Tuesday, June 24, 2008


As you probably recognized already, big Changes are sweeping our planet and changing our lives. Eco-Spirituality and Peace Consciousness are spreading like wild fires cleansing the old Matrix out of our systems.
The question is: "Am I ready for this big Changes?"
As an Artist, I was asking myself: "What is my role, what is my mission in these End of Times? How can I help people of Earth, who came here to educate themselves, to raise their awareness, to learn from this Grand Experiment in Duality and Free Will, and spread new gained knowledge to the rest of the Galaxy and the rest of the Universe, which awaits for it for a very long time?
After many years of search and intense Spiritual journey through the best of Ancient, Modern, East & West knowledge, I arrived to a clear mission statement of who I need to become, what I need to do and what exact effects I want to create.
Thus Hu Energy Fashion was born to manifest in the 3rd Dimension the mission of helping the individuals in their next step towards Self-discovery, Soul Renewal & Empowerment, to become a fully realized Galactic Beings, to help them in this transformational period of going through the 4th Dimension and arriving at the 5th Dimension with less suffering as possible. When we see our life as a journey of the heart we begin to see our life as a QUEST versus a struggle. "No Pain – No Gain" is an old Matrix paradigm that is changing through new Quantum and Spiritual Technologies providing tools to individuals to raise their Consciousness and reclaiming their inherit ant Abilities.
How often we hear people say that they have lost control of their lives or how unlucky they have been that this or that has happened to them. I understand this response given the version of 'life' and ourselves that is implanted by what we call society.
We are led to believe that we are victims of circumstance beyond our control and that poor old me is suffering because of what someone else did or didn't do. If only he, she, they, had not acted as they did we would not be in this mess. How could they? How beastly they are.
But however tempting it may be to apportion and externalize blame for our plight, I wonder if it is really justified. After all, the best way to make people powerless is to convince them they are powerless and the most effective way to do that is to sell them the belief that circumstances outside their control are dictating their life experience.
This is a part of this Grand Duality vs. Free Will Experiment we are all participating in. Ask yourself: "Am I Cause or am I an Effect in this game?
We all are providing and given lessons in our Life journey, playing different roles for each other. Once we accept that belief we are lambs in the wolf pound because to accept that we have no control is to experience no control. What we believe we perceive and what we perceive we experience.
Our goal at Hu Energy Fashion, is to empower and support individuals in the fulfillment of their highest potential by improving lifestyle choices and raising their level of awareness thus shaping a new world for ourselves and the generations to come. There is a better way to live and each of us has the power to create an improved reality for oneself, others and the Earth.
Our Philosophy based upon Galactic and Earth-centered wisdom and lifestyle models inspiring the rediscovery of ones ‘sacred work’ as a builder of a planetary community focused in peace and respect for the sacredness of all life.
It is also based upon an understanding that all aspects of one’s life merge together to create harmony in all ‘living systems’, cultivate Peace with Body, Mind, Family/Emotions, Community, Culture, Ecology and Spirit.
The Ascension which is happening on our planet at unprecedented rate since August 11 1987, when Harmonic Convergence arrived to our Solar system on the wings of Photon Belt emitted from the Black Sun in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, activated our 2-strand DNA and unwinding it to the full capacity of 12-strand DNA, as it use to be 1 million years ago. The accelerated time and emotional upheavals we are going through on an individual basis and as human race, during this preparatory physical and emotional cleansing, makes our ride to 2012 sometimes rough. It is not that easy to process our entire negative "garbage" of many trillenia in such a short period of time, especially when the Karma School was cancelled. No more many lifetimes to procrastinate to resolve our old paradigms and relationships of the long gone past. The time is NOW. We are co-creating a vision of New Earth where a healthier humanity and regenerated home planet are striving, where an opportunity to live in heaven on Earth is possible for us all!
We are learning to see beyond the surface of life, the addiction to the material gluttony, that brings us the anguish, the darkness, torment, suffering and hopelessness, and to learn the beauty and joy of your own resurrected soul, of peace, of seeing the light, of finding enlightenment and the eternal ecstasy of love.
As we all on the revelatory and transformational spiritual journey of rediscovering our inner Higher-Selves and want to thrive throughout the 21st Century, we are looking for tools to increase our awareness and to guard us from the harmful effects of Human’s "almost" technology, that creates a lot of good but also harms many of us.
Without peace, health is greatly challenged. Without a wholesome environment, health is virtually impossible. Thus we, at Hu Energy Fashion, advocate both as facets of the comprehensive eco-peace, healthy-living, spirit-smiling solution with our Hu Energy Jewelry.
The next 5 years will be crucial in our individual and collective Quantum Leap of Consciousness.
We are determined helping you, through Aesthetics and Subtle Energy Jewelry, to become best of you, your "Future Is Now" – Self, without outside interferences by outside negative forces, being it environmental, mental or spiritual. The journey of becoming a Galactic Citizen can be much more joyful with our Hu Energy Pendants that are harmonizing your subtle energies with the rising Shuman Resonance frequencies.
Try it and enjoy the ride!

Shadow Sky
President & Designer
Hu Energy Fashion

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