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Clearing a house of unhealthy energies can be done in a number of ways. If there is only a simple grid pattern of unhealthy waves present, with intersections in a bed for instance — if it is not practicable to move the bed to a safer place — then quartz crystals can be put down on the incoming waves to change them from unhealthy to healthy.

Since unhealthy waves will not pass (as previously stated), through windows, but instead enter indirectly, at the side of he glass, these are the best locations to place crystals. Using your 'unhealthy' divining rod, find, as accurately as you can, the places where the unhealthy waves enter the window frame. If you have a cluster or geode of crystals, such as amethystor clear quartz, place one on the window ledge where you find the incoming wave. This can be done on any floor of a house or building, and will effectively clear both upper and lower storeys as well. Do this wherever you find the unhealthy waves entering key points in the house, where you sleep, sit, or stay for extended periods. Remember that window frames often have vertical wooden or metal parts where unhealthy waves will easily penetrate. If you have single crystals, the larger the crystal the better, use these to give you more leeway.

Crystals may be purchased at lapidary shops, and can sometimes even be bought in book or souvenir shops. The crystals must be the naturally occurring variety. The artificial types of crystal used in the old-fashioned chandeliers will not work. Another form of semi-precious stone, the massive lumps of quartz which may be found in shapeless masses, like quartzite, rose quartz, or massive amethyst will not work in quite the same manner. It is preferable to use semi-precious crystals, at least until you are more proficient in finding and eliminating unhealthy telluric energy.

For those more experienced with divining rods, it is preferable to place the crystals on the centre line of each incoming wave. However, detection has to be absolutely exact, or the unhealthy wave will simply divert a short distance, to pass round the crystal. If the crystal is left at the correct point, the incoming wave will pass through and around the amethyst in a 'shape wave' of clean energy. Wing Commander Beadon, an energetic researcher into earth radiation, favours two amethyst crystals in tandem, upstream of the area to be protected, although, of course, the placing of these must be even more exact.

However, we are all individuals. What may be good for some may be thoroughly unpleasant for others. Some very sensitive people, like those suffering from electro-stress, for example, may find that the use of copper coils or certain crystals will magnify their symptoms, so it is a matter for experimentation. Remember, also, that mirrors can warp the unhealthy waves around their edges. A large mirror on a dressing table, suitably placed near the head or foot (or side) of the bed, can be used to deflect them. You will recall from earlier that this may be why, in Feng-shui, pictures and mirrors are hung on walls at an angle, to help disrupt what the Chinese call the 'bad breath'.

Dowsers have known for some years that a large clump of crystals can also be used with advantage to ciean the energies from VDUs, televisions, microwaves, etc. The crystal, the larger the better, is simply left on top of the appliance, roughly at the front, above the screen, where it will automatically clean up some of the electromagnetic waves issuing from the appliance. Another method is to use a small crystal held tightly in a 'G' or 'C' clamp. According to some people who are sensitive to crystals, they should never be picked up with the naked hand when they are used for clearing, and must have a cloth placed over them when being removed. The crystals themselves should be cleansed periodically under a running tap, or left for some time immersed in sea salt.

Why crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, etc., clean an unhealthy wave is not yet known, but it is of interest to notethat bishops' mitres have a large amethyst in them, and that bishops often wear a large amethyst ring on the hand. Some ay, cynically, that they wore these to offset the unpleasant effects of too much wine and women! The Romans, too, used amethysts encrusted on their drinking cups to 'purify' the water.

Another method (see Chapter 15), if you can locate accurately the overground unhealthy waves from an energy ley stream entering a house, is to use stakes inserted in the garden on the upstream side of each wave. They can be made of perforated angle iron (as used to support shelves). Stake them about 1 ft. (30 cms) into the ground, with the same length above the surface. The 'V shape should warp the incoming wave away from your residence. You must use your divining rod for unhealthy energies to check that it has been done correctly. Be careful you don't give your neighbours your own problem. Also be careful not to sever any telephone cables, etc. This form of killing Vampires' is included here for nterest, as personally I find it loses its effectiveness after a short time. Overground energy waves seem to change position over a period, eventually missing the stakes entirely and passing through the house as before. Nowadays there are so many unhealthy overgrounds that this method is likely to be ineffective.
If the problem is an underground stream of water, then staking it can be effective. Find the centre wave of the stream and hammer a copper or iron rod (some people favour a wide metal sheet} about 1 ft. (30cms.) long into the ground, and, if possible, another on the downstream side of the house. This is the old established method of clearing harmful radiation from a dwelling, and can be used in addition to the much simpler method I use, which is discussed in the next chapter. Again, be careful that no other houses are affected. With a little positioning you may be able to deflect it in another direction, into an area clear of habitation, if there is one.

A length of iron pipe can also be used, placed horizontally on the ground, although it is cumbersome and unsightly. I include this also, simply for interest. The incoming unhealthy waves bounce off the pipe and travel around the sides, but only if the pipe is lying on the ground. The pipe must be about 4 ins. (10cms.) diameter or more.

Early one morning, stumbling around in the darkness outside a derelict haunted house, I noticed that the waves, instead of passing into the house, seemed to be warped back on themselves. When I returned in daylight, the reason became obvious. The house was being renovated and the builders had left an old iron down pipe on the ground. Hot water radiators and their plumbing make no impact on the telluric energies in a building, possibly because they are filled with liquid, and scaffolding around a building seems to have no effect as well, (except when a number are left in a heap), perhaps because the tube diameter is not wide enough.

Another technique which can be effective in 'de-raying' dwellings, but again rather clumsy, is to surround a house (or bed), with a copper wire, leaving a 6 ins.(l 5cms.) 'spark gap.' This, in a miniature form was used by the late Bruce MacManaway, the noted healer from Fife. He used a small copper coil, perhaps 6 ins.(15cms.) in diameter, to alter the polarity of individual waves. This, like the amethyst or quartz crystals, can be placed on the inside of the window ledge.

Clearing a larger area has its own problems, as I found at a farm where the owner had a high death rate in his stock. One young foal even killed itself by trying to jump out of the enclosure, impaling itself on the fence. The field had two strams of water beneath it, which initiated two lines of unhealthy spirals down its length. The unhealthy waves from these two underground streams were negated by angle irons placed directly above them. In this case, the irons were put under a wire fence, where they would not be disturbed.

This produced an unpredicted result — the incoming waves bounced back on themselves, then followed the wire fence for some distance, before turning at right angles and following another boundary fence away from the area.

Where you find an unhealthy spiral, you must tackle it in a different manner. Putting down a Lakhovsky coil accurately in the centre of a spiral can change the character of its waves from unhealthy to healthy. This is approximately ten turns of fence wire, or copper, wound anti-clockwise from the centre, the end at the top of the coil acting like a small aerial. The coil acts like a condenser or capacitor in a radio circuit1. The larger the spiral the better, since these spirals can subtly change their position over a period. A little more research is needed, but the centre of one spiral I checked, itself spirals around in a complicated pattern, about l ft. (30cms.) diameter.

These coils are equally effective wound either clockwise or anti-clockwise from the centre, or without the aerial, placed in the attic, under the floor, or carpet. Once the spiral has been dealt with, the normally unhealthy waves, instead of focusing into the centre of the spiral, will now cross the house in the normal grid pattern, but will still have to be dealt with by placing crystals, etc., as already mentioned.

A number of devices are available which are helpful in de-raying a house or area. One, the 'Beadon Cube' is a small perspex cube with a copper coil surrounded by chips of semi-precious stones. I have used only one of these on an unhealthy spiral. Although it easily negated the unhealthy spiral, it had to be placed exactly in the centre of the spiral and this can wander. There are other devices of a similar nature, and a few electrical circuits which rely on plugging into the mains supply to give a protected area. Although they do not eliminate unhealthy spirals, it helps in some cases, possibly by negating unhealthy earth energies which enter a house through the electric wiring system. These may be the same as those from quarries and the ends of geological faults, discussed earlier.

Harry Oldfield, who has been working with crystals for many years, markets an electro-crystal therapy unit. This unit pulses low voltage DC electricity into a tube of crystals immersed in a saline solution. The pulses can be tuned to different frequencies and intensities. This unit can be used initially in a diagnostic mode. If a person holds such a tube of crystals in his hand, his whole body will resonate at that frequency. A simple sound meter is zeroed at a healthy part of the body, and the rest of the body is scanned with the meter to find any anomalous reading which may indicate a past, present or future area of illness. The unit may then be used therapeutically to give safe stimuli of energies at set frequencies.

It is interesting to note that this unit can warp unhealthy waves away from an area. The tube of crystals, left in the centre of the unhealthy spiral in my own home, warped the unhealthy waves away, starving the spiral and changing it to a healthy one. The higher the frequency and rate of the pulsed crystals, the more effective it is in an unhealthy spiral, but it is not powerful enough if the waves are close to a large electric power generating station.

Ihave mentioned before that mirrors and glass as very good insulators for earth energies. They can also warp the unhealthy waves from electric sub-stations as well as the powerful turbines at generating stations. Emissions from nuclear submarines and quarries can also be deflected in this way. It is possible that placing a protective shield of poor quality glass around such sources may, effectively and cheaply, shield the environment from such subtle energies.

The de-raying techniques in this chapter all have problems. Some only work for a short time, some de-raying devices are expensive, and most need the help of a skilled dowser. Anyone using dowsing, or any similar techniques to those described, on another person's property would open themselves to civil liability if the owner can claim that some harmful effect has been caused to them by the 'treatment'.

I stumbled upon a simple way of clearing a house or building at the end of my research. It has few disadvantages, and, in any case, can be 'switched off', at any time, within seconds. This also must be used prudently and with sensitivity, as I have not yet investigated it sufficiently to guarantee total protection to every individual. The story of petroglyphs, or cup-marked stones, which have mystified archaeologist and layperson alike for centuries is related in the next chapter.

See also my latest research on Graveyard Spirits


1. Moody, F., British Society of Dowers Magazine, No.188.

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