Monday, October 20, 2008

Harmful Subtle Energies

Harmful Subtle Energies Generated by Man.

From the point of view of building solutions, the modern home is totally different from the ancient one:

It is usually much higher (buildings of four, eight or more floors);

It contains many metal structures;

It is subject to incredible irradiation by dense energies, as the result of technological progress.

For reasons of economy, a modern apartment is built using reinforced concrete. Unfortunately, this solution, which is such a valid one from a practical point of view, is much less so from that of the health and well being of those who live in it. A reinforced concrete structure contains large quantities of iron, which, being a good conductor of electricity, is - as we know - also a good conductor of subtle energies.

The whole metal structure acts as a cage, in which every part is virtually in subtle communication with the whole. Any kind of subtle energy or vibrations consequently spread rapidly through the whole building, although in different ways. Furthermore, the reinforced concrete and the rest of the construction contain large quantities of crystalline structures. As we are aware, crystals have a considerable capacity for storing any kind of energy, including subtle energy.

Gas and waste water piping put the building in contact with vast quantities of subtle congestion present in the soil. As a rule, sewage and gas supply pipes run below a house where, a few feet below the foundations, real lakes of subtle congestion form rapidly, comprising all the congestions relating to the ill health of the inhabitants not only of the house itself. But of others as well.

Through the iron in pillars and beams, through the gas and sewage pipes, these congestions rise until they are found even in the top floor apartments. Thanks to water memory and their metal structure, radiators absorb any kind of congestion present in the dwelling and spread it everywhere. ·

Don't sleep with a radiator close to your head.

Don't heat liquids or drinks on radiators.

Don't keep medicines, food, or food supplements near radiators.

Modern devices to be avoided, especially in the bedroom, include: electric blankets, microwave ovens, colour TV sets, facsimile machines, cellular phones, radio alarm clocks and hi-fi equipment, particularly close to your head, as well as any other equipment that emits electrical and electromagnetic radiations.

High voltage lines, power substations, radar pylons, TV, radio and cellular phone, relay towers, nuclear power stations, and so on, should be as far from our home as possible. The figure shows the ionisation of the air around a high voltage unit. The subtle energy field may reach 50 or 100 yards. The cells, irradiated by subtle energies generated by electromagnetic fields and other harmful radiation, continue to irradiate congested subtle energy even after the radiation has finished. This phenomenon lasts a long time. The same happens for any kind of congested subtle energy (including those emitted by sick organisms). And that's not all: objects that have been irradiated by harmful electromagnetic fields continue to irradiate harmful subtle energies even after the irradiation has ended. This occurs because the objects absorb subtle energies just like accumulators. As far as the cells are concerned however, they fortunately possess natural decongesting mechanisms, allowing them to decongest in time. The same occurs for the whole bioplasmic body. Just a moment, though! This happens only if the environment is clean at a subtle level, since otherwise the poisoning process prevents the cells and bioplasmic body from decongesting. What happens if the poisoning continues for along time? We know that the bioplasmic body if the energy guide of the biological body. Consequently, when this guide loses its control capacity, first symptoms and later sickness then appear.

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