Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Muscle-testing is a very simple way of discovering our bodies' instant reactions to truth and subtle energies. It's our own consciousness talking to ourselves. (Our selves/plural - we are multidimensional beings!) Our bodies are the tools we may have been looking for 'out there', hoping a scientist will one day devise something that can show us the subtle energies we can feel and experience but not explain. We already have one! Our own body - an incredibly sensitive instrument to detect subtle energies and express our consciousness. In his book Power vs Force, Dr Hawkins explains that he discovered the human body responds to the draining or charging effects of truthful or untruthful statements, and used that to test consciousness itself. He found that we react physically to everything, instantly, by either going weak or strong. (I highly recommend you read this book!) A weakening response can happen hundreds of times during any average television programme, without us consciously registering the fact! But though we may not be aware of it, our bodies are, and react instantly to the reduction in Power (Life Force) - Politicians, beware! I look forward to the time there are muscle-testers visible during party political conferences and broadcasts... Anyway, the method for muscle-testing is very simple. You need a willing partner. Ask them to hold their arm out at a right-angle to the body (the weakest one, so left arm if they're right-handed.) Then ask them to resist while you push down firmly but gently. This is their 'neutral' or base-line level of strength. You need something against which to measure the effects of true or false statements etc. Then, you can start to test whatever it is you're interested in. I would suggest that you first test the true/false response to statements. Ask your partner to say something that is blatantly not true, and test the response. (I went very weak when I was tested for the statement 'I was born on Mars!') Then ask them to say something that is true,(e.g.I was born on Earth) and compare the two responses. (This might be a good way to find out if people were really abducted by aliens! The body cannot lie.) That gives you your basic true/false, or yes/no responses. (Some things make us go stronger/weaker, so it's not totally black and white.) To test thoughts - ask your partner to think of someone/thing they love - then try an angry or hateful thought - you may both be surprised how much stronger and weaker they go in response! ('Power vs Force' has a complete Map of Consciousness, and grades attitudes, emotions and world-views on a scale of 1 - 1000. Anything above 200 strengthens us.) So the basic priciple on which muscle-testing works is that we are conscious of everything that's meaningful to us, and that everything has a measurable effect on our Power, or Life Force. It either increases it, or decreases it, and we respond by physically going strong or weak. Truth has a strengthening effect, and untruth/lies have a weakening effect. Simple! It confirms that everything we say, think or do has either a beneficial or detrimental effect on us. A valuable lesson in the necessity for being consciously in control of our thoughts and emotions - otherwise, we're losing our Power!) That's why it's important to have the one being tested make a statement, such as 'This food (that they're holding) is good for me to eat'. (If you don't have any to hold, they would say the name of the food while thinking about the last time they ate some.) That way, you're testing for the level of truth of that statement, and it's very clear whether what you're testing is beneficial or detrimental to that person. (If you test for the truth of a statement that has no direct meaning for someone, like trying to use it to answer a general knowledge quiz, the response may not be reliable! It's not a way of finding out information for the sake of it, but of finding out what directly concerns and effects each of us.) I have tried getting someone to simply hold different foods, to test for allergy etc, but we found she could override the weakening effect of the diet drink she was holding by thinking 'Strong'! By getting the tester to make the statement "This (name of drink/food) is good for me to drink/eat" you make sure they can't cheat! (Artificial sweetner is extrememly detrimental to most bodies, by the way. Sorry, but it's true!) What's interesting about that, though, is that our thoughts are stronger than physical substances - so perhpas if we remember to bless our food and drink, or think 'Strong' while eating/drinking, we can change the effects on our bodies of even the worst things! I'm not recommending that approach, though. Not yet, anyway! It might be worth thinking about using muscle testing when you have to make tricky decisions - say, between two equally nice houses, or maybe even jobs! It seems to me that you can only reliably test something that have experience of, but it might be an interesting experiment even with job adverts or holiday brochures - what a good idea, I'll try that later! This is the way Joey tests for the effect of detrimental vortexes and tests the results of the Transformational Prayer Give it a try - it could change your life!


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