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Aura imaging technology dates back to the turn of the century when Tesla took pictures of whole body auras, however the best known images came from Kirlian photography which was developed in Russia in the 1930’s by Semyon Kirlian. This form of imaging consists of putting an electrical charge into a person or object, such as a leaf or crystal, and then photographing the excess electricity coming from the subject. This is called the corona energy and appears as the fuzzy bits surrounding the image on a Kirlian photograph. As the electricity is fed through a platform and the photograph is taken of whatever is on the platform, you will only see your hands or your feet. Photographs are usually in black and white, although colour film is now available the photographs still tend to be monochrome.

Aura imaging has come a long way since Kirlian photography was invented. We now have full colour imagers which give you a Polaroid photograph of your he
ad and shoulders with your aura around them, or which use a PC to show your aura as a moving picture around you, reflecting the fluctuations as they happen. This technology is in continuous development and more detail can be shown than ever before.
Modern aura imaging does not put any electricity into you. It simply measures your electro-magnetic field via the meridians, or energy pathways, in your hands. The sensors can be on a flat plate or in a glove. These measurements are fed to a small computer which changes them into colours, based on the accepted colours of the chakras. For a still photo, the camera actually takes two separate shots, one of you and one superimposing the colours. In a moving image, the information is projected directly on the computer monitor where it appears either over your image transmitted by a video camera or over a stylised silhouette provided by the software, depending on which program you are using. The monitor will also display various graphs representing, for example, your state of relaxation and the fluctuation of your emotions. The moving image can be stopped at any time and a printout made, together with a report.
A still photograph gives the best detail and is ideal for analysis and advice. It can help you make decisions on career or relationships, on how to progress your life. Although not a physical diagnostic, it will show if you are low in energy and vitality and if there is a high stress level. It will show if you are pushing yourself too hard, your level of self-esteem, how sensitive you are to your environment and others, how you think and feel about your world. It may also show your spiritual outlook and your potential. In fact it gives a highly detailed personal profile similar to the results of a psychometric test, but in an instant and accessible way.
The moving image is perfect for showing the effects of crystals, remedies, healing, meditation, music or anything else to which you might react. It can help you choose products, show you how you react to different people or thoughts, give you confidence that something is happening even though you may not feel it. It can show you what happens when you visualise or meditate, you can also see the changes to the chakras you have worked on. In fact any changes to your energy field can be monitored.
Another very practical use for the moving image is in direct biofeedback applications, for example in stress counselling or in helping lessen or prevent stress-related conditions such as asthma. An excellent application would be with those in a coma or deep vegetative state, to see if they are able to react to stimuli. Even if their reactions could not be observed visually they would become apparent on a PC running an Aura in Motion program.
People usually have a still photo when they are at a crossroads in their lives and they need to make certain decisions, or check how something has affected them, or to clarify how they feel. Photos can also be taken to monitor progress, for example if you are working on becoming more grounded you will see if your work is taking effect. We usually suggest taking a photo every 3 months as changes can take time to become fixed into the aura. Regular photos can also be helpful in monitoring a child’s progress. We saw one child becoming more introverted and more stressed. When we alerted the parents they discovered he was being bullied at school and they were able to deal with the problem before it became any worse.
As aura imaging is at the interface of the visible and the invisible, some extraordinary pictures may appear. We have seen crystals appear in a photo of a crystal healer, although they were not there physically. A large white candle appeared in a photo of a baby believed to be a reincarnation of a Tibetan master. Spirit guides have shown themselves on film as glowing balls of light and psychic energy appears as vertical lines reaching upwards.
Some people are afraid to have their aura photographed in case it is a bad one. There is no such thing as a bad aura, only one which is out of balance. An aura in perfect balance will be an even shape and will show most colours in even proportion, however these are extremely rare. The whole point of having your aura photographed is so you can be told where it is out of balance and given advice on how to restore it to full harmony. The advice given depends on the area of expertise of the analyst, an aromatherapist is likely to recommend essential oils whereas a hypnotherapist may recommend a visualisation. Remember that no advice will be of any good whatsoever unless you take it!
Whether you choose a still or a moving image to show your aura, you can be sure that if interpeted by a well-trained analyst it will help guide you on your journey.

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