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The Aura - Personal Energy Field

The Aura - Personal Energy Field

By Judith Harlan Jubb

The AURA is made up of a collection of subtle matter and is called the ETHERIC BODY.

Because of genetic, soular, personality expression, and environmental factors, each ETHERIC BODY creates its own patterns. The etheric body consists of at least (4) separate essences:

  • Chemical - polar positive and negative expression - assimilation, excretion
  • Life - polar positive and negative forces of propagation - gender difference
  • Light - diversifies into polarity - blood, sight, hearing and other senses.
  • Reflection - all stimuli make an impression on the human brain. This imprints on the 'etheric double' and these experiences can be seen by a clairvoyant.

LIFE FORCE ENERGY called PRANA is specialized by each individual life form when it is drawn into the body from the atmosphere through the chakras, which are bell shaped vortices attached through the nervous system.

In human beings (Homo sapiens) the six (6) major chakras are connected through ganglia along the spinal cord. The seventh major chakra has no direct link to a physical ganglion and is only developed through evolutionary development of the pineal center. There is a secondary chakra system which runs throughout the body adjoining the major chakras and also a tertiary chakra system which connects the extremities to the central system. The CHAKRA system acts as an interface between the physical body and the etheric body through the nervous system and the lines of meridian energy flow.

Shakra diagram
Figure 1: Diagram of the Chakras and the Nervous System
Adapted from The Chakras by C. W. Leadbeater

General Relationships between Colors, the Chakras and the corresponding Physical System:

  • Violet - Crown Chakra called the sanctuary of the Spirit (pituitary gland)
  • Indigo - Brow Chakra identified with intuition, insight (pineal gland)
  • Blue - Throat Chakra called the gateway to spiritual devotion (thyroid gland)
  • Green - Heart Chakra seat of the higher mind/emotions/subjective; conceptual (cardine plexus)
  • Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra, center of the lower mind; objective intellect (adrenal system, liver)
  • Orange - Splenic Chakra, center of the emotional, astral nature (lower emotions, digestive system, intestines)
  • Red - Coccygeal Chakra, creature incarnate survival; species genetic vitality (reproductive system)

Each color has (7) intrinsic elements:

  • Specific physical attributes
  • Particular healing qualities
  • Identifiable life force
  • Individual psychological expression
  • Individual inspiration/intuitive aspects
  • Identifiable higher consciousness expression
  • Specific harmonizing/unifying affinities

Any one personal energy field will contain a variety of colors. Some patterns may be permanent or long term while others may be transitory and vary with mood, health, and activity.

Layers of the Auric Sheath: colors change in most layers depending on several variables. Although the layers are described by the density of the etheric matter of which they are made, as long as the organism is activated with 'prana' - the breath of life also called life force, all of these defined layers also simultaneously permeate the physical body in some way.

Physical Vitality (This layer immediately envelopes the dense physical body. Generally this is most visible next to the surface and extending out 3" to 7".) This energy body changes from light to dark depending upon the physical health of the individual.

Emotional energy body (called the Astral layer, extends out from the body 12" to 25" normally. Beyond this point agitation, stress, and over activity are indicated.) This energy body is most flexible and changes color with emotions.

Lower Mind Aura - the visibility depends on mental development and reflects thought forms, habitual processes, and constructs. The extension and color expressed in this energy body change with type of occupation.

Higher Mind Aura - shows the soul principle/higher intuition, and expands with the thought force (will or intention generated.) Vibration creates color: Habits of thought cause dominant tones which change with occupation.

Spiritual Aura - (called the spiritual/causal body permeates and forms the other bodies.) Contact between cosmos and the individual creature is ignited on this level. Color is defined by the Soular Personality.

Outer Auric Sheath - this lights all other bodies/aura layers unless negative or faulty conditions exist on a level, which effectively alters exchange with cosmic energies. The etheric matter is very subtle and fragile, usually perceived as a pastel shade of white if activated.

Energy perceived as Light (color) flows through the Chakra Systems and then extends out from the life form as the individual soul expresses vitality. Hence, a body filled with Light is healthy, happy, and in harmony with the interface between the Physical and Spiritual realms.

Celestial ObjectColorChakraPhysical/Emotional Influence
CombinedPastel WhiteCROWN CHAKRAHigher Self
Deity Connector
UranusRed VioletInspiration
JupiterIndigoBrow ChakraEmpathy
VenusAquaThroat ChakraPragmatic
MoonLavenderThymusEmotional balance, Stomach
VenusRose> Adrenal system
MoonLight GreenIndulgent, Larynx
JupiterGreenHeart ChakraJudgment, Liver, Thyroid
SaturnGreenBlood circulation
SaturnOchreParathyroidReliability, Legs
MercuryLight YellowMental alertness, Lungs
SunGold YellowSolar Plexus ChakraIdentity; Heart, Diaphragm
Sun/SaturnGold OrangeSplenic ChakraAnalytic reason, Intestines
Mars/PlutoRed OrangePassion, Genitals
Mars/SunScarletRoot ChakraConfidence, Survival response
MercuryRoyal BlueLymphatic system
JupiterBluePerseverance, Feet
Figure 2: Planetary colors visible in the human aura and the relationship to soular personality and body as defined by planetary aspects.
By Judith H. Jubb

Some of the Chakras mentioned are designated Secondary Chakras: Thymus, Lymphatic, and Uterine.

The meridian system which connects the extremities with the Chakra System contains points which are recognized as Tertiary Chakras in some schools of thought. That these collected systems are directly related to the balance of energy and manifestation of health throughout the physical body, and in combination with the emotional and spiritual well being is acknowledged. That clairvoyants can see light and color which corresponds to the chakra centers, prana, and chi, the personality and the physical make up of an individual, is evidence of this fact.

Spectrum Health Chart
Figure 3: Health and Vitality Spectrum Visible in the Human Aura
By Judith H. Jubb

Colors appearing in charts and scans may differ depending on the monitor viewed. The colors selected to represent living colors visible to a clairvoyant in the energy fields of individual human beings are limited by the present technologies available. Many of the subtle colorations in living light are difficult to reproduce through traditional photography, even by a professional using top quality materials, lighting and equipment. Digital technology is even more limited. The latest available format and technologies have been used on this website. Radiation given off by life-forms and elements vibrate beyond the basic visible spectrum and must therefore be experienced first hand for accuracy. Clairvoyants have extended sight which allows them to see what others can not readily observe.

That health and well being of the invested soul can be charted and the information exchanged, and used to identify genetic, environmental, and soular aspects of manifestation is a science towards improving the quality of life. Practitioners of various therapy techniques have been working with these energy systems to improve health for ages of time. Sensitive members of the community have had skills of sight and touch which have been offered to be of service to people in need. For these reasons, this document is offered to the human population for the continuing evolution of human kind on planet Earth.

With Blessings.

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