we can all do for ourselves.

A big part of the popularity of energy healing modalities is certainly due to the ease with which anyone can learn enough to help themselves, their friends and their family to feel better with simple energy tools.

It is possible to take an introductory course and begin using the techniques at home immediately to pick up your energy and your mood, to help your spouse sleep better, your father’s sore knees hurt less, or your children get better grades in their least favorite classes. Energy work can be used to shift emotional and physical problems that seem stuck, in unprecedented ways, and although some people “take” to energy work more easily than others, almost anyone can learn to do it.

What are Chakras Major Ayurvedic Energy Centers of the Body

What are Chakras?

Major Ayurvedic Energy Centers of the Body

© Victoria Anisman-Reiner

seven chakras colours, unknown
The seven major chakras at the midline of the body connect with our physical organs and systems as well as our emotions, family, past lives and our beliefs.

Chakra is the most common term for the energy centers that occur along the midline of the body, within the auric field. Sometimes visualized as spinning wheels or vortices of light and colour, chakras are centers of energy that relate to each of our body’s systems and organs. According to ancient vedic tradition, there are seven primary chakras, although modern healers and new age systems may discuss more or less than seven. Each chakra corresponds to a different area of the body and an aspect of the psyche. Physical and psychological problems are thought to show up in a person’s chakras and energy field long before symptoms are noticeable.

Chakras have no physical structure. They are part of the body’s subtle energy system and do not have a physical representation or a fixed location - they can shift around within the body. A chakra may relocate by several inches or more as a result of surgery, trauma, or mental or emotional abuse. It might simply be a difference in their "energy anatomy” that places the chakras in slightly different locations in different people. The usual locations are within the body, in a straight line which runs from the “root chakra,” at the base of the spine/between the legs, to the “crown chakra” at the top of your head.

Chakras are often listed by their colour and frequency or energy vibration, although these, too, are generalizations rather than hard and fast rules. The colour of a chakra will vary with the health, awareness, and character of an individual. Chakras are sensitive to energy work and to healing “ingredients” like essential oils, crystals, sound healing, energy work and homeopathic remedies.

The lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) correspond to our physical body and our “lower impulses,” while the upper chakras (throat, brow, and crown) relate to communication, vision and foresight, our intuition, and the connection with spirituality and divinity. The heart chakra is the symbolic bridge between the two. It is believed that past life memories and the impact of our past lives can lodge in any of these energy centers, and affect the health of the chakra and the health of our bodies.

Some healers teach that the lower chakras along the spine are “less spiritual.” In this approach, the higher chakras are thought to be more worthy and are more highly esteemed. Placing a value judgment on parts of the energy field, however, seems to push us away from full integration with who we are as human beings: living, breathing, spiritual and physical beings with bodies as well as hearts and minds. All of these aspects of our existence are equally important to our health and to completely knowing ourselves. The upper chakras are no more important than the lower ones. Is your arm worth more than your foot? Both are valuable; they’re simply different.

The seven major chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Click here for details on each of these chakras!

For more on emotional clearing, see Feelings and the Chakras.

Energy Healing And Its Relationship With The Human Energy Fields

Energy Healing And Its Relationship With The Human Energy Field

The laying on of hands, also known as energy healing, energy therapy, bio-energy therapy, bio-field therapy and energy work, promotes healing by enhancing the energy flow and correcting disturbances in the human aura that surrounds the body. This improvement of the flow of aura's energy supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

The laying on of hands is an old healing modality that is making its way back into our lives in a revival of ancient understandings. All around the world people is learning how to sense energy, move their energy and they are rediscovering energy healing therapies.

The application of energy fields for healing, implies the generation of a magnetic field strong enough to produce changes in the body without harming it, and that field should be refined enough to treat specific illness, because treating the aura with a large frequency spectrum is not enough.

Vibration healing or the laying on of hands can restore people to a state of health and harmony in four planes:

* Physically
* Mentally
* Emotionally
* And spiritually

Is there any other kind of healing?

No there is not! Everything that exists is energy, so every healing involves energy although most healing methods are only focused on the physical level.

Energy healing works over the energetic level of our being, and from there it influences the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual level.

Energy healing is then a holistic healing method, because it addresses the energy of which the body mind and emotions are composed, complementing and supporting the other healing methods.

The vibration healers treat people by using pure energy that affects the energetic system acting as a type of wave-guide to redirect or realign the affected subtle energies.

Energy healing and energy medicine

Energy healing works through the laying on of hands, and is only part of a wider field called Energy Medicine that uses crystals, herbs, sound or mind control.

All of them work over vibratory patterns which influence the energetic patters at work in the physiology

Some healers like to employ crystals or other tools to produce energy healing, but energy healing if more often produced by the interaction of the healee with the healer in the energetic level. (Excellent references on energy medicine are Richard Gerber's Vibration Medicine and James Oschman's Energy Medicine.)

The human energy fields

The physical body that we see in a mirror is not the only one that we have; we also have an energy field that surrounds us named The Aura. The physical body is our most dense expression of energy, and we also have many other bodies sometimes called the subtle bodies

There are many different descriptions of our aura, but most of them describe it as having different layers.

There are also other important energy centers named the chakras where important exchanges of energy take place and that are also influenced by the energy healing.

What science says about energy healing

On the western civilization knowledge is acquired through the "trial and error method" or the "scientific method" but this is not the only way of gaining knowledge or maybe I should say that the "scientific method" only gains knowledge through the information that our senses provide us, but there are other ways of gaining knowledge that eastern civilization believe to be equally valid.

"Scientific method" can only prove what we can perceive through one or more of our five senses ("seeing is believing" we say), but there are those who are able to perceive through higher sense perception

But it has also being found that the observer affects the object of observation through the act of observing, so there must be something that happens in some other kind of energy field that our scientific do not accept as real by now.

And modern science is making every day discoveries about new healing methods that are consistent with the idea of influencing the human energy field with other energies (sound, heat, etc.)

Undoubtedly very few scientists will accept the idea of energy healing, but there are beginning to be some researches that indicate that healing does have an effect. Herewith I will mention only one, but you can read about the others below in the References.

A scientific experiment

The following experiment proved that therapists practicing non-contact healing methods are able to induce significant changes in the energy field of blindfolded test subjects.

An individual was isolated behind a divider and a conductivity (or Kirlian) image was taken of his finger.

The practitioner drew a card on which the word "brighter" was written (he was the only one in the room to see the card), then he proceeded to move his hands around the test subject without touching him, in attempt to make the conductivity image of the test subject brighter

Then another image was taken after 3 minutes of attempting to increase conductivity.

The photos clearly indicated that the practitioner successfully increased the energy when he attempted to do it, and then decreased the brightness of the test subject conductivity without touching him when he was instructed to do so.

The brighter and smoother images observed after the experiment not only indicated that the test subject's energy changed, but also that an effective therapy was administered.

NOTE: If you want more information about this experiment you can find it at the CHI Institute (look on the web for chiexplorer

What does the science know about the human body's energy fields?

These energy fields are quite measurable and there is strong evidence that known biophysical mechanisms can account for the observed phenomena.

All of us know that the human body has some electric fields that can be measured with techniques as EMG, EEG and EKG, ant that electrical signals are produced and received by the body.

In 1963 at Syracuce University it was also reported the first measurement of the magnetic field of the human heart, and in 1971 a superconducting magnetometer named SQUID was used to measure the Brain's magnetic field.

In 1991 Seto and colleagues measured the magnetic field between the hands of healers and was established to be less than 1% or the heart's magnetic field. And if the heart magnetic field can regulate biological functions it is certainly feasible that the magnetic field coming out from the hands of the healers might also influence biological functions.

In 1989 Del Guiudice verified the existence of the Josephson junction, a superconducting semiconductor present in the living tissue

In 1993 McCraty discovered that the DNA acts as a superconducting magnetic field detector, able through the Hall Effect to detect and produce magnetic signals, and to act as a signal amplifier.

Thus the modern science has discovered many mechanisms by which it is possible for healers to produce magnetic and electric healing energy to influence the patients. (Those who want more information about this matter can read "The Scientific Basis of Energy Medicine" written by James L. Oschman in 1998)

What does the healee feel?

After an energy healing session, the healer can experience significant and substantial shifts in mind, body and spirit.

He can either experience a reduction or elimination of the symptoms, or a sense of love, acceptance and deep letting go.


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Aromatherapy for Energy

Aromatherapy for Energy

Aromatherapy utilises the essential oils of plants and trees. These oils deliver a distinctly unique source of energy, both physical and spiritual. You could say that cars too evolve from different components, and acceleration or speed is the energy created as the end result. By contrast, essential oils are so much more. They are a living intelligence emanating from within the aromatic plant. That is why some essential oils can be described as fresh and lively or warm and earthy. Such is the comparison of manmade verses nature.

The physical side of Aromatherapy as energy medicine is the breaking down of these so called components of essential oils (their chemistry, biophysics etc) into antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral to name just a few physical actions. On the other hand Spiritual or subtle energy is present in all organic life. It flows through us all and is also known among other names as qi or chi (Chinese) or as prana (Sanskrit) the lifeforce that emanates from all living things. So too the uniquely delicate energy captured within the essential oils such as rose or neroli reminds us of gentle love and the beauty that abounds not only in nature but also within ourselves. This subtle energy vibrates at the souls level wrapping us in the wings of an angel.

So when we use essential oils in everyday life, either through inhalation for a cold or in a carrier oil for a relaxing massage or simply diffusing the oils a distinctly different energy is created within our being. Each essential oil is a holistic creation that has the intelligence capable of influencing us on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. When using essential oils harmonically our life force has the subtle potential to transform dynamically.

The following oils will naturally harmonize and enhance each other. Neroli (orange blossom) with it's delicate and sophisticated scent calms the nerves and uplifts the Spirit. It is a sensual oil that is both soothing for negative emotions and harmoniously grounding. Orange (fruit) is a sweet, warm and joyful oil. It conveys an easy-going approach for the obsessive perfectionist types. Lastly, Petitgrain (stem) is bitter and herbaceous instilling comfort and settling emotions. The Reunited Essential Oil Blend is uplifting for both young and old!

Flowing Energy Into 3d

Flowing Energy Into 3d

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Sitting, writing this, I am entirely aware that who and what is writing this, is really a consciousness that is manipulating energy into form. A being beyond a body, beyond being human, whose essence is pure vibration, but a conscious vibration. Vibration is everything, but when it is conscious, it can be used to create anything.

Everything is simply an expression of more or less energy: dense energy, subtle energy: the greater the density; the greater the mass. The world we live in is three-dimensional; it has a lot of dense energy. Dimensions are levels of energetic densities, or more accurately concentrations of energy flow. So, when we wish to create something in 3D, we simply need to flow energy in a specific and intended way.

All things are created by flowing energy and energy flows into form according to its vibration. Absolutely everything has its own unique vibration, its own energetic frequency. Energy moves in waves, this is its vibration, the frequency and intensity of its highs and lows.

By watching the sea, it is easy to see that the big high waves are more powerful than the small lapping waves. They have gathered force over time, rolling in from far out to sea, gaining momentum and height. This is the same for vibration. The more intense the vibration, the more attracting power it has to pull energy of the same vibration to it. When it is able to do this, it gains momentum, its energy builds, and when it becomes dense enough, it will eventually express itself in 3D form.

As 3D beings we are most skilled at flowing energy into 3D form. It is what we do all the time. We can't help it, it is the way we relate to our world, and how we experience and understand it. Our thoughts are in imaginative 3D, and for every thought, imagining, dream and feeling we have, we are emitting a 3D vibration. We are flowing energy according to our conscious and unconscious thinking.

Few realise this, most believe that events and circumstances of life are a result of happenstance. But nothing comes from nothing, and the circumstances of a person's life is only ever a vibration match to energy previously flowed through certain thoughts and feelings that have gained momentum over time. To change the circumstances, one need only develop a way to consistently change and maintain their conscious and unconscious thinking, allowing it to gain momentum overtime, knowing in time the focus of their thoughts and feelings will appear.

For more information please visit:

Subtles Systems and Energies Research Center

Centro Ricerche Energie e Sistemi Sottili

Subtles Systems and Energies Research Center

Energy currents and networks. The planet is continually bombarded by a great quantity of energy, both dense and subtle, of either a natural or artificial nature. Let us begin by examining the natural subtle energies emitted by the planet or coming from the cosmos. The Earth's energy structure makes it, in many ways, very like a living organism. The ancients knew and respected the planet's energy nature and built their cities, monuments and dwellings accordingly.

Roman towns were founded around beneficent energy lines. The Romans' knowledge in this field appears to originate further back, from the Etruscans, and perhaps from even earlier.

There is a major planet-wide circulation of atmospheric, telluric and solar currents. There are at least four great planetary currents, flowing as follows:
1. An atmospheric current, flowing from north to south;
2. A second atmospheric current, flowing from east to west;
3. A solar current, flowing from the sun to the earth;
4. A planetary current, flowing from the earth's centre to the surface.

The Earth, moreover, generates numerous energy "networks", to which scholars of geobiology (the science that studies the relationship between these energies and living organisms) have given many names. The best known networks are those of Dr. Hartmann and Dr. Curry, but there are probably others too.

Each network consists of "walls" of dense and subtle energies, many miles high, which are usually quite regular. Their regularity is disturbed however when they cross modern reinforced concrete buildings. The distance between one wall and another varies, according to the network and the material they cross.

On the ground, two walls may be two or more yards apart. In a modern building, the networks are as a rule deformed by the reinforcing rods, and the distance between its walls may be greater or lesser than on the ground.

The crossing of two walls is called a "node". The thickness of the walls and hence the width of the nodes, varies in the open countryside between 8 and 20 inches. In a modern building however, the nodes are amplified by the reinforced concrete structure and, from a certain floor upwards, are so big that they cover the entire apartment.

Nodes can be very dangerous. Many experiments and exhaustive statistics show that the nodes, especially if concomitant with other geopathies, may be highly dangerous for health, to the extent that some scholars speak of "cancer nodes".

Sleeping with a node beneath the bed may, after a time, lead to stress, irritability, hypertension and other psychophysical disorders. In the figure, the nodes of two networks coincide and determine a geopathic situation, which is potentially very dangerous.

A watertable is an underground watercourse, even if it has a lower flow rate. The figure shows a house built over a watertable. The conditions created by a watertable may vary greatly. Sometimes, the watertable is a concomitant cause of allergy, asthma, chronic tiredness, anaemia, etc. If the water below the house carries the energy of certain minerals encountered upstream, its effects on the organism may also cause anxiety, irritability, hypertension, and so on.

Another case is that of a watertable crossing a cemetery upstream. Another equally dangerous situation is when underground water carried the subtle vibrations of minerals of decomposition (as in the case of dumps). Indeed, the congestions created by decomposition are able to give rise to highly unpleasant symptoms.

Natural Radon and Radioactivity. In the United States, it has been calculated that radon kills 14,000 persons every year. What is radon? It is an odourless radioactive gas produced by uranium, which, when breathed, can cause lung cancer. Also in the U.S., radon is considered to be the second cause of lung cancer after smoking.

A smoker with radon in the home is still more susceptible to cancer. Radon comes from uranium decaying in the ground, in stone and in the air, and can contaminate the air in a building, the soil and vegetation, as also water in wells and springs. Radon particularly invades cellars and lower floors, but, being a gas, it can slowly invade the whole house, even several floors high. It often rises to the surface through fissures and faults, sometimes from an underground cave. The radon risk covers almost all regions and would necessitate a nationwide campaign to safeguard the population.

Fortunately, this invisible enemy can be easily monitored with the proper instruments. Can subtle transmutation tools be of any use? The answer is that they can, so long as you also insulate floors, pipes and whatever else the specialists may advise you to do.

Geological faults are fissures in rock masses, causing movements in geological strata. Faults may be major or very small, but they all give rise to heavy energy radiation. When underground water, nodes or other geopathies cross a fault, they are capable of causing powerful and potentially dangerous radiation.

Ground Energy Lines (Ley Lines). The planet is furrowed by innumerable energy lines, some of which are beneficial and other dangerous to health. The ancients (the Romans, for example) were well aware of these realities are built their towns and dwellings in consideration of such lines. It is therefore important to check that the house is built on a positive line, since if it is located on a negative one, its inhabitants will sooner or later feel the effects.



The Vogel-cut® Crystal
(excerpted from the forthcoming book Crystals, Love, and the Matrix of Consciousness: The Legacy of Marcel Vogel) by Rumi Da)

A natural crystal from the earth demonstrates the capacity for information storage, amplification, and transfer, but it is unable to cohere that energy. Coherence, the transfer of a single frequency or narrow band spectrum energy, is an important factor if the energy or information is to be stored or transferred while maintaining its integrity.

Of equal importance is the fact that no two unfaceted crystals are the same and therefore they are incapable of producing the same precise effects. In the process of creating a meaningful technology it is important that the results obtained are able to be replicated by anyone with adequate skill and training. With the use of unfaceted crystals, these results are similar, but not the same. It is necessary to facet crystals into a precise geometric form in order for them to manifest their greatest potential.

When quartz grows within the earth it must accommodate its growing environment and usually accretes to it many undesirable secondary vibrations. Physical manifestations of this might be a distorted geometric form, cracks, crevices, multiple secondary crystals growing on the surface of the primary crystal, and so on. Although often aesthetically appealing this creates what might be thought of as a low signal to noise ratio. Once this “noise” or the unwanted secondary vibrations are removed there is a high signal to noise ratio or a clear, clean signal. This is accomplished through the correct and conscious faceting of the crystal. A precise, correct and conscious faceting of a quartz crystal allows it to become a precision tool for healing and meditation work.

Rubies, for example, are faceted to make them useful for laser applications. Aluminum oxide chromium, ruby, is a rather unimpressive stone until it is faceted into a cylinder with Brewster windows so that light can be pumped into it and reflected internally so as to produce a coherent light - a laser. The rubies used in this technology are synthetic primarily because of cost and the ability to control the purity of the crystal.

The first shape created by Dr. Marcel Vogel was a four sided bi-pyramidal form.
In 1974, the pattern for the crystal came to him intuitively, in dream, without any conscious understanding of the energetics of the form. It took one year of hard work in the glass shop at IBM for the crystal to be given shape. Unknowingly Marcel had created a form that was of the same configuration as the Kabbablistic Tree of Life, although the crystal was a three dimensional representation of this sacred geometry.

Through intuitively guided efforts, an instrument of quartz crystal was created with which experimental results could be replicated. The faceted crystal has the ability to cohere energy, unlike its unfaceted predecessor. These crystals can be duplicated precisely so that multiple crystals can be tested. Each crystal must, however, meet the exacting specifications. A simple physical copy of a Vogel-cut® crystal does not necessarily meet the required standards. This can be determined through the use of the Omega 5, a psychotronic instrument used for measuring extremely subtle energies. Many people have found themselves in possession of an imitation of a Vogel-cut® crystal and wondered why it doesn’t function as expected. Although similar in appearance, it is not at all the same precision instrument.

The two ends of the crystal are cut to specific angles. The more acute end, called the operating tip, is intuitively faceted to be in resonance with the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared while the more obtuse tip is shaped to have a specific fixed resonance to an aspect of the earth grid: the Cheops pyramid.


There is a story of three stonecutters preparing the blocks necessary for the construction of a building. Upon being asked what they were doing, one cutter, irritated and angry, dissatisfied with his life, snapped back saying “I’m cutting rocks here to build whatever it is they’re making! What does it look like I’m doing!”

The second worker, preoccupied with making enough money to satisfy all his needs and wants, responded to the same inquiry saying “I’m making these blocks so that I can feed and clothe my family, pay the rent and keep up with all the bills I have. It’s all very hard work!”

The third worker happily completed his chiseling, paused, looked up at the questioner with a smile on his face, and said “I’ve been allowed to help build this temple. A place of Light where people can come, worship, and be healed in the house of their Lord.”

Three individuals all doing the same job, or are they? It is the attitude of the third cutter, the realization of the great gift of being allowed to participate in the creation of something that can be of service to humanity that is necessary to create a true healing instrument. In the creation of the sacred stones, not only are the needs of others met, but also the needs of the cutter. In serving others we are served.

Vogel-cut® crystals are specially tuned quantum converters designed to assist in accessing and utilizing particular energies. The angle of the tips are critical to creating a instrument that is in resonance with the water molecule and to the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared.

Many practitioners find the option of having a crystal custom made for them to be particularly attractive and useful. The name of the practitioner and sometimes their photograph is used as an energetic witness. Prior to initiating the creation of a Vogel crystal® from the raw material a moment or two is taken to focus on the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared.

Authentic Vogel-cut® crystals are created from the best quality natural raw quartz available. This raw material is sometimes from Siberia, sometimes from Madagascar, and frequently from Brazil.

The first stage in the preparation of a healing or meditation crystal is to create a rough cut on the trim saw. This means that a very rough shape of the desired finished product is formed using a diamond blade. The crystal at this point is opaque. The surface of the crystal appears to have a frosting on it. The direction of the cut is always along the “C” (central) or growth axis of the crystal. This is an important factor and is not always respected in many of the copies or counterfeit crystals we have seen. In many of the “imitations”, not only is the cut frequently faulty, irregular and inaccurate, but the natural energy flows of the crystal are not respected. This results in a healing piece or medallion that may appear the same as
a genuine Vogel-cut®, but is in actuality a completely different crystal.

The next task is to take the rough cut crystal to the lapping machines where it is ground with a series of finer and finer grits. This is similar, although not the same, as the use of finer and finer gradations of sand paper used on wood to bring about a smoothe finish when building furniture. All the work on the flat laps is done by hand without the use of any “dop sticks” or mechanical arms or calibration. It is entirely an intuitive or feeling process.

This is truly a task of love and meditation. The environment is noisy and cold. Water must be continually flowing on the lapidary wheels as the crystal is faceted in order to prevent the crystal from becoming overheated and cracking or shattering. The sound of the grinding crystal can be quite hard on sensitive ears. Frequently earplugs have to be worn. To breathe in the effluvia from the grinding quartz is hazardous and face masks are usually worn so that the material is not inhaled. The same applies to the eyes. Protective glasses or goggles are often required.

The finished product is then checked energetically with the Omega 5 to make sure that it has the appropriate energetic value indicating its resonance with water. We also check to ensure that the crystal is appropriate for the individual for whom it was prepared. It is also important that there be no cracks or chips in the surface of the crystal. A certain amount of inclusions within the crystal are acceptable, but this does not include internal fractures or crack.

Finally, I will treat the crystal in a way shown to me by Marcel to install a particular permanent programming in it so that it can be used only an instrument of service.

Often a crystal will get broken for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is a result of carelessness, but periodically a crystal will have the tip flake off or fracture due to a major shift in the fundamental frequency of the user. A Vogel-cut® crystal is designed to precisely fit your energetic field. Should this field change in a dramatic way it may be necessary to alter the angles of the terminations of the crystal. Unable to withstand the pressure that may be created by a field so out of phase with its primary frequency the crystal will flake off at the tip. This usually happens at the operating tip or more acute angled termination. Should this happen we can easily re-tune or re-cut your crystal for you at a nominal cost. Our focus is to be of service to our friends who wish to work with Vogel-cut® crystals in a real and meaningful way.

The faceting process can be thought of as “domesticating” or teaching the crystal to function in a specific way in order to bring out its highest potential. The faceting is done as a gift to the crystal, not as an intrusion or violation. It is not appropriate to alter every crystal. For some their highest value is to remain in their natural form. This attitude is critical in the transformation of raw quartz into a Vogel® crystal. Since the early days the number of facets on the crystals has been increased from four sides to six, eight, twelve, thirteen, twenty four, and so. The greater the number of facets the greater is the potential energetic spin within the crystal. Each facet is like a mirror from which light can be reflected.

As mentioned, a crystal must be faceted not only with geometric precision along the “C” or growth axis, but must also be worked with right attitude and consciousness. It is not simply a matter of mechanically cutting the same general shape. I have had some of the best crystal and diamond cutters in the world from Germany attempt to reproduce the Vogel-cut® crystals with no success. Despite the similarity of appearance the energetic measurement of these crystals were not at all the same.

I presented these crystals and the findings to Marcel and he laughed saying:

“You see, I’ve told you before that you can go ahead and try to copy these crystals, but you can’t do it. Now you know for yourself! There’s much more involved than just cutting crystals into a certain shape.” (personal communication)

Since his passing in 1991, many people have attempted to copy Marcel’s crystals, but to my knowledge none meet the energetic standards required. I have tested many of the duplicates and found them to be lacking not just physically, but energetically as well.

We continue the production of authentic Vogel-cut® crystals with the same cutters who have been faceting the crystals for years. Shortly before his passing Marcel asked us to maintain the high standards he established for these instruments:

“I ask that you carry on this work as best you can and maintain the standards we have striven to achieve over the years. I have given you the heart of my work and I know you will continue with wisdom and love.” (Letter: Marcel Vogel - Rumi Da 1990)

The form geometry of a Vogel cut® crystal creates a coherent field of energy that can act as a carrier wave of information whereas raw quartz does not.
Why is this important?

According to Marcel:

“This carrier wave must have a coherency to it so as not to mingle with the radiation’s emitted from the target material but act now as the differentiation transport vehicle. The quartz crystal cut in the bi-pyramidal shape provides such an instrument.” (P.R.I. Newsletter #7.4 July-August 1990, ©PRI/Lifestream Associates)

In the case of offering “healing” service to another individual, the radiation emitted from the target material would refer to the difficulty, injury, or distress experienced by the client. The coherent light emitted from the Vogel® crystal is able to penetrate the often disparate radiant fields within and around a distressed individual. An incoherent energy is often dissipated if not completely absorbed by the chaotic field generated by the distress.

In a Vogel-cut® crystal the differing angles of the tips create a diode effect with the transmission of energy from one termination to the other.

With the field moving primarily in one direction the energy of an individual is reflected back to them through the crystal. By using a Vogel-cut® crystal a charge separation can occur. The “healer” is not affected by the client’s field. This is one of the primary benefits of using a crystal rather than direct “hands-on” healing.

Beyond this, the most profound effect of the faceted crystal has to do with its relationship and resonance to water. A crystal that is faceted and tuned to the water molecule will hold a charge or information that when transferred to the body of person will link to the H2O molecule. This charge is stored within the interlattice
space of the crystal. Because more than 75% of the physical body is water, the Vogel® crystal, with its resonance with water, is the perfect delivery mechanism for the introduction of subtle energies to an individual. It was also thought that the various subtle energy bodies described in metaphysical literature are gradations of a field that is anchored to the physical body via the water molecule.

The crystal is a quantum converter that is able to store and transmit energy in a form that has discreet biological effects. Our speculation is that because of the cohering capability of the Vogel-cut® crystal it can used to affect “reality” at the quantum or subatomic level. The imprint of thoughtforms or coding is stored on and within the particles or wave packets at the quantum level. This is most likely a resonant effect. The human body, on an energetic level, is an array of oscillating points that are layered and have a definite symmetry and structure at both the macro and micro dimensions.

The bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body have a definite crystallinity about them. The structure of the fluids, cells, and tissues of the body tend to become unstructured or incoherent when dis-ease or distress is present. The physical body is comprised of liquid crystal systems in the cell membranes, intercellular fluids as well as the larger structures such as the fatty tissues, muscular and nervous systems, lymph, blood, and so on. Through the use of an appropriately tuned crystal, to which these structures are responsive, balance and coherence can be restored by delivering the necessary “information” or energetic nutrients. This is the beginning of healing.

Evolutionary Technology

Evolutionary Technology
(originally published in the Lifestream Letter Vol. 7.1; Jan-March 1996)

The information in this article can be equally applied to Vogel-cut® crystals as far as application is concerned. We have offered this article as food for thought about possible instrumentation in the world of psychotronics.

The instruments pictured in this article are bridges to the subtle dimensions. They function by natural principles of Harmonic Resonance. Their sacred geometry reflect morphogenic energy patterns, calling forth their sympathetic vibrations.

Quartz crystals and other materials act as inter-dimensional transducers of elemental substance, bridging between the planes of existence. The circuitry is designed for channeling subtle energies, mirroring the virtues of the sacred geometry.

These dynamic free energy devices integrate sacred geometry, psychotronic circuitry, and psychoactive components in highly coherent light working tools. They are bridges to subtle dimensions and function by the natural principles of harmonic resonance. Each piece is made with attention and intention for the operator's inner unfoldment.

Morphogenic patterns find their most elemental expression in number and geometry and are at the root of Sacred Geometry. These archetypal forms are universally found in the traditional art of native cultures all over the world. Symbolic iconography has been called "Paradisiac Art," because it evokes the source patterns of being and perhaps, more importantly, invoke the Creative Intelligence into presence and activity. The invocation of noetic power from the use of geometric patterns was demonstrated over fifty years ago by Malcolm Rae, an English researcher in psychotronics. He created homeopathic remedies using geometric patterns on cards, which worked to re-establish the balance of health.

"The economy of the universe is based upon essential simplicity and, as such, gives us symbols that reflect this simplicity."


Conventional psychotronic instruments look like electronic devices, complete with dials and wires. they are capable of producing a highly specific energy frequency pattern of any given plant, mineral, organ, inner state, etc., and providing a means of testing for its presence and vitality. They are designed for long distance healing, agricultural balancing, mineral analysis, and other forms of subtle energy research. They operate on the quantum level where everything vibrates as unity.

The instruments pictured here, however, have a different focus, intended for spiritual balancing and empowerment. The physical components such as wire coils, crystals, etc., create a system which provides a channel for the energies which stand behind the world of effects and appearances. The causative plane is a vast universe of frequencies which are called "morphogenic" because they give rise to form. These energies are the pattern of perfection within every physical atom. Such vital currents can be conducted through physical components, as well as through light, sound, even lines on paper. the subtle virtue of the materials used also have a definitive effect on the end result. the psychotronic circuitry in the Angel Star and Genesis Crystal is particularly effective because of the coherent function in the artwork and materials, multiplying the effect of Harmonic Resonance within the system.


Quartz crystals are used in scientific applications because of their ability to change energy from one form to another. Crystals are therefore called transducers. When pressure is applied to a crystal, it emits electricity; when electricity is applied sound vibration is caused. this is called the piezo-electric effect. Crystals also act as transducers of subtle energies; their ultramolecular matrix facilitates the transmission of information across the entire energy spectrum. The Genesis Crystal and Angel Star incorporate cultured quartz crystals that are produced by stimulating the natural conditions of their growth. Natural quartz is powdered and put into a special chamber with rods of "seed" crystals cut from larger specimens. the conditions which stimulate crystal growth by molecular attraction are accelerated, resulting in crystals of uniform high quality. Our crystals are clear of inherent programming and are available to be used for any purpose desired.

The metals used in Alphamatrix tools are chosen with careful consideration for their vibratory contribution to the Light-working capacity of the device. Copper, brass, and niobium are metals which have uniquely desirable properties to contribute for these purposes.

Copper is used in the primary winding because of its high affinity for electromagnetic energies. The brass secondary wind in the Genesis Crystal carries the personal intention energy of the user to the system. The internal components are made of other precious materials selected for their purity and affinity to the vital force.

The Resonator Loops at the ends may be brass or niobium. The Angel Star uses the niobium resonators to take advantage of its superior crystalline molecular structure. This rare-earth metal is colored in an anodizing process by which it absorbs immense quantities of oxygen and grows a transparent crystalline skin which refracts light like a butterfly's wing. The brilliant and intense patina of color is highly conductive, allowing a resonance with the crystals on the frequency of light.

The Genesis Crystal

Genesis Crystal with 12-sided Vogel-cut® crystals
4 & 6 loop Niobium loops at end
copper and gold windings

The Genesis crystal is an accelerator of thought: a prayer accelerator. the generator winding, inspired by the designs of the modern visionary Nikola Tesla, create a magnetic field which receives vibratory information from the person holding it and focuses it to the crystal. The crystal and the resonator circuit receive the impulse and emanate it to the subtle bodies in an amplified form on a wide range of harmonic frequencies. this light based tool is a bridge between the morphogenic and physical planes. It contains the unity of opposites - Yin and Yang, right and left brain, masculine and feminine, past and future, aspiration and inspiration - as a perfect null point corresponding with the stillness at the root of polarity.


The basic Genesis crystal has an 8.25 inch cultured quartz core (12-sided Vogel-cut®) wrapped in copper primary and gold secondary windings with Niobium Resonator Rods, subtle and material proprietary components, and is made with he highest conscious attention. The entire device is 12 inches long by 4 inches wide at the end loops and weighs approximately one pound.

Using the Genesis Crystal

"When all things are seen equally, the timeless essence is reached. No comparisons or analogies are possible in this timeless and relationaless state...All is empty, clear, self-illumination, with no exertion of the mind's power. Gone, gone, beyond, gone beyond, beyond to the place of Awakening." - Sen T'san, 3rd Chinese Zen Patriarch

Use the Genesis Crystal for centering, meditation, healing and the manifestation of a new reality. Handle it with mindfulness and attention. Treat it as a powerful ally and keep it in a special place. Every thought and feeling you express invokes a creative impulse; be aware that they are amplified when you hold it.

Take it up in either hand: the left for receiving, the right for giving. Offer a prayer for alignment, protection, and guidance, for the good of all beings. Allow the energy filed to draw you into a deeper level of attunement. The highest prayer is that the Divine Will be accomplished. You can pray to be a channel for the Divine Will so that it may be manifested and grounded in the Earth through your Being.

It has been said that if you have thought it, you have done pray as if you have received it and give thanks.

The Angel Star
(picture coming soon)

The Angel Star generates a dynamic matrix which heightens the evolutionary potential in space. Within this enhanced field, the subtle force of any gem or other reagent placed in the center is distilled and broadcast in the room for the enhancement and support of one's chosen activity.


You can tune your room's vibration with this programmable vortex generator. For example: if one needs emotional healing and balancing, the Emerald gem, a vehicle and repository of that vibrational essence i is placed in the input well of the Angel Star. the instrument broadcasts the vibration into the room and the subtle bodies are positively influenced by the powerful, specifically tuned emanations. The Angel Star can be tuned to assist in enhancing creativity, dreaming, group processes, and ceremony. A strong, protective aura enfolds the space with an ambiance of light, and creates an atmosphere of support for each process.


Radiesthesia testing has shown that the Angel Star radiates a field which contains the essential attributes of conscious Mind. The reagent placed in the input well introduces a very precise "thought" frequency.

The Angel Star's psychotronic circuit produces a dynamic high frequency oscillation with a wide spectrum of resonant harmonics. Fine copper windings amplify and focus the impulse by induction to the crystals causing them to vibrate at a sub-auditory level, translating the subtle information to the material level. A standing wave field is generated which sets up a clockwise vortex in harmony with the evolutionary forces of the Life Stream. The crystals are the primary component of the system, bringing the circuit and sacred geometry into harmonic resonance.

The color pigments, metal leaf, and other materials are chosen to bring through the desired energies in harmony with the total design.

The source of the Angel Star's power is in the polarity potential of the components and their harmonic interaction. This is the same attraction potential that powers the movements of the Heavens and life on Earth.


Every reagent which may be used in the Angel Star is the shadow of a Reflection of Pure Thought in the Universal Mind. Its influence on humanity is a positive initiation for growth, balance, and fulfillment. that influence can be accessed through the Angel Star, using one of the Ray Jewels or other reagents as a key.

the diamond, for example, was known to the ancients by the archaic name "Adamant," a stone of impenetrable hardness, unbreakable power, and brilliant clarity: the qualities of undaunted Will force, thus denoting a "correspondence." In truth, they are one and the same energy at different levels of frequency. Flower essence and gem elixir research in recent years has opened a wide range of new resources. Other materials offer unique qualities, such as water and stones from sacred sites, and certain spiritual relics imbued with healing grace. Even a prayer or mantra printed on a piece of paper with intention may be found to be beneficial. The homeopathic Materia Medica also lists several thousand substances.

Reagent samples are manufactured according to the method prescribed in the Pharmacopoeia of the American Institute of Homeopathy, first published in 1897, and still in standard use today. The substance is diluted in a water or lactose base to an ionic concentration, resulting in a "potency." Thus , the molecules are dispersed to increase the level of vibratory activity. An extensive Reagent Archive is growing from which to choose. Below is a Table of Correspondences of the Seven rays, the seven color frequencies of light of which all mater is composed. Each Ray is listed with the gem which is a pure vehicle of channel of that color.

DiamondWill, PowerRed1
SapphireLove, WisdomBlue2
EmeraldCreative IntelligenceGreen3
PearlBeauty, HarmonyOrange4
TopazScience, MindYellow5
AmethystMagic, OrderViolet7


As we move into the higher frequencies of being, it is vital that we be open to receive and resonate in our awareness impulses sent out through the Angelic and Nature Spirit Kingdoms. The Angel Star is an inspired device which enhances the assimilation of these high frequencies for healing and enlightenment.

The action of the Angel Star is two-fold: internal and environmental. As an internal modality, it can aid in the process of initiation on the path of Spirit. It will develop and refine the subtle bodies for greater receptivity and harmony with the higher vibrations. The environmental aspect of the protected atmosphere to support a variety of inner work including healing, ceremony, channeling, creativity, and so forth.


Since the gem is the key to the vibration that is to be generated, selection of the appropriate gem or essence is vital. Tables of Correspondence and descriptive notes are limited in their ability to communicate how an essence relates to a real situation. The answer is grounded in the present moment, rather than in theory.


because of the Angel Star's facility for transmitting essences at the threshold of the material/etheric veil, it is a valuable device for administering directly to the subtle bodies. The effect is deeper and much more permanent.


It is possible to charge a medium such as water with the subtle essence of a desired substance using the Angel Star. Other materials also have a capacity to retain such a charge, such as oil and crystals. This elixir may be used in a number of ways.

Application: To prepare a gem elixir, a vial or small glass of pure water or other suitable substance is placed within the circular antenna resonator at the end of one of the crystals, leaving the Reagent Well at the center empty. Leave it there for ten minutes to clear the water thoroughly of old energy accumulations. then place the desired reagent in the well. The water will be fully charge after ten minutes.

The Legacy of Marcel Vogel

The Legacy of Marcel Vogel

Abstract Introduction Background Crystal Basics
Intelligence Matrix Faceting A Quantum Converter
Measuring Subtle Energies Information Band Water Research
Water & Wine Magnetic Fields Marcel's Legacy


Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 - 1991) was a research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility for 27 years. He received numerous patents for his inventions during this time. Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24” hard disc drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise were phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics.

In the 1970’s Marcel did pioneering work in man-plant communication experiments. This led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of a faceted crystal that is now known as the Vogel-cut® crystal. The Vogel-cut® crystal is an instrument that serves to store, amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies.

Marcel’s research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system.

1: Introduction

This article presents an overview of the work of Marcel Vogel. It is not a technical paper, but rather a presentation of possibilities as demonstrated in the life and work of one man.

Marcel spent the last 17 years of his life doing pioneering research into the relationship between quartz crystals and water. In retrospect it seems that his entire life brought him to this work. In 1984, after almost 27 years as an IBM senior research scientist, Marcel retired and created his own laboratory, Psychic Research, Inc. The lab was dedicated to the study of subtle forces and energies that radiate from the body of living forms. It was his intent to quantify these forces and build a systematic language of identification for these energies which have most often been labeled and dismissed as “metaphysical”. Among his projects were:

1) the structuring of water for purification purposes
2) the structuring of wines to rapidly age them
3) the measurement of energy fields around a crystal
4) the therapeutic application of crystals and crystal devices

When visiting his laboratory in San Jose, California, one would find some rather sophisticated scientific equipment inside of what seemed to be a rather ordinary industrial and office complex. In one room there was an electron scanning microscope. Another room was virtually filled with a Zeiss Ultraphot microscope. It had over two hundred accompanying objectives and many applications – dark field, light field, interference microscopy, the use of a contrasting chamber and polarized light microscopy. All of this was attached to a camera, computer, and video display system. The Zeiss, which Marcel assembled during his 27 years at IBM, was used to detect (among other things) magnetic defects and errors. This was more than $500,000. worth of equipment donated by IBM to Marcel at the time of his retirement.

In another room of the laboratory was a Cary Model 15 spectrophotometer and other incidental equipment. Some was donated by the Stanford Research Institute while others were obtained through grants from the Arthritis Foundation.

In yet another room one could find a radionic instrument known as the Omega 5. This device was used to study the fields seemingly undetectable by the otherwise impressive standard scientific equipment.

Through his research Marcel hoped to prove that science and metaphysics are intrinsically compatible. How did he come to this work and what did he discover?

2: Background

Marcel Vogel was born April 14, 1917, in San Francisco. As a child he suffered from respiratory difficulties and at the age of six had a near death experience -- he was officially pronounced dead of double lobar pneumonia. So profound was the impact of this experience that it was very difficult for the young Marcel to return to the so called “normalcy” of childhood. In fact, he never did. He claimed that at this time he experienced a light and a sense of love and well being that was over- whelming. Physical plane life seemed pale in comparison leaving him, even at such a young age, to question the meaning of life.

From the age of six he became increasingly interested in the study of the fireflies that he saw in his back yard. He wanted to know how this little insect could emit such a light.

He applied this insatiable curiosity to himself as well. Each day he would walk to early morning Mass and in the quietness of prayer ask the question “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?”

After six years he heard a voice in his mind say “You will be a phosphor chemist. You will do pioneering work in luminescence. You will write a book and create your own business.” Quite a tall order for a young man of eleven years!

He and his father, Joseph, built a laboratory in the back of their home and young Marcel set about attempting to duplicate the chemical that made the fireflies in his backyard glow. At the age of twelve he had synthesized the chemical compound 3-amino-phthalaz-1-4 dione. This compound, when mixed in water with potassium ferro-cyanide and hydrogen peroxide, produces a chemi- luminescence that matches the light of the firefly. He continued to try to make a set of phosphors that would produce light in a tubular form. This was before the advent of fluorescent lights, but Marcel had seen a white powder of phosphor, in a tube, that would convert the ultra-violet radiation in the tube into a visible form – visible light. This was his main area of interest and even as a grammar school student he visited the Mechanics Institute and translated, from the German, original articles on phosphor chemistry. He then set about duplicating the outlined experiments in his own amateur laboratory.

Marcel had synthesized and manufactured a set of phosphors before he was fifteen years old. His vision, at this early age, was that the proper phosphor system would be a rare earth phosphor. The cation, or positively charged ion would be composed of a rare earth compound like Europium, and the anion, or negatively charged ion would consist of a tungstate or silicate structure. These ideas came from the translated scientific papers that were published in the “Analan der Physik” and other German scientific publications of the time. His objective before going to college, based on the answer to his years of prayer from the ages of six to twelve, was to become of phosphor chemist. He was able to see the blending of chemistry and physics that would bring about the advent of solid state physics. As was the case throughout his life, Marcel wanted to be on the forefront of what, in his vision, was the science of the future.

Throughout his high school and college years Marcel systematically researched all the existing publications and papers in the field of luminescence. There were no courses available so he had to teach himself. He majored in chemistry and physics at the University of San Francisco, working at night to fund his education Unfortunately, due to deteriorating health, he was unable to graduate with his class. From 1940 his education was completed privately with Doctor Peter Pringsheim. The two met when Doctor Pringsheim, a German refugee professor, was attempting to find information about luminescence at the university library. The librarian referred him to a young student, Marcel Vogel, who had apparently read everything in the library on the subject and would be of more value to him than the librarian. Two years later the two men jointly published The Luminescence of Liquids and Solids and their Practical Application (Wiley Interscience-1943). This book has since gone through three editions and was translated into German in 1953. It is currently out of print.

After the publication of the book, Vogel Luminescence Corporation was formed. From 1944 to 1957 Marcel pioneered in the manufacture of fluorescent bulletin paints for outdoor signs and billboards. He created a complete set of artist media fluorescents including fluorescent oil colors, phosphorescent paints, fluorescent chalk, crayons, tempers (day-glo) colors, bulletin paints, invisible ink, tracing and tagging powders used with insecticides detectable with portable black lights, black lights being another Vogel creation. Black light kits were also created for the detection of cancer, rodent contamination, and milk inspection.

With Ralph Benson, Marcel then published a paper entitled Vulvar Fluorescents: The Early Detection of Pregnancy and the Advent of Carcinoma. Vogel Luminescence also patented an egg candler that combined both ultraviolet and visible light to detect the Pseudomonis fluorescence bacteria that are present in eggs laid by chickens contaminated with the bacteria.

During this time with Vogel Luminescence Marcel also did part-time consulting work for IBM. With Ralph Flores and Don Johnson he developed a magnetic coating formulation that is still in use today on IBM hard disks. It was a stable, adhesive coating of magnetic materials for a 24 inch diameter hard disk that demanded a completely new composition of matter.

It should be noted that this magnetic coating did not come about by normal linear science. For many unsuccessful weeks, formula upon formula were created with horrifying results. The coating would fly off the aluminum disk when the drive was turned on or it would bubble up like some pox ridden biological specimen. Finally, at the point of total exhaustion in his 18 to 20 hour workday, Marcel collapsed into sleep at his tiny laboratory. Later, as he groggily awoke, he was in the midst of a dream – a can of molasses floated in the space before him with the words “infinite viscosity” resounding in his ears. He knew immediately what needed to be done. Two supposedly incompatible chemical agents were brought together, the results of which we still use today.

In 1957 Vogel Luminescence was sold to Ultra Violet Products and Marcel joined IBM as a full time research scientist. He was one of the “Big Blue’s” few non-lettered scientists. Such creativity and genius could not be allowed loose on the streets, despite the lack of a diploma. He became one of the most prolific new patent inventors in IBM’s Data Products Division history. Included among the many inventions are patents in the field of magnetic recording media, liquid crystals, and the creation and development of rare earth phosphors. Marcel also was granted many patents in the field of Opto Electronics. This was for work on photo-relays for analog to digital converters, as well as work with rare earth phosphors, which resulted in the development of the red hue for color televisions. His work with liquid crystals helped realize their emergence into everyday life in the form of digital displays on everything from watches to radios. He also received patents for the degassification of liquids, Dark Field Microscopy and its use in surface analysis, organic and inorganic photoconduction and more.
In 1969 Marcel gave a course in creativity for engineers at IBM. It was at this time that he read an article in Argosy magazine entitled “Do Plants Have Emotions?” about the work of polygraph expert Cleve Backster into the responsiveness of plants to human interaction. Despite initial rejection of the concept of human-plant communication, he decided to explore these strange claims.

He was able to duplicate the Backster effect of using plants as transducers for bio-energetic fields that the human mind releases, demonstrating that plants respond to thought. He used split leaf philodendrons connected to a Wheatstone Bridge that would compare a known resistance to an unknown resistance. He learned that when he released his breath slowly there was virtually no response from the plant. When he pulsed his breath through the nostrils, as he held a thought in mind, the plant would respond dramatically. It was also found that these fields, linked to the action of breath and thought, do not have a significant time domain to them. The responsiveness of the plants to thought was also the same whether eight inches away, eight feet, or eight thousand miles! Based on the results of the experiments the inverse square law does not apply to thought. This was the beginning of Marcel’s transformation from being a purely rational scientist to becoming a spiritual or mystical scientist.

Basically it was found that plants respond more to the thought of being cut, burned, or torn than to the actual act. He discovered that if he tore a leaf from one plant a second plant would respond, but only if he was paying attention to it. The plants seemed to be mirroring his own mental responses. He concluded that the plants were acting like batteries, storing the energy of his thoughts and intentions. He said of these experiments: “I learned that there is energy connected with thought. Thought can be pulsed and the energy connected with it becomes coherent and has a laser-like power.”1

Marcel discovered that the greatest cohering agent is love. This, of course, set him apart from his fellow scientists. At a time when many still don’t acknowledge that an observer affects what they are observing, the notion of love was a totally unscientific idea. Even when cloaked in the garb of a term like resonance it was unacceptable. To Marcel, love was (and is) a pure force. Certainly we experience it as an emotion, but this is our experience of something that is beyond emotion. He likened it to gravity, an attracting and cohering force present at every level of existence. Without this relationship an important aspect of scientific investigation is missing, preventing us from discovering and exploring the more, perhaps most, subtle aspects of life.

This is one reason why certain scientific investigations in the area of subtle energies cannot be readily replicated. It is not always a matter of scientific protocol, but a matter of relationship. Unfortunately many scientists would consider this to be some kind of inessential and perhaps bothersome epiphenomena. Although such individuals are scientists, to Marcel, they were technicians attempting to prove what they already thought was true. The true scientist is one who attempts to discover with childlike curiosity. Too often we, all of us, only want to confirm what we already believe.

The details of the work with plants can be found in the books The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird and Psychic Exploration: A Challenge to Science edited by Edgar Mitchell.

During this time period, 1974, Marcel gave many lectures about his work with plants and at one of these presentations, at the First Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles, he was approached by Dr. McKistry who told him about quartz crystals that she had with her. Apparently these crystals had the peculiarity of vibrating when held in the hand. Marcel’s ambivalent response to this was “So what?” Although he too experienced the vibration of the crystals in his own hand, Marcel was unimpressed with them. Nonetheless he accepted her gift of a small quartz point.

3: Crystals

What is a crystal?

The word crystal comes from the Greek word “krystallos”, meaning frozen light. A crystal is generally considered to be a systematic, orderly and repetitious patterning of molecules or energies. From a more metaphysical point of view, some consider that Light is stepped down through many levels of density before the physical form of the crystal manifests through the dynamics we understand in crystallography and geology. It is the forming aspect of Light that patterns the highly ordered array of energies we call a crystal. Should this light pre-form be altered in any way, the completed crystal will be altered from its original “intended” form. In fact, while viewing the growth of a liquid crystal, Marcel was able to alter its final form. Instead of maintaining the normal shape that an oleate of cholesterol would take, the outcome was a configuration clearly recognizable as the Madonna. Marcel had been focusing on an image of the Blessed Virgin in his mind’s eye while viewing the growth of the crystal under the microscope, uninterrupted, for one solid hour!

Marcel witnessed and photographed the precipitation of Light into crystal in his IBM laboratory while growing liquid crystals and subsequently wrote:

“When cool, if a liquid crystal state exists, the melt goes into a birefringent state under polarized light which can be readily seen under a polarizing microscope. From this state the sample will then crystallize into the solid state.

“In the course of the study of this state under the microscope I noticed a remarkable event, namely that before the melt went into the liquid crystal state, a blue flash of light took place and then immediately after that, the sample transcended into the liquid crystal state.

“This state was videotaped and, after one year of effort, a picture was taken at the moment of transition. What appeared on the film was the prefiguring in space of the crystallographic form the system was to assume. The blue flash contained information which formed into a geometric form. This geometric form was the source of the crystallographic form from which the crystal grew and developed2

The flash of blue light witnessed through the microscope was the transfer of information from the level of light-coding to the physical plane. This is discussed in metaphysical literature, but had never before been witnessed and photographed.

4: Intelligence matrix

Quartz crystal begins its life deep within the earth from a hot vapor, a supersaturated solution of silicon dioxide (SiO2). As this source cools within subterranean space, a unit cell of seed cell of quartz forms around a nucleating site in much the same way as an oyster forms a pearl around an irritant. It is likely that each new atom is laid down where the possible bonding sites are the most plentiful. These areas contain the greatest energy. The molecules adhere to a silica based matrix such as granite or sandstone. This unit cell is a tetrahedron shaped molecule composed of four atoms of oxygen with one silicon atom suspended within.

The primary unit cell acts as an attractor for other silicon dioxide molecules, ions, and so forth. Over time, trillions of these cells link together and, through a spiraling motion, layer upon layer of quartz is put down until the crystal is complete.

The primary unit cell contains all the information needed to generate the ultimate form - the hexagonal or six-sided form we know as a quartz crystal. According to Marcel, once the crystal has ceased growing, the intelligence matrix of the crystal disappears and the form of the quartz is basically an empty shell until we interact with it and enliven it with our own energy. This is accomplished by the transfer of thought (energy) via the pulsed breath. At this time Marcel knew intellectually what a crystal was, but his exploration of the world of quartz was only just beginning.

One morning, at IBM, co-worker Chuck Mignosa approached Marcel with complaints of back pain from a weekend of skiing. Prompted by intuition he took the crystal from his lab coat pocket, looked at it and pulsed his breath. This sent a charge through the crystal, a crystal that happened to be pointing at his friend Chuck.

Immediately Mignosa’s head went back and he entered into an altered state of consciousness as he fell to he floor. As he helped his friend up, Marcel thought that this was total nonsense and wanted nothing to do with it. Chuck, however, was thankful that his back pain was gone.

Despite his initial reluctance, Marcel eventually began his 17 years of research into the application of quartz crystals. He very quickly found the limitations of natural quartz. They had the capacity to store, amplify, and transfer information, but they could not adequately cohere the energies emitted by the body and mind of an individual.

Raw crystals have varying fundamental fields depending upon where and how they were mined as well as their variation in shape due to the distortions caused by stressors present during its growth. Some crystals have very high fundamental fields while others are found to have a minimal field. Synthetic quartz was found to have virtually no fundamental field.

The ability of crystals to store information is widely known. According to the September 4, 1994, issue of Newsweek, Stanford University physicists have demonstrated the first fully digital model of a device that stores information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal. The scientists were able to store and retrieve a holographic image of the Mona Lisa. The particular crystal held only 163 kilobytes of memory, but it is expected that these holographic units could store up to one million megabytes. The short article says that crystals store information in three dimensions and could be ten times faster than the fastest systems currently available.

5: Faceting a quantum converter

Because the raw quartz crystals Marcel was studying did not cohere the energies with which he was working, the idea of faceting the crystal came to him. Rubies and other types of crystal are faceted to make them useful for laser applications. Aluminum oxide chromium, natural ruby, is a rather unimpressive stone until it is faceted into a cylinder with booster windows so that light can be pumped into it and reflected internally so as to produce a coherent light – a laser. Just as light pumped through a faceted ruby can produce coherent energy, Marcel speculated that perhaps thought pumped through a specifically faceted quartz could produce a coherent energy.

As happened in his study of luminescence, he found the published technical literature sorely lacking. One morning, in 1974, he awoke with a pattern in his mind’s eye: the Tree of Life as shown in the Kabbalistic teachings. This was a teaching and a pattern with which Marcel was unfamiliar. At the time he saw only the pattern of a rectangle with a triangle at each termination.

For an entire year he spent most of his lunch hours at the IBM glass shop attempting to facet raw quartz into this configuration. As he found out more about the geometry of the Tree of Life he was able to grind the quartz with greater specificity into the shape suggested by his vision.

Various other shapes were also tried: single terminated, double terminated, four-sided, six-sided, six-sided with four-sided terminations, eight-sided with four-sided terminations and so on. From continual experimentation came the first fundamental instrument for storing, amplifying, transferring and cohering the energies of the bodymind of an individual: a four sided quartz crystal with pyramidal terminations. One tip was more acute than the other. The more acute termination is called the “firing tip” as this is the end of the crystal from which the coherent field is emitted. The faceted crystal was a three dimensional representation of the Tree of Life. These crystals have come to be known as Vogel-cut® crystals.

A crystal must be faceted not only with geometrical precision along the “C” or growth axis, but must also be worked with right attitude, understanding, and consciousness. It is not simply a matter of mechanically cutting the same general shape. Some of the reputedly best crystal and diamond cutters in Germany have attempted to reproduce the Vogel-cut® crystals with no success. Despite the similarity of appearance, the energetic measurement taken with the Omega 5, an instrument discussed later in this paper, indicated that these crystals were not the same.
When I presented these findings to Marcel he laughed saying:

“You see, I’ve told you before that you can try to copy these crystals, but you can’t do it. Now you know for yourself! There’s much more involved than just cutting crystals into a certain shape.”3

The structural change in cutting quartz into the shape identified as Vogel-cut® is to tune it to be a coherent information transfer device. The form geometry of such a crystal creates a coherent field of energy that can act as a carrier wave of information, whereas raw quartz does not.
Why is this important?
According to Marcel:

“This ‘carrier wave’ must have a coherency to it so as not to mingle with the radiations emitted from the target material but act now as the differentiating transport vehicle. The quartz crystal cut in the dipyramidal shape provides such an instrument.”4

In the case of offering healing service to another individual, radiations emitted from the target material refers to the difficulty or distress experienced by the client. The coherent light emitted from the Vogel® crystal is able to penetrate the often disparate radiant fields within and around a distressed individual. An incoherent energy is often dissipated if not completely absorbed by the chaotic field generated by the distress. Beyond this the most profound effect of the faceted crystal has to do with its relationship and resonance to water. Because more than 75% of the physical body is water, the Vogel® crystal, with its resonance with water, is the perfect delivery mechanism for the introduction of subtle energies to an individual. Marcel also felt that the various subtle energy bodies described in metaphysical literature are gradations of a field that is anchored to the physical body via the water molecule.

During the initial years of his work with crystals, Marcel developed a protocol for removing unwanted vibrations or thoughtforms from an individual in distress. He found that the crystal could act almost as an energetic scalpel in what amounted to an energetic or etheric surgery. Over the years he developed various methods for proximate, remote, and self healing using the Vogel-cut® crystals.

The crystal is a quantum converter that is able to transmit energy in a form that has discreet biological effects. This is most likely a resonant effect. The human body, on an energetic level, is an array of oscillating points that are layered and have a definite symmetry and structure. This crystallinity is apparent on both a subtle energetic or quantum level as well as the macro level. The bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body have a definite crystallinity about them. The structure of the fluids, cells, and tissues of the body tends to become unstructured or incoherent when dis-ease or distress is present. The physical body is comprised of liquid crystal systems in the cell membranes, intercellular fluids, as well as larger structures such as the fatty tissues, muscular and nervous systems, lymph, blood, and so on. Through the use of an appropriately tuned crystal to which these structures are responsive, balance and coherence can be restored by delivering the necessary “information” or energetic nutrients needed.

As a dramatic example of the capability of these crystals to convert energy, Marcel once created a circuit with one of his Vogel-cut® instruments as a “power source”. He told me in conversation that:

“I have made electricity with the crystal…up to 75 volts. Using a crystal like this (a Vogel-cut®). It’s an induced voltage…a direct current voltage. I put the crystal in the middle of a box ( a hexagonal mahogany box) and then I made a coil of copper wire and then silver-tin wire wrapped 250 times. I had another coil on the outside made of nickel wire. There were primary and secondary wires that came out to a voltmeter. I drew my breath in and pulsed the breath and out came voltage from the crystal. I tried this with an uncut crystal as well, but it didn’t work. I have the equipment in my lab to make greater voltage, but I haven’t gone into this. There is so much else to do and those who saw me do this became very disturbed.”5

Marcel went on to tell me that he did this also with a light bulb in the place of the voltmeter and was able to cause the bulb to illuminate.

6: Measuring subtle energies

Initially, there was a difficulty in measuring the energies in and around these crystals. Readings from a milli gauss- meter showed 0.07 milli-gauss: a charge of apparently no significance. Undaunted by this, Marcel asked, in prayer, to be shown some way to measure this new instrument he had developed. Six weeks later a man showed up at his home with such an instrument. This instrument was the Omega 1 and since, four subsequent incarnations of the Omega were created with the final version, the Omega 5 being used for much of the fundamental research at Marcel’s laboratory.

The Omega 5 is a radionic type of instrument that measures energies beyond the capacity of standardized scientific equipment. In fact, the energies measured are yet to be acknowledged by mainstream science, although the effects are often clearly visible and demonstrable.

Although the exact nature of these energies may be unknown, they can be quantified by a numerical value ascertained by radionic instrumentation, a value known simply as the rate.

This value is obtained by placing the item to be studied in what is known as the witness or sample well. The second finger of the right hand is used to stroke a flat area on the instrument called the “stick plate” while the left hand slowly rotates one of several dials until a “stick” is obtained with the rubbing hand. The stick is a phenomenon in which the finger rubbing the plate feels as if it is immobilized or “stuck” on the surface of the designated area of the instrument. This stick represents a numerical value as shown by the dial being turned. On the Omega 5 a total of nine dials is used giving a series of three 3 digit rates for the sample being studied. A pendulum can also be used to detect the correct values. Both methods utilize the dowsing process.

The Omega 5 presents us with a rate for:

1) a signature for the information band or identity value of the sample being studied
2) the energetic fields within the sample
3) the energetic fields surrounding or radiating around the sample

Marcel referred to these fields measured with the Omega 5 as the information band.

Although a subjective type of instrument, the Omega 5 produced data that could be used to indicate how to proceed in the use of standard scientific measurement. Sometimes information isn’t discovered because one simply doesn’t know where to look. The Omega could give clues as to where to look. The data obtained radionically might have some more physical or chemically based correlates.

7: Information band

Marcel found that this information band measured by the Omega 5 exists in and around all matter. This band is a record keeper of the events that have gone into bringing an object into being, and the response of this object to the actions on it, whether light, sound, heat, or electrical forces.

The combination of these forces builds a series of patterns or codes which characterize or identify the substance in the same way we characterize each element in the periodic table by its atomic weight and the protons and neutrons which are in the nucleus of the atom.

No atom is static; it is in a state of motion. This motion generates a field. The composite of these fields is the ground state of the information band. It is different from the excited state of the electron which goes into the conduction band and drops down into the ground state.

These perturbations form an energy cloud around the substance. This is the mind of the atom. In the case of metal, for example, the aggregate atoms are responsive to light, pressure, rubbing, and scratching of the surface.

There is a rhythmic nature to this field. There is a periodicity to the information band. It will expand and contract in accordance with its relationship to planetary influences.

Marcel took a clue from occult writer Alice Bailey:

“We have seen that the atom of chemistry, for instance, demonstrates the quality of intelligence; it shows symptoms of discriminative mind and the rudiments of selective capacity. Thus the tiny life within the atomic form is demonstrating a psychic quality – take the atom that goes to the building of form in the mineral kingdom; it shows not only discriminative selective mind, but elasticity.”6

“Let us endeavor to realize that there is no such thing as inorganic matter, but that every atom is a life. Let us realize that all forms are living forms, and that each is but the vehicle of expression for some indwelling entity.”7

Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose found that metals exhibited fatigue in much the same way as do muscles. Just as muscles recover after a period of rest, so too do metals. Bose was able to show this fatigue in metals subjected to long continued stimulation. He then subjected the metals to a stimulating agent (a solution of sodium carbonate) which gave an increase in activity to the metal. He then found that a minute dose of poison enhanced the responsiveness of the metal and a large dose abolished the responsiveness. These are similar reactions observed in organic or living systems. What is the connection?

Marcel’s contention was that there is communication through the information band. As long as there is integrity in the system, the object holds itself together and one can obtain the rate for the information band that is releasing the fields into the space of the form geometry of the object.

If we impact a substance, such as a coin, all other coins of the same metal will be impacted. It was found that if we took two quarters and subjected one to measurement in the Omega 5, any work done to the other coin would present itself in the measured coin. A quarter was taken to another room in the laboratory and scratched. The coin in the sample well of the Omega showed a dramatic response at the moment of the scratching. This is similar to the work demonstrated with plants and cells as done earlier by Marcel Vogel, Cleve Backster, and others. Inorganic systems seem to demonstrate the same responsiveness as organic systems. The information band is an energetic communication band between all substances, between all life.

8: Water research

Water is one of the prime solvents from which life has evolved. It is also the basis of many of the chemical compounds that are on the earth. From measurements made with the Omega 5, we obtain a measurement for water, in the pure state, of 454. The water used was triple distilled.

The value of 454 represents the signature, or the fundamental numerical identity of the information band of the water itself. The water can then be contaminated with impurities such as salts, chlorine, toxic vibrations, etc., and it can be seen that there is a decrease in the dimension of this band. Purifying the water by distillation or filtration will bring the water back to its original value of 454. It should be noted that the signature radionic measurement of a Vogel-cut® crystal is also 454, indicating some connection between these crystals and water. This connection or resonance is not found in unfaceted quartz.

In the study of wines, it is remarkable that when the information band was measured and a specific field applied to the wine by circulating it around a Vogel-cut® crystal programmed with that specific field, there was an abrupt and immediate change in the wine that brought it to completion. This is the transfer of information to the wine in a quantum form, a form which brings about the finishing of the wine. The field applied to the wine was the intent of love.

9: Water and wine magnetic fields

One of the primary areas of investigations at the Psychic Research laboratory was the relationship between water and quartz crystals. It has been found that by circulating water around a charged Vogel-cut® quartz crystal many changes occur in the water. These changes are referred to as structuring.

As we know, water consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms that are held together in a covalent bond This is an actual physical force, much like gravity, that holds these atoms together.

Structured water can be thought of as water that has a greater degree of bonding between adjacent water molecules than does unstructured water. Structured water also forms a crystalline-like structure consisting of elongated chains of molecules that can be differentiated from the surrounding water molecules by qualities that are consistent with qualities found in liquid crystals such as increased birefringence and a lowering of the freezing point.

A microstate is the angular, geometrical alignments that water molecules have when they are in the structured state. Quartz crystal shows a microstate but not a mesophase, as it is a permanent state solid rather than a transitional state or semi solid. When the various angles of the quartz molecule are investigated, a possible basis for its resonance with the water molecule is found.

The fundamental geometrical pattern of quartz and water is the tetrahedron. Water molecules, bound together, form tetrahedrons in tilted or puckered rings. This tilting happens because of the bonding angle that exists between any three water molecules. This angle is 109.5 degrees. The normal flat hexagon has angles of 120 degrees. Water molecules with smaller angles, if they are to be formed into a hexagon, must have an uneven structure that is not in a flat plane but is instead a three dimensional object. This uneven structure is formed by what is called the bending angle or angle of tilt. This angle can be between 20 degrees and 60 degrees, but the most common is 26 degrees. This is where the intermolecular bond is the strongest and it happens to be half of the interlattice angle of quartz. The second most common bending angle for water is 54 degrees which is quite close to the interlattice angle of quartz as well.

The interlattice angle of a crystal is related to the basal angle. The basal angle is ½ of the angle of the tip of the crystal. The interlattice angle of quartz is 90 degrees minus the basal angle which is 38 degrees. Therefore the interlattice angle is 52 degrees. This is also the angle of the Cheops pyramid.

The intermolecular bonding angle for the water molecule is 104.5 degrees. This is the angle that exists between the hydrogen atoms of each water molecule. It is virtually double that of the interlattice angle for quartz.

It is possible that there is a compatible harmonic between water and quartz because of the similarity of these angles. This would allow a resonant transfer of the energies that are imputed to the crystal to a significant group of water molecules in any given sample.

The structure of quartz can replicate itself in water because of this resonant transfer based upon structure.

The geometric structure produces frequency patterns, harmonics, that can transfer into water. Very small amounts of energy are required for this transfer. The nature of resonant systems is such that a minimal input can achieve a maximal output.

Resonance transfer occurs because the energy waveforms coming out of a vibrating substance have nearly identical waveforms. The phase relationships of a resonating system can be defined in terms of the angular separation that exists between adjacent molecules. The six molecules that form one hexagonal ring, when in resonance, will vibrate or broadcast its energy on a wave that has a particular frequency. The first molecule will vibrate influencing the second molecule; the second will affect the third, and so on. The time intervals between successive broadcasts will result in a phase delay which can be converted into a phase angle. Successive waves coming from an oscillating system have successive phase angles that equal the angular separation that exists between members of the system. The phase angle within the vibrating ring of water molecules is 60 degrees (360 divided by 6). If there were 7 molecules in the ring the phase angle would be 360/7 or 51.43 degrees. This is the principle phase angle of quartz. Most of the internal angles of water and quartz are either fractions of this angle or multiples of it.

It is the interlattice resonance between the quartz microstate and the lyotropic mesophase that is the determining factor in the formation of the lyotropic mesophase in water. It is the reason that water can be structured by spinning it around a Vogel-cut® quartz crystal. It does not require large amounts of energy to accomplish this.

As an example of resonant transfer, one can imagine a series of dominoes being placed across the United States. from San Francisco to Washington. Each successive domino would be slightly larger and heavier than the previous piece. By the time we reached Washington, the final domino might be as large as the Washington monument. By applying a slight push to the first domino, less than one pennyweight, each domino would be knocked over until the final piece was toppled. Through the introduction of a very small energy to a system the result is the production of enough energy to knock over the final very large and heavy domino.

The structuring of water around a Vogel-cut® quartz crystal is dependent upon the program that is imprinted into the crystal. It is the program that brings about the abrupt change in state. A fundamental program that can bring about dramatic changes in water is that of unconditional love.

In the structuring of water and wines the question was whether there was a field created in space when the water was spun around a crystal.

A GE magnetometer was attached to the inside of the structuring chamber and a series of readings were taken when the water was spun around a charged crystal. Within the chamber was housed a stainless steel coil, the tubing being ¾ inch in diameter and with seven right hand turns. The diameter of the coil was approximately six inches. The programmed Vogel-cut® crystal was placed, with firing tip (the more acute termination) downwards, in a specially designed holder so that it was in place within the coil.

The chamber or enclosure for the coil and crystal was made from pine and finished with shellac. The magneto- meter was mounted on the side of the chamber with the probe placed in the space between the crystal and the coil. The temperature was kept at 70 degrees F with the chamber sealed. 1000cc of water was used at all times.

For each pass around the crystal, a 50cc sample was taken for an analysis with the Omega 5, a 50cc sample was taken for pH and conductivity measurements, and a cuvette sample was taken for infra-red and ultra-violet spectro- photometry.

The results of these experiments showed that:

1) water spinning in a coil generates a weak, but measurable field
2) crystals of quartz can be charged with “information” and tuned to the fields generated by spinning water
3) a critical charge is required for “information transfer” to occur (i.e. 1 - 4 passes around the crystal)
4) this number of passes can be modified by the programming of the crystals
5) more than one operator is possible
6) the program transfer is a resonance transfer with no loss in the original program after hundreds of experiments have been done with the system
7) water is made to be a permanent magnet. This field remains constant after the water stops spinning and can be removed by the application of a bulk demagnetizer.

The basic changes noted in water after being spun around an appropriately charged Vogel- cut® crystal were as follows:

1) decreased surface tension
2) the appearance of two new bands of light in the infra- red and ultra-violet spectrum indicating a stretching of molecular bonding of the water. This is indicative of more energy and a new information in the water
3) the conductivity of the water increases
4) the pH of the water can be altered up to 3 points, an increase in acidity or alkalinity
5) the freezing point of the water could drop to as low as -30 degrees C
6) a significant number of the molecules would become aligned in micro-clusters or molecular chains; orderly, systematic and repeating patterns. The water has become a liquid crystal system capable of storing information

According to Marcel:

“This structuring is best assayed with a UV spectro-photometer where one finds an increase in UV absorption due to an increase in the water bonding from the water forming chains on itself. The magnetic moment of this structured water is increased by 0.07 gauss and there is also an increase in the pH and dielectric conductivity. Boiling of the water after structuring shows no change in the UV spectrum, so one can conclude that a permanent chemical change has taken place. When a drop of this structured silica water is dried on a slide and compared with untreated silica water, the photomicrographs show the formation of needle-like silica crystals in the structured water drop while the untreated water dried to an amorphous mass of silica gel. This shows that the process of structuring water produces a structuring or ordering effect on the solutes in solution.”8

The crystal, in this case was programmed with the intent of unconditional love. The water could be programmed with specific information depending upon the nature of the information programmed into the crystal. If, for example, the crystal was programmed with a sedative, the water would take on this characteristic or vibration. Drinking the water would induce sleep or deep relaxation.

Practical applications of this process include agriculture, the preservation of foods, as well as potential uses for healing.
The energetic patterns of a fertilizing agent can be stored in a crystal and then transferred into water. The water is then used to irrigate plants. We have found on a small scale experimentation that plants treated in this way show significant growth increase compared to untreated plants.

Although in most cases it was found that water generated a weak magnetic field, on one occasion a different effect was noted. Normally the effects noted above were attained by circulating water through a Pyrex glass tube coiled seven clockwise turns, around a Vogel-cut® crystal. By reversing the position of the crystal so that the firing tip was pointed upwards, an energy was released that lifted Marcel off the floor and flung him to the wall. He was standing approximately three feet away from the apparatus when this happened. Afterwards his eyes were burned as if from intense radiation.

Water is an unknown because of its familiarity. We have yet to discover the power inherent in this plentiful fluid. When water is circulated and spun around a charged crystal, enormous charge can be released from it. Further research is needed to determine the nature of this energy.

It is quite likely that although there is a measurable magnetic field present, it is, in reality, only an effect of something more fundamental in nature than EM fields. It should be noted, however, that the fields present in both the crystal and liquid when charged, whatever the nature of that field, can be cleared by a bulk de-magnetizer.

Dr. Glen Rein has called these energies a quantum field or non-Hertzian energy. Dr. Rein has stated that quantum fields are independent of time and distance. This correlates with the observations made by Marcel not only in his work with water, but in his early work with plants as well. His observation is that thought seems to overcome the inverse square law.9

The term “information transfer” is used to refer to an energetic phenomenon that is not in the traditionally accepted electromagnetic spectrum. Although somewhat vague, the term “information” indicates that there is some kind of discreet coding and not just an unqualified energy. When an information transfer takes place from a Vogel-cut® crystal to water, wine, juice, or even milk, there is an abrupt, immediate change in the physical properties of the fluid.

For example, in 1986 I was given two bottles of wine. One was a prize winning 1983 Chardonnay from the Sycamore Creek Vineyards. The second bottle was a 1986 Chardonnay from the same vineyard, newly bottled. There was a remarkable difference between the two in regard to body, bouquet, flavor, and even color.

I took a sample of the 1986 wine and obtained measurements from the Omega 5 in all three parameters: signature value, internal field, and external field. I then used the Omega 5 to program a Vogel- cut® crystal with this information. Having done this I placed the crystal within a coil of Pyrex glass tubing. The coil was housed within a wooden box. I then poured the 1986 wine through the tubing so that it circulated around the crystal. I did this seven times, so that sample one passed around the crystal once, sample two passed around the crystal twice, sample three, three times, and so on. I also kept a control sample.

It was found that sample four perfectly matched the 1983 Chardonnay in body, bouquet, flavor, and color. The remaining six samples did not match the ‘83 wine in any way and, in fact, samples 5 through 7 were bitter and almost undrinkable.

The fourth sample was then taken to the Omega and measured. The value obtained was then transferred into a Vogel-cut® crystal. The crystal was placed back into the apparatus and the remainder of the 1986 Chardonnay was circulated around it. In subjective taste testing by all of us present in the laboratory (including the vintners) the 1986 wine seemed to be a duplicate of the 1983 wine.

According to Marcel:

1) A crystal (Vogel-cut®) tuned to water (454) is programmed with information so that a wine will be brought to completion with all of the reactions that are potential in the chemistry.
2) The wine is then spun around the crystal 1 - 5 times
3) The wine is then measured with the Omega 5 after each spin.
4) A decision is made as to which wine is best.
5) The information is transferred to a master crystal and the wine is run in production with the master crystal. When the information becomes critical (at 4x), an abrupt change in the state of the wine takes place in much the same manner as we have seen with the liquid crystals.

“ I believe we are seeing in the wine a critical transfer of information which can then cause abrupt changes in the chemistry of the system.10

“We have found that we can transfer a program for a laboratory unit to a larger industrial unit and then treat the wine in line with no loss of speed for the bottling operation. The structuring that we achieved in the winery was not dissipated by the filtering of the wine or the bottling apparatus. We found that the structured wine is more resistant to rapid breakdown when exposed to the atmosphere and will hold its flavor for extended periods of time.”11

The procedure of circulating a fluid around a programmed Vogel-cut® crystal has been done not only with water and wines, but with juices and milk as well.

In the case of juices, the following experiment was done by Marcel and Dr. Brian O’Leary. Seven cups of orange juice were used in this experiment. One cup was designated as the control. Cup one contained juice that had been spun around the crystal once. Cup two contained juice that had been spun around the crystal twice. Cup three contained juice that had been spun around the crystal three times and so on to include all six remaining cups. Each cup was then injected with mold. The crystal was programmed with the intent of unconditional love. The following results were observed after one month:

1) control cup: completely moldy and slimy
2) cup 1: very similar to control cup
3) cup 2: slightly less moldy that cup 1
4) cup 3: even less mold than cup 2
5) cup 4: somewhat dark but no growth of mold at all
6) cup 5: somewhat dark and extensive mold growth
7) cup 6: extensive mold growth

The results observed here are in keeping with the observations in the wine and water experiments. The fourth pass around the crystal seemed to be the most effective in regard to information transfer and attaining the optimal results. Prior to the fourth pass there seemed to be insufficient information transferred to the wine, water, or juice, and after the fourth pass there appeared to be an excess of information. Once the optimal level of energetic transfer was achieved, a rapid breakdown or degeneration occurred in the medium being used exceeding even that of the control sample.

Speculation is there’s a learning curve involved. Just as an individual reaches a saturation point in taking in new information, so too fluids have an overload point. Beyond this, the chemistry of the fluid begins to deteriorate with great rapidity. As more information is added, the deterioration becomes greater and greater.

Wines treated by this process once opened can be left for weeks without any detriment to the wine. This is the case for milk also. The chemical breakdown seems to be minimal.

10: Marcel’s legacy

The purpose of this paper was to provide a fitting review of possibilities as demonstrated in the life and work of one man, Marcel Vogel. As a summary, one could not improve upon the eulogy for Marcel presented by Dr. Bernard McGinity at Marcel’s funeral on Valentine’s Day, 1991, at St. Leo’s Catholic Church, in San Jose, California. The following is the text of his eulogy.

By Dr. Bernard McGinty:

Those of us who are scientists or physicians and who worked with Marcel Vogel were well aware of his scientific achievements: his extraordinary work with phosphors, bioluminescence, luminescent paints and the design of magnetic disc coatings in computers. He was one of the most prolific scientists in IBM history with over 100 patents in his name. Yet, until his recent honorary Ph.D., he possessed no official university degree. He made his mark because of the brilliance of his mind, his prolific ideas, and his seemingly limitless creativity.

But it is not his scientific work that I want to talk about. For it is for his work with Spirit, his great spiritual strength, his wonderful capacity to love that I will always remember Marcel.

I was one of a group of 16 physicians privileged to work with him over a number of years with body energies, especially the capacity to focus healing energies with crystals in the treatment of illness. All of us had an extensive background in acupuncture and appreciated the ability to manipulate body energies.

Under Marcel’s guidance, some of us began to learn the process of transmitting thought, especially loving thoughts, unconditionally, to our patients. It brought us an even greater capacity to appreciate the power of the mind to influence illness, the power both to heal and exacerbate disease. And, most important all, to appreciate the incredible presence of unconditional love and it’s capacity to trigger transformative shifts in a patient’s psyche.

Marcel served for me as a spiritual mentor. He was a truly devout, yet iconoclast Catholic with a passionate love for Christ, and whose devotion was part of his very breathing. Yet he embraced with a deep understanding the teaching the Eastern religions with an especial love and admiration for the Lord Buddha.

He possessed the ability to see beyond the confines and formal structure of church teaching to appreciate the underlying principles in all devout religions. Marcel would have been just as comfortable in a Tibetan monastery as he was in this Church. And just as comfortable and compatible in the presence of the Dalai Lama as he would in the presence of the Pope.

Marcel emphasized the power of meditation to heal and guide our lives. I would like to invite you to join with me now in a meditation prayer to, for and with Marcel.

Please sit comfortably in your chairs, take some deep breaths and in a true ecumenical spirit rest with your palms turned upward and the tips of your thumb and forefinger joined together.

First of all visualize Marcel.

See him clearly; that big teddy bear of a man with his great capacity to love.

Ask yourself, what lessons did he teach you?
How did he serve as an example to you?
In what way did he influence your life?

Now send Marcel your true appreciation of what he did for you and what he meant to you.

It is said that all great teachers pass on their energy, their knowledge, and their wisdom. Ask Marcel to pass on to you whatever energy, knowledge or wisdom you need from him.

Finally, let us all join together in sending him a wave of love. Thank him for being part of our lives. And send him on to his highest spiritual evolution with our blessings and with all our love.

I would like to close with a prayer of St. Francis of Assisi –
a prayer that embodies the essential purpose of Marcel Vogel’s life.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, Faith;
Where there is despair, Hope;
Where there is darkness, Light;
Where there is sadness, Joy.
Lord, grant that I may not seek to be consoled
as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

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