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Evolutionary Technology

Evolutionary Technology
(originally published in the Lifestream Letter Vol. 7.1; Jan-March 1996)

The information in this article can be equally applied to Vogel-cut® crystals as far as application is concerned. We have offered this article as food for thought about possible instrumentation in the world of psychotronics.

The instruments pictured in this article are bridges to the subtle dimensions. They function by natural principles of Harmonic Resonance. Their sacred geometry reflect morphogenic energy patterns, calling forth their sympathetic vibrations.

Quartz crystals and other materials act as inter-dimensional transducers of elemental substance, bridging between the planes of existence. The circuitry is designed for channeling subtle energies, mirroring the virtues of the sacred geometry.

These dynamic free energy devices integrate sacred geometry, psychotronic circuitry, and psychoactive components in highly coherent light working tools. They are bridges to subtle dimensions and function by the natural principles of harmonic resonance. Each piece is made with attention and intention for the operator's inner unfoldment.

Morphogenic patterns find their most elemental expression in number and geometry and are at the root of Sacred Geometry. These archetypal forms are universally found in the traditional art of native cultures all over the world. Symbolic iconography has been called "Paradisiac Art," because it evokes the source patterns of being and perhaps, more importantly, invoke the Creative Intelligence into presence and activity. The invocation of noetic power from the use of geometric patterns was demonstrated over fifty years ago by Malcolm Rae, an English researcher in psychotronics. He created homeopathic remedies using geometric patterns on cards, which worked to re-establish the balance of health.

"The economy of the universe is based upon essential simplicity and, as such, gives us symbols that reflect this simplicity."


Conventional psychotronic instruments look like electronic devices, complete with dials and wires. they are capable of producing a highly specific energy frequency pattern of any given plant, mineral, organ, inner state, etc., and providing a means of testing for its presence and vitality. They are designed for long distance healing, agricultural balancing, mineral analysis, and other forms of subtle energy research. They operate on the quantum level where everything vibrates as unity.

The instruments pictured here, however, have a different focus, intended for spiritual balancing and empowerment. The physical components such as wire coils, crystals, etc., create a system which provides a channel for the energies which stand behind the world of effects and appearances. The causative plane is a vast universe of frequencies which are called "morphogenic" because they give rise to form. These energies are the pattern of perfection within every physical atom. Such vital currents can be conducted through physical components, as well as through light, sound, even lines on paper. the subtle virtue of the materials used also have a definitive effect on the end result. the psychotronic circuitry in the Angel Star and Genesis Crystal is particularly effective because of the coherent function in the artwork and materials, multiplying the effect of Harmonic Resonance within the system.


Quartz crystals are used in scientific applications because of their ability to change energy from one form to another. Crystals are therefore called transducers. When pressure is applied to a crystal, it emits electricity; when electricity is applied sound vibration is caused. this is called the piezo-electric effect. Crystals also act as transducers of subtle energies; their ultramolecular matrix facilitates the transmission of information across the entire energy spectrum. The Genesis Crystal and Angel Star incorporate cultured quartz crystals that are produced by stimulating the natural conditions of their growth. Natural quartz is powdered and put into a special chamber with rods of "seed" crystals cut from larger specimens. the conditions which stimulate crystal growth by molecular attraction are accelerated, resulting in crystals of uniform high quality. Our crystals are clear of inherent programming and are available to be used for any purpose desired.

The metals used in Alphamatrix tools are chosen with careful consideration for their vibratory contribution to the Light-working capacity of the device. Copper, brass, and niobium are metals which have uniquely desirable properties to contribute for these purposes.

Copper is used in the primary winding because of its high affinity for electromagnetic energies. The brass secondary wind in the Genesis Crystal carries the personal intention energy of the user to the system. The internal components are made of other precious materials selected for their purity and affinity to the vital force.

The Resonator Loops at the ends may be brass or niobium. The Angel Star uses the niobium resonators to take advantage of its superior crystalline molecular structure. This rare-earth metal is colored in an anodizing process by which it absorbs immense quantities of oxygen and grows a transparent crystalline skin which refracts light like a butterfly's wing. The brilliant and intense patina of color is highly conductive, allowing a resonance with the crystals on the frequency of light.

The Genesis Crystal

Genesis Crystal with 12-sided Vogel-cut® crystals
4 & 6 loop Niobium loops at end
copper and gold windings

The Genesis crystal is an accelerator of thought: a prayer accelerator. the generator winding, inspired by the designs of the modern visionary Nikola Tesla, create a magnetic field which receives vibratory information from the person holding it and focuses it to the crystal. The crystal and the resonator circuit receive the impulse and emanate it to the subtle bodies in an amplified form on a wide range of harmonic frequencies. this light based tool is a bridge between the morphogenic and physical planes. It contains the unity of opposites - Yin and Yang, right and left brain, masculine and feminine, past and future, aspiration and inspiration - as a perfect null point corresponding with the stillness at the root of polarity.


The basic Genesis crystal has an 8.25 inch cultured quartz core (12-sided Vogel-cut®) wrapped in copper primary and gold secondary windings with Niobium Resonator Rods, subtle and material proprietary components, and is made with he highest conscious attention. The entire device is 12 inches long by 4 inches wide at the end loops and weighs approximately one pound.

Using the Genesis Crystal

"When all things are seen equally, the timeless essence is reached. No comparisons or analogies are possible in this timeless and relationaless state...All is empty, clear, self-illumination, with no exertion of the mind's power. Gone, gone, beyond, gone beyond, beyond to the place of Awakening." - Sen T'san, 3rd Chinese Zen Patriarch

Use the Genesis Crystal for centering, meditation, healing and the manifestation of a new reality. Handle it with mindfulness and attention. Treat it as a powerful ally and keep it in a special place. Every thought and feeling you express invokes a creative impulse; be aware that they are amplified when you hold it.

Take it up in either hand: the left for receiving, the right for giving. Offer a prayer for alignment, protection, and guidance, for the good of all beings. Allow the energy filed to draw you into a deeper level of attunement. The highest prayer is that the Divine Will be accomplished. You can pray to be a channel for the Divine Will so that it may be manifested and grounded in the Earth through your Being.

It has been said that if you have thought it, you have done pray as if you have received it and give thanks.

The Angel Star
(picture coming soon)

The Angel Star generates a dynamic matrix which heightens the evolutionary potential in space. Within this enhanced field, the subtle force of any gem or other reagent placed in the center is distilled and broadcast in the room for the enhancement and support of one's chosen activity.


You can tune your room's vibration with this programmable vortex generator. For example: if one needs emotional healing and balancing, the Emerald gem, a vehicle and repository of that vibrational essence i is placed in the input well of the Angel Star. the instrument broadcasts the vibration into the room and the subtle bodies are positively influenced by the powerful, specifically tuned emanations. The Angel Star can be tuned to assist in enhancing creativity, dreaming, group processes, and ceremony. A strong, protective aura enfolds the space with an ambiance of light, and creates an atmosphere of support for each process.


Radiesthesia testing has shown that the Angel Star radiates a field which contains the essential attributes of conscious Mind. The reagent placed in the input well introduces a very precise "thought" frequency.

The Angel Star's psychotronic circuit produces a dynamic high frequency oscillation with a wide spectrum of resonant harmonics. Fine copper windings amplify and focus the impulse by induction to the crystals causing them to vibrate at a sub-auditory level, translating the subtle information to the material level. A standing wave field is generated which sets up a clockwise vortex in harmony with the evolutionary forces of the Life Stream. The crystals are the primary component of the system, bringing the circuit and sacred geometry into harmonic resonance.

The color pigments, metal leaf, and other materials are chosen to bring through the desired energies in harmony with the total design.

The source of the Angel Star's power is in the polarity potential of the components and their harmonic interaction. This is the same attraction potential that powers the movements of the Heavens and life on Earth.


Every reagent which may be used in the Angel Star is the shadow of a Reflection of Pure Thought in the Universal Mind. Its influence on humanity is a positive initiation for growth, balance, and fulfillment. that influence can be accessed through the Angel Star, using one of the Ray Jewels or other reagents as a key.

the diamond, for example, was known to the ancients by the archaic name "Adamant," a stone of impenetrable hardness, unbreakable power, and brilliant clarity: the qualities of undaunted Will force, thus denoting a "correspondence." In truth, they are one and the same energy at different levels of frequency. Flower essence and gem elixir research in recent years has opened a wide range of new resources. Other materials offer unique qualities, such as water and stones from sacred sites, and certain spiritual relics imbued with healing grace. Even a prayer or mantra printed on a piece of paper with intention may be found to be beneficial. The homeopathic Materia Medica also lists several thousand substances.

Reagent samples are manufactured according to the method prescribed in the Pharmacopoeia of the American Institute of Homeopathy, first published in 1897, and still in standard use today. The substance is diluted in a water or lactose base to an ionic concentration, resulting in a "potency." Thus , the molecules are dispersed to increase the level of vibratory activity. An extensive Reagent Archive is growing from which to choose. Below is a Table of Correspondences of the Seven rays, the seven color frequencies of light of which all mater is composed. Each Ray is listed with the gem which is a pure vehicle of channel of that color.

DiamondWill, PowerRed1
SapphireLove, WisdomBlue2
EmeraldCreative IntelligenceGreen3
PearlBeauty, HarmonyOrange4
TopazScience, MindYellow5
AmethystMagic, OrderViolet7


As we move into the higher frequencies of being, it is vital that we be open to receive and resonate in our awareness impulses sent out through the Angelic and Nature Spirit Kingdoms. The Angel Star is an inspired device which enhances the assimilation of these high frequencies for healing and enlightenment.

The action of the Angel Star is two-fold: internal and environmental. As an internal modality, it can aid in the process of initiation on the path of Spirit. It will develop and refine the subtle bodies for greater receptivity and harmony with the higher vibrations. The environmental aspect of the protected atmosphere to support a variety of inner work including healing, ceremony, channeling, creativity, and so forth.


Since the gem is the key to the vibration that is to be generated, selection of the appropriate gem or essence is vital. Tables of Correspondence and descriptive notes are limited in their ability to communicate how an essence relates to a real situation. The answer is grounded in the present moment, rather than in theory.


because of the Angel Star's facility for transmitting essences at the threshold of the material/etheric veil, it is a valuable device for administering directly to the subtle bodies. The effect is deeper and much more permanent.


It is possible to charge a medium such as water with the subtle essence of a desired substance using the Angel Star. Other materials also have a capacity to retain such a charge, such as oil and crystals. This elixir may be used in a number of ways.

Application: To prepare a gem elixir, a vial or small glass of pure water or other suitable substance is placed within the circular antenna resonator at the end of one of the crystals, leaving the Reagent Well at the center empty. Leave it there for ten minutes to clear the water thoroughly of old energy accumulations. then place the desired reagent in the well. The water will be fully charge after ten minutes.

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