Monday, October 20, 2008

Flowing Energy Into 3d

Flowing Energy Into 3d

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Sitting, writing this, I am entirely aware that who and what is writing this, is really a consciousness that is manipulating energy into form. A being beyond a body, beyond being human, whose essence is pure vibration, but a conscious vibration. Vibration is everything, but when it is conscious, it can be used to create anything.

Everything is simply an expression of more or less energy: dense energy, subtle energy: the greater the density; the greater the mass. The world we live in is three-dimensional; it has a lot of dense energy. Dimensions are levels of energetic densities, or more accurately concentrations of energy flow. So, when we wish to create something in 3D, we simply need to flow energy in a specific and intended way.

All things are created by flowing energy and energy flows into form according to its vibration. Absolutely everything has its own unique vibration, its own energetic frequency. Energy moves in waves, this is its vibration, the frequency and intensity of its highs and lows.

By watching the sea, it is easy to see that the big high waves are more powerful than the small lapping waves. They have gathered force over time, rolling in from far out to sea, gaining momentum and height. This is the same for vibration. The more intense the vibration, the more attracting power it has to pull energy of the same vibration to it. When it is able to do this, it gains momentum, its energy builds, and when it becomes dense enough, it will eventually express itself in 3D form.

As 3D beings we are most skilled at flowing energy into 3D form. It is what we do all the time. We can't help it, it is the way we relate to our world, and how we experience and understand it. Our thoughts are in imaginative 3D, and for every thought, imagining, dream and feeling we have, we are emitting a 3D vibration. We are flowing energy according to our conscious and unconscious thinking.

Few realise this, most believe that events and circumstances of life are a result of happenstance. But nothing comes from nothing, and the circumstances of a person's life is only ever a vibration match to energy previously flowed through certain thoughts and feelings that have gained momentum over time. To change the circumstances, one need only develop a way to consistently change and maintain their conscious and unconscious thinking, allowing it to gain momentum overtime, knowing in time the focus of their thoughts and feelings will appear.

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