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Welcome to Hu Energy Fashion, Energy Jewelry company, a forerunner of the New Era in the world of Fashion Jewelry. Hu Energy Fashion designs and manufactures Energy Jewelry for different Lifestyles markets, like Yoga, Entertainment, Fashion, Organic and Spirituality.

Using fundamental concepts and the latest breakthroughs in Quantum Physics, developmental ecology, Scalar and Bio-Energetics research and combining them with Ancient knowledge of Sacred Geometry from long gone civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Maya, Sumer and Egypt, we are creating elegant, cutting edge pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings designs that are exuding Divine Hu Energy – a true synthesis of Science and Spirit. Our premise is that consciousness is composed of two radically different "minds" – the familiar, biological, computer-like mind made of neurons and a much older, literally infinite mind made of harmonically interacting quantum resonances – in effect, an exquisite form of sub-atomic music!
We are bringing new concepts of jewelry to new developing markets that is multi-functional, multi-dimensional, jewelry that brings Beauty and Attraction to fashionistas and Peace of Mind to Yoga and Spiritually inclined, as well neutralizing harmful electro—magnetic radiation smog that surrounds all of us, all same time. By creating an invisible cocoon around person’s body, Hu Energy accessories allowing the wearer to utilize his/her native Life Force (Chi) to the fullest without being vampirized by negative energies.
The unique advantage we have with our jewelry is that we have documented, solid scientific proof of the existence of the Subtle Energy in our jewelry and it’s beneficial influence on a human beings provided by authorities in the field of Subtle Energy research.
Hu Energy Fashion?

Energy jewelry for faster Ascension!

At different times in different traditions attempts have been made to harness this same Life Force energy, Chi or Prana, originally made available to only a few. Considered the sap (Sub Atomic Particles) of the tree of Life in the Kabala, this energy was used by The Feng Shui practitioners in China. Six Hundred years before that, the great Pharaohs of Egypt harnessed this energy in the Kings Chamber for their Initiation ceremonies in the Great Pyramid.

Also found in the major power spots on the planet, the such as Lourdes, the Great Pyramids, and Notre Dame Cathedral, Stonehenge and Machu Picchu, these energy centers are known for their miraculous healing properties, and their ability to connect one to the Divine. Now this same energy is available to you in our Hu energy Pendants.

We named our company and our pendants after "Hu", the ancient name of a Supreme Being (Prime Creator/Mover) as it expresses itself in Nature. The name of this collection is "Love is the One" as it is charged with very special energy formula that contains 12 Higher Harmonics formulated especially for this line by Oxygen Research Institute, using latest in Scalar technology and cutting edge Quantum Physics research.

Shadow Sky, the Designer and President of our company explains how Hu Energy Pendant came into being: "I used Sacred Geometry symbols to create a subtle energy "engine". For this pendant I used 3 Yin yang symbols, which are creating another shape between them - The Fire Wheel or Tomoe. Each Yin Yang symbols has 2 Cubic Zirconium in it so overall 6 on each size. The reason I did it is to fixate the frequencies, as crystals and diamonds are the best at keeping the "memory" of the information imprinted on them. The pendant is two sided. Each side has a different color, which are the Aura colors.

The outer rim of the circle, which contains the above symbols has engraving of letter G, which is also has a strong resonance. 'G'- the giver and receiver of gifts, the most generous, very good-hearted, a mysterious hidden source of wealth and wisdom. It's like Mother Earth where the garden grows. Grounding. It is also represents the center of our Milky Way Galaxy – Hunab Ku. This symbol, reminiscent of a yin-yang, is the emblem of the Mayan God Hunab Ku, the supreme creator God of the Maya. It represents the solar calendar, balanced forces, and perfection. Letter G is like number 6 so I polarized them into 69, which is also a Tantric sexual position. It is all about Love – Zero Point Field that is above all frequencies, as it has no frequency. It is an Absolute Static. All this essentially based on symbolic transformation of subtle energies from higher dimensions (harmonics) to the 3rd, physical dimension (Matter, Energy, Space and Time).

Hu Energy Pendant is a harmonizer between person's own energy output, or lack of it and other incoming energies (negative or positive). It is balancing them so only what is good for the stays there. Basically it lets the person to be who he really is without negative environmental influences. It lets the person to utilize his native, unimpeded, abundant Hu (Chi) energy.

The pendant made from copper, good conduit of electricity and is plated with 14-Karat yellow/white gold. The colors on both sides are enamel.

There is a lot more to say about Hu Energy Pendant, unique, one of the kind, subtle energy device/jewelry. For scientific proof of the existence of Hu Energy in our pendants and it’s positive, enhancing influence on a human being please visit our website: www.HuEnergyFashion.com/scientificproof.

Our attractive energy jewelry not only looks great but it also helps you to feel great too!

Create a clean, vibrant space around your body, clear your mind from mental fog and feel in the "zone" 24/7"

Our motto is:

Change Your Frequency – Change Your Life!

Bay Area biophysicist Stuart Grace Greene explains the history and fundamental concepts of quantum physics and developmental ecology through clear and entertaining analogies, illuminating a rigorous synthesis of science and spirit that’s as accessible as it is revolutionary. Music of the Quantum Spheres introduces Quantum EcoBiotics (QEB), a biophysical model that successfully explains how consciousness lives in physical form. QEB demonstrates that consciousness is actually composed of two radically different "minds" – the familiar, computer-like mind made of neurons and a much older, literally infinite mind made of harmonically interacting quantum resonances – in effect, an exquisite form of sub-atomic music!
Stuart Grace GreeneStuart Grace Greene, Biophysicist, is the co-founder of iBEAM, The Institute for Biological, Energetic and Alternative Medicine, and chief scientist of Immunecology, a company that develops wellness formulas based on the subtle biological properties of living nutrients. He developed EcoBiotics, which arises from a synthesis of ecology, biology and bioenergetics. Stuart has extended the principles of EcoBiotics to the subatomic realm of quantum-scale phenomena. This new framework, called Quantum EcoBiotics (or QEB for short), offers a radically new way to understand life at its most fundamental level as well as explaining the underlying biophysics of energetic medicine and, ultimately, how consciousness is embodied in physical form.

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